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Fresh Fish!
The colours are unbelievable
03/24/2009, Crystal clear water, lots of sun!

The shallow water at low tide reveals lots of friendly fish with no fear of humans... you might be able to reach down and pick them up!

We visited two homes under construction at the north end of ManJack this morning... courageous off-the-grid projects!


Wandering the shoreline
sunny and warm - 21C
03/24/2009, Northern Manjack Cay

Another day searching the beaches for treasures and relaxing in the sunshine........

We booked our return flights to Florida for April 6th, so we'll need to get everything ready and pack our bags (fortunately continental airline allows us 100lbs each, so we'll may just do it!

We've also arranged rental car and hotel so we should be able to enjoy the ride and even spend some time in Ft. Lauderdale (not my favourite centre of human activity).

With an end in sight, we want to explore asa much as possible over the next ten days. There is SO much to see, and wonderful unspoiled locales with untouched beauty.


sunny and bright
03/23/2009, ManJack

Thanks to the loan of a neighbour's kayak, I spent 2.5 hours padding along the shoreline of several cays (islands) and to everyone's surprise found the missing dinghy oar! My shoulders/arms are sore, but the dinghy has been rescued.

Louise spent the morning working on the beach collecting shells and drift wood.

With the sunshine today, I'm hoping the solar panels will fully recharge the batteries so we can leave the sleeping generator sleeping.

Another long walk this afternoon should be fun.

With the kayak, one can see lots of large fish in very shallow water (10cm) and get to lots of interesting spots in the mangrove swamps!

Lots of fun!


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