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March has arrived
Still Cold! 60F with cold north winds!
03/01/2010, Hopetown Harbour

We spent a lovely day on the beach, with long walks, and fresh fish for dinner. A rather nice event was opening a fresh coconut I found on the beach. The machete did a great job, and Louise found a recipe for "coconut milk" (Hot water, shredded coconut and honey) which when combined with crushed ice, fresh pineapple juice and rum created a spectacular pina colada! truly wonderful relaxing in the harbour in the sunshine!

The weather looks like it's going to get better in a couple of days, so we'll wave goodbye to Hopetown and start the trip north (or south) in search of adventure and lobsters.

The boat has been performing wonderfully with no real problems and most of the routine maintenance tasks completed.... my job jar is empty... I'll need to find some more things to work on!

Lovely full moon last night.... you could almost read by the moonlight!

Based upon the cheering from the local pub, it sounded like a great hockey night last night....

The end of February
Blowing from the west, with more to follow..
02/28/2010, Abacos, Bahamas

Another lovely couple of days with fierce winds blowing 40+knots, and boats ending up blown onto the beach.

We're safely on an excellent mooring, filling our water tanks with rain water and waiting for a weather window to start moving north to continue our explorations of the smaller out-of-the-way places in search of lobster and large fish....

We're both completely relaxed and wondering if we should ever return....

Hope the weather warms up both in the Bahamas and Canada!

Keep well!


It's a great time to be alive!
It's getting warmer
02/24/2010, Hopetown Harbour

With a soft north wind blowing 10 knots (18kph) we sailed south to Snake Cay where we anchored overnight.... a lovely sail with another boat.

In the morning, with the help of a high tide we dinghy into the inside passage which involves 2 feet of water and hundreds of small islands/rocks completely protected from the sea of Abaco.... lots of fish and turtles...easy to get lost in the maze of waterways...

We then motored in dead calm water down to Lynyard Cay where we spent another two days exploring the Old Bight of Robinson in the dinghies, and I was fortunate to catch two enormous (8lbs) lobsters which we shared with two other boats for a wonderful dinner.

Another great sail north with a southern wind at 20-25 knots and we're back in Hopetown hoping to refill the propane tank and purchase another prop for the dinghy.... they don't like hitting the bottom!

Another lobster caught north of Elbow Cay was dinner last night....

Lot's of fun!

Keep well!


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