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Alive and Well!
Sunny and windy!
02/19/2011, Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

Sailed through the Current Cut with the help of a local dolphin and then headed south east into 15-20 knots of wind.... as tight hauled as I could be. We arrived at Hatchet Bay at 2:00pm, and entered the tiny opening at the harbour mouth to find a wonderful safe place to spend a couple of days exploring.
The adventure continues....

02/22/2011 | Bruce & Linda
Glad you made it back to nostalgia-land! We are just back from Colombia. La Boquilla (Cartagena) beach where we stayed is a haven for kite surfing. We saw up to 25 in the air at once. Decided I'm too old for that.
Current Cut
12 knots of wind from the east
02/19/2011, Current Cut

We've had a great time beachcombing and relaxing in the Spanish Wells area, and sailed down to the west side of current cut where we spent the night off of a beautiful sand beach. We walked into the small settlement and talked to some of the locals... a very small community with one store, no restaurants, bars, etc. and many hurricane damaged buildings and deserted automobiles... not much going on. We walked back to our nice beach via the cut. This is a 60' wide opening which traverses the north tip of Eleuthera. The tide was falling and the water was rushing out of the Exuma Sound at 10-15knots....not the place for a sailboat! We'll leave this morning at high tide (10:30am) when the current is at the minimum level, and sail south for a couple of hours to GregoryTown where we hope to anchor... deep water but probably OK.

02/26/2011 | Patti
We're looking to get through Current Cut in the next couple days - after reading this I might be rethinking the path - the currents run faster than our boat - yikes!
serious sand dollars
Soft east winds! Wonderful sailing
02/17/2011, secret location in eleuthera!

Louise is a happy girl!

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