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Sunny and 10C
04/12/2010, Ottawa, Canada

We survived our marathon airplane trip home complete with the 7 hour holdover in Nassau followed by another 4 hour wait in Toronto to return at midnight in Ottawa having started at 4:30am in Green Turtle Cay.

There must be an easier way!

Ottawa is just beginning to experience spring and looks rather drab with the lack of flowers and vegetation we have become accustomed to.

The house requires significant cleaning and the exterior is filthy due to the soot from the city traffic.

The freezer needs repairs, the dishwasher is broken, the cars need repairs, and the pantry is completely empty........ such is life!

Both Louise and I have dentist appointments this week, then we're off to the lake to attend to the cottage.....

Come and visit us this summer if you get a chance!

All done for this years blog.


04/15/2010 | Keith
Welcome back Glen/Louise and thanks for the winter entertainment following your blog. I guess I will be able to follow Madcap for a while longer. Sounds like you may have a fulls summer redesigning/rebuilding at the lake?

Best wishes ...... Keith
04/23/2010 | Beth and Jim
Sorry to have missed you! We are leaving Royal Island for the Abacos tomorrow. Glad your winter has been great. So has ours.
11/16/2010 | Keith
Hi Glenn/Louise,

Isn'y it about tme you were hiyying the water again? I see hat Madcap is ready to be launched already. Just got back from Blighty (Mothers 90th)

Best ..... Keith
11/16/2010 | Keith
Looks like I am still in the UK beer from the number of typo's!! .... K
Wild Boar!
full sunshine and hot! no wind
04/03/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

Yesterday was spent cleaning the boat, yet again.
Louise has taken cleaning into new territory!
The very rear of the boat consists of two very large (you can crawl into the space) lazarettes where we store (ignore) a wide array of sailing apparatus.
This is stuff I hope to never use... namely, survival suits, sea anchors, sea drogues, 3/4" line 700' long, sailbags, hurricane ropes, extra chains, anchors, etc.
So my beautiful bride decides that we need to empty the locker and disinfect the entire space.... it's now cleaner than the dining room (salon)!
The rode (rope) for the sea anchor must weigh over 150 pounds and was a damp tangled mess.... a fine way to spend several hours struggling with a mass of chaos...
More canvas dried and folded, ropes organized, excess "stuff" removed from the boat, and a quiet dinner with lobster and chilled wine followed by another dinghy ride in the sunset with another fresh mouton snapper as our prize!

After dinner entertainment was the arrival of a 22' power boat complete with 4 local men is complete combat fatigues... the boat was on a nearby dock where we watched the unloading of rifles, cannisters, 3 hunting dogs, and the catch... two wild boars, taken from some out island. I expect they will be enjoyed for Easter!

With piles of stuff all over the deck (due to the cleaning) we spent 30 minutes last night (in the dark) looking for a 5 gallon bucket which fell overboard which contained by engine fillers, tools, and rags to allow me to change the engine oil today..

Bucket goes on....


04/03/2010 | Judy and Jim
Looking forward to your safe arrival back in Ottawa!
Good Friday
Beautiful Sunshine
04/02/2010, New Plymouth, GTC

This is Good Friday and it's a beautiful day in the Bahamas with warm weather and blue skies.

Work on the boat continues with cleaning, packing, and polishing.

The sails have been removed, dried, folded and stowed. The bilges are spotless, and the cupboards clean. We will wait until Tuesday when the boat is hauled out of the water to complete the final tasks.

Lobster season ended with March, so yesterday we took the dinghy north with a line trolling behind us.

Dinner was fresh mouton snapper!

We're decided to relax and enjoy ourselves for the next few days before we fly home...

Nice weather for easter everywhere!


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