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Welcome to 2009
east winds 20 mph
01/01/2009, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

We've had a wonderful time cycling, snorkelling, visiting historical buildings, enjoying the fabulous fresh fish, meeting new fellow sailors, and most important relaxing in the sunshine.

It's the first day of a brand new year, and we're relaxing on the boat and getting ready to attend the big, annual party on the island which is called Junkeroo which apparently features a large parade and wonderful food.

Tomorrow we'll turn our attention to figuring out how to get MA back to Nassau to catch his flight north to Ottawa.

Happy New Year to everyone!


Fun in the Sun!
Blue Skies!
12/30/2008, Green Turtle Cay

A wonderful ride across the Gulf Stream from Florida, soft breeze from the south, stars all over the sky, almost flat seas, dawn arrived as we reached the Bahamas, and we sailed all day to arrive at Great Sale Cay to rest and organize ourselves.

The main sail let go at 9am, so we motor sailed with just the genoa.

Four more days of relaxed sailing (10-15 knots of east wind while we sail south) and we reached our current location ( Green Turtle Cay) where we hope to clear customs (when she arrives back from Christmas holidays in Nassau).

Beautiful small town of New Plymouth, founded in 1780 by United empire loyalists, the town is 70% white and 30% black and everyone is relaxed and related (total Cay population is 350).

Very pretty, lots of sailboats, good restaurants, fresh fish and lobsters, cheap scotch, clean and friendly.

We going to have trouble leaving!

All is well, we're planning for a party this evening with Louise preparing Cay Lime Pie!

The Bahamas are wonderful!

All the best to everyone.


12/30/2008 | Judy and Jim
Greetings from Sun Peaks! Glad to know you have settled in to the Bahamas. Happy New Year!
12/30/2008 | patsy royer
Looks wonderful. You guys look good and happy. Keep the wind in your sails. We'll see you in the New Year, which should be happy, in about 6 weeks.
12/31/2008 | Jim Richardson
Whoooo Weeeee...

Looks like the shakedown cruise shook out without mishap. This is a good thing. Say hi to Cap'n Jack Sparrow should you run across him. Tons of snow still here in Victoria and twas a white Christmas for sure. Does the GPS make avoiding obstacles easier? Fair Winds to you.
12/31/2008 | Keith and Olive
We have just seen the New Year in here in Ottawa. We wish you both the very best for 2009.
01/01/2009 | Lise & Denys
Happy to see you got there safe and sound! Wishing you a Happy and healthy New Year! Denys & Lise
We're out of here!
Hot, sunny- south winds!
12/19/2008, Stuart, Florida

Hello everyone!

A very, very busy day!

A strong northern front (from Canada) is moving south with the result that the traditional easterly trade winds will spin clockwise, and create a unique weather window for sailing east across the Florida Gulf Stream.

We leave tomorrow at high tide (3:30pm) with the sailplan to cruise south to West Palm Beach during the night, and at about midnight turn left and sail 60 nautical miles over to the Bahamas. The sail south should last ~ 8 hours, and then another 12 hours offshore to the islands. If things go well we'll keep sailing until ~ 4pm when we should be able to find some protection from the incoming northern winds.

Louise has been cooking lamb stew all afternoon, with another pot for the clam chowder on the go. At least we'll be eating well during the adventure.

We spent the day stuffing food, etc. onto the boat, rebuilding the electric motors on both toilets c/w joker valves, running the A/C to ensure that it works, filling the water tanks, gas tanks, diesel tanks, spare part bucket, etc.

Tonight we're off to a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant. Louise deserves a night out!

Bye bye Florida..... let the games begin.........


12/21/2008 | Bruce Anderson
Great window! You should be there by now - PM 21st. Grandma is here for dinner tonight. Let us know when you get somewhere - I'm interested in seeing if you can update the blog via the satellite phone.
12/22/2008 | Judy McIntyre
Good day! We are anxiously awaiting the news of your arrival! The boat looks wonderful - you have all worked very hard! I'm sure you've heard about the amount of snow (and cold) here. Very Christmassy, to say the least. Jim's family flies in today and our McIntyre festivities begin. We leave on the 28th to ski with my family over New Years, in Sun Peaks. All is good here. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009. Let us all know AS SOON AS you are there! Love to all, Judy

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