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Wonderful to be back!
24C, blue skies, no wind
11/29/2009, Manjack Cay

After the stressful last 6 weeks it is wonderful to be back on anchor in a beautiful cove, far from the maddening crowd.

Before leaving the marina we cycled into town and were lucky to find Marcus, a local fisherman who was kind enough to sell us 10 lobster tails and 15lbs of mutton snapper for $35.... together with a case of white wine from Dave's... we sailed north on the high tide to Manjack.

Louise is having a wonderful time reconnecting with old friends and meeting new friends all the time.

We're invited to dinner this evening on Manjack with Bill and Leslie, so Louise will be grinding her grains and making bread to accompany the promised smoked turkey....

It's better in the Bahamas!


Back in the Bahamas!
24C and a beautiful sunrise
11/29/2009, Manjack Cay

Another rather busy time!

The freighter left at 7pm with Louise and I sharing the crew lounge and our pallet of provisions tarped and stowed on the main deck.

A simple crossing with reasonable flat seas, we were served dinner and breakfast and arrived at Green Turtle Cay at 11am the next morning to clear immigration and customs.

A quick golf cart ride to the marina (two trips) allowed us to hump all of our belongings up and onto the boat and then the work began.

Solar panels installed, canvas installed, sails installed, running rigging installed, decks cleaned, interior organized, instrumentation checked, batteries checked, etc.etc.etc.

The boat was is very good shape thanks to Scott and Crystal at Abacos Yacht Services. They run the best marina in the Bahamas, and we've booked our spot for next year for storage.

We're back on the water this afternoon
Hot (84F) with light winds at 6 mph
11/23/2009, West Palm Beach

A great day for a crossing...

We visited the freighter this morning and deposited a pallet of baggage for the voyage, with a second load to accompany us this afternoon, after we drop off the rental car the WPB airport and take a taxi back.

Remarkable security due to US Customs and homeland security at the port. Enormous amount of truck traffic with thousands of cargo containers, trucks, deliveries, pickups..... steel, oil, fruit, lumber, a real throbbing port and vast in size and security procedures. Louise and I were fingerprinted, searched, photographed and the "escorted" to the freighter to unload our small car.

The shipping company simply provided at 42" pallet and away we went depositing our provisions for the next six months....

Lots of fun, and the hotel has allowed us a late checkout, so we can pack some more "stuff", and relax before the departure which is anticipated at high tide ( ~ 6pm). I hope to get some nice photos of the Port of WPB from the water as we leave, as well as some of the boat.

Louise has put together a picnic for our on board dinner, and apparently we'll be eating breakfast with the crew.

My first freighter voyage in over 35 years....

The adventure continues...


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