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An Update!
windy and cool
12/04/2010, Marsh Harbour

After a successful launch, and a nice sail around the "whale" we spent a couple of days relaxing at Great Guana Cay where we discovered it was possible to buy fresh crab claws and sushi grade tuna directly from the fishing docks... we stocked up and will return.

Another nice sail south brought us to Marsh Harbour where we have spent the past 7 days fixing things that have broken in the past two weeks.

The solar panels died (just a corroded terminal, but hard to replace), the impeller on the generator feel apart (two years old and only 50 hours of run time), dripping taps, and leaking hatches.

My extensive spare parts kit came to the rescue, but I await another onslaught of problems for the next couple of weeks. Seems it takes a good month to really shake down the boat and get it back into shape.

Provisioning in MH was reasonably successful and the new Maxwell's store was bright and cheery, but who needs 20 different versions of Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese? Very limited selection, but fortunately Abacos Groceries came to the rescue with local shrimp, wasabi, great European cheeses, smoked salmon from Chile, and many other wonderful treats..

Biggest problem was repairing Louise's bicycle.... a real nightmare which took more than a week and countless visits to the bike shop, and numerous delays for spare parts from Nassau.... just barely repaired due to lack of spare parts and necessary tools.... another lesson for next year!

Off to Hopetown later today to hide from another cold northern front arriving tonight...

Keep well!


Back on the water!
Overcast with light winds
11/20/2010, Green Turtle Cay, Abacos

Back in the Bahamas!

Boat is OK with no big problems....

Internet is spotty at best..

More to follow...

11/26/2010 | Bruce & Linda
Good to see you back in the water. Linda really doesn't want to sail to the Bahaamas but is considering PEI!
11/30/2010 | Beth and Jim
Glad things are looking good in GTC. Madcap is in Melbourne for a few days and will head south again soon. Hope to cross to Abacos before Christmas!
Back Home
Sunny and 10C
04/12/2010, Ottawa, Canada

We survived our marathon airplane trip home complete with the 7 hour holdover in Nassau followed by another 4 hour wait in Toronto to return at midnight in Ottawa having started at 4:30am in Green Turtle Cay.

There must be an easier way!

Ottawa is just beginning to experience spring and looks rather drab with the lack of flowers and vegetation we have become accustomed to.

The house requires significant cleaning and the exterior is filthy due to the soot from the city traffic.

The freezer needs repairs, the dishwasher is broken, the cars need repairs, and the pantry is completely empty........ such is life!

Both Louise and I have dentist appointments this week, then we're off to the lake to attend to the cottage.....

Come and visit us this summer if you get a chance!

All done for this years blog.


04/15/2010 | Keith
Welcome back Glen/Louise and thanks for the winter entertainment following your blog. I guess I will be able to follow Madcap for a while longer. Sounds like you may have a fulls summer redesigning/rebuilding at the lake?

Best wishes ...... Keith
04/23/2010 | Beth and Jim
Sorry to have missed you! We are leaving Royal Island for the Abacos tomorrow. Glad your winter has been great. So has ours.
11/16/2010 | Keith
Hi Glenn/Louise,

Isn'y it about tme you were hiyying the water again? I see hat Madcap is ready to be launched already. Just got back from Blighty (Mothers 90th)

Best ..... Keith
11/16/2010 | Keith
Looks like I am still in the UK beer from the number of typo's!! .... K

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