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Waiting for the wind!
Blowing hard from the NW- 60kph
01/02/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

It is Saturday morning at 7:30am and the wind has been blowing hard all evening from the west and now the north-west. It's nice to be a fully protected harbour without the need for anchor alarms!

We're hoping to sail south, around Whale Cay, and show Anne-Marie a couple of other islands before her departure next weekend.

The firework display was fantastic, particularly when viewed from the front of the boat with the sparkles reflected on the water....

I couldn't get a great photo, as I haven't figured out how to turn off the damn flash on my fully automated digital camera.......

Welcome to 2010!


Yet another wonderful day!
The wind is picking up!
01/01/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

Junkanoo 2010 has occurred, and it's been another great experience.

The music, costumes, local ambiance, food, fun, friends... really quite incredible!

Another long walk on the beach, a chance to appreciate each other, and all the things we share....

A great start to a wonderful new year...


Happy New Year!
Sunny and windy - 50kmph
01/01/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

Happy New Year to everyone!

We spent a lovely evening on the beach watching the full moon rise over the Atlantic with a large fire pit keeping us warm and bug-free, with 10-12 other sailors enjoying the event. We celebrated the new year at 8pm due to the overall exhaustion of everyone.

A beautiful new day with loads of sunshine, we plan on enjoying Junkanoo, purchasing some last minute things tomorrow morning, and then heading south to Great Guana Cay, and afterwards Hopetown, if the weather permits.

We are all very fortunate to be alive and enjoying our voyage on our beautiful blue ball (the planet earth) and I have made some ambitious New Year resolutions to try to ensure that it stays beautiful....

Here for a short time, dead for a long time.


01/01/2010 | Peter Parkinson
Best wishes for 2010
Happy New Ear!
(as the plastic surgeon said to Vincent Van Gogh :)

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