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A beautiful birthday party!
Completely overcast, grey and windy
03/23/2010, Manjack Cay

The weather behaved and we had a lovely birthday party on the beach with 20 new and old friends for a "potluck" dinner (Louise's rum cake was outstanding) and I managed to create another small "totem pole" which was installed on the beach front at Manjack.

A wonderful day (apart from the fact that I fell out of the dinghy on the way back to the boat...too much cake?).

The Rummikub tournament is scheduled for this evening, and it will be baked red snapper for dinner!

Still working on an easy way to remove lacquer from the floors.... never a dull moment...


03/26/2010 | Keith
Happy Birthday Louise .. your Rum cake sounds fantastic ..... best wishes ............. Keith
03/27/2010 | patsy & georges
Happy Birthday, Louise. Your present is waiting here in my house. Everything seems fine. Anne-Marie looks well. The cats are alive. And the orchids. What more can you ask? Have a safe trip home! P
04/05/2010 | Anne-Marie Simonson
nice unibrow !
Manjack Magic!
Sunny and calm
03/20/2010, Manjack, Powell, High Cay

With the wind from the west we had a lovely sail north to Manjack Cay from GTC where we anchored with wonderful friends all around us!

The wind dropped down to less than 10 knots, so we decided this morning to motor north to High Cay (off of Powell Cay) in our ongoing quest for lobster.

Sparkling clear water (10-12 feet) for 90 minutes and then off in the dinghy to the crashing waves on the reef.... oh, I think I need a somewhat bigger boat!

No lobster in sight (not even the locals could find any) but I did manage to spear two lovely red snappers, and perhaps more important, a long walk on a deserted beach resulted in two perfect sand dollars to add to Louise's collection...

Then back to Manjack and preparations are underway for the "on da beach" birthday party for sweet Louise tomorrow.... it will be "potluck" with Louise making her now famous rum cake.... c/w french champagne!

The sky is blue, the sea is blue, the sand is white and life is wonderful!

Still crazy after all these years!


03/22/2010 | Hanny, Andre, Jan and Cleo
Happy Birthday Louise,
We hope that you had a nice beach party.
And we hope to see you soon here!!!!
03/22/2010 | Anne-Marie Simonson
I like that photo
Lots of Sunshine!
Sunny and windy!
03/14/2010, Green Turtle Club

A really beautiful day spent cycling, beach combing, and having lunch with friends at the Green Turtle Club (, a nice resort at the north end of White Sound and a healthy cycle ride up from New Plymonth.

Louise was excited to find a shark's tooth on the beach, along with her usual array of shells and sea glass.

The sun is hot and getting stronger, and it will be interesting to see the impact of the change of time to DST on the solar collectors and the evening blowing of the conch......

Surprisingly, both of our "high-end" folding bikes need new tires... either do to poor quality or too much cycling....

Lots of fun!


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