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Miles of beaches....nobody else here
03/23/2009, ManJack Cay

On every side of this wonderful Cay, there are miles and miles of powder sand beaches which are completely deserted.

The absence of all services and no electricity/fresh water results in very little tourism, and maybe 5 "second residences" (cottages) which have been built "off-the-grid".

VERY little sea glass has been found, and apart from the usual array of plastic containers washed up the beach, very little evidence of human activity.

Today, I'll start the search for the missing dinghy oar! Given the vastness of the search area, I am not optimistic! We'll have in improvise a temporary solution... it's hard to paddle a dinghy with one paddle!

We'll need to return to Green Turtle Cay this week, to extend our tourist visas beyond 90 days and restock the pantry, although Louise is being careful not to buy too much food so we won't have too much to give away before we fly to Florida.

The lobster quest continues!


Louise in the stars!
windy and cool
03/22/2009, Manjack

We spent this afternoon cruising the beach looking for treasures..

Turtles, rays, starfish, and no lobsters!

The work continues.... fortunately we bought some lobsters which are destined for dinner this evening!

While wandering the beach one of the oars of our dinghy went missing.... so it goes.........


03/23/2009 | Jennifer
now this i exactly what i hope to see on our adventure. enjoying your blog.
03/23/2009 | Glen Gray
The sea life is prolific and you'd be amazed how fast turtles can swim when disturbed....
The local dive shop feeds the rays and sharks, so there are lots about to show the tourists/divers who come daily to explore the reef!
It seems unfair to collect the conch as they are abundant and too easy to pick up. We haven't kept one yet, but the conch salad is fantastic....(which we purchase locally)
Local Sailors!
Today there is sunshine!
03/22/2009, Manjack

This is a photo of the lovely couple who own the south end of Manjack Cay, and who allow cruiser (like ourselves) to traverse their pathways across the island and also share their wifi internet access with all passing sailors!

A graceful craft and two relaxed occupants!

An ideal evening sail.


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