Great Habit's Caribbean Tour 2011-2012

15 July 2012 | Southern Gate, Stanley Bridge PEI
27 April 2012 | Antigua Airport
24 April 2012 | Jolly Harbor Marina & Tranquillity Bay Resort
23 April 2012 | Jolly Harbor Marina
18 April 2012 | Jolly Harbor Marina
15 April 2012 | Great Bird Island, Antigua
06 April 2012 | Jolly Harbor
06 April 2012 | Aboard Great Habit in Jolly Harbor
06 April 2012 | Antigua Airport
04 April 2012 | Jolly Harbor
29 March 2012 | Jolly Harbour
29 March 2012 | Jolly Harbor
28 March 2012 | Jolly Harbour
25 March 2012 | Dehaises, Guadaloupe
22 March 2012 | Dominica
22 March 2012 | Portsmith, Dominica
20 March 2012 | Roseau, Dominica
18 March 2012 | Roseau, Dominica
17 March 2012 | St Pierre, Martinique

Rum, Spices and Baubles

22 February 2012 | St Georges, Grenada
Celebrating our arrival with lunch and local fruit drinks, in a lovely restaurant on the waterfront.

I looked at our calendar this morning and saw that we only have two more months and a little bit of Winter before we return to Canada. Wow! How time flies.

We are in Grenada and at one of the most impressive marinas I have ever seen, The Port Louis Marina here in St Georges. It is only 4 years old and when we were here 6 years ago it was a swampy part of the St Georges Carenage with lots of derelict boats at various depths in the water. This marina is a wonderful addition to the town of St Georges.

We'll stay here until Monday then start moving north again. That is for two reasons: it is easy for everyone to do their thing and get off and on Great Habit easily, and Wendy flies back to Barbados on Saturday to catch her flight back home.

Yesterday we went in to experience the St Georges Market with Gary & Wendy. The ladies in the Market were full of conversation so it easily took us a couple hours there chatting and buying small things. One of our interesting purchases was a bottle with all kinds of spices and barbanday bark in it that we add rum to in order to make our own spiced rum. I added the run when we got it back to Great Habit so the tasting starts tonight at happy hour and we will see what is the best length of time to leave the rum soak in the spices. I will take on the task of reporting on it as the test goes on.

Today, Gary is off doing a drift dive and the ladies are off to St Georges on a ladies shopping spree. Yup I'm back here on the boat doing boat things. I expect everyone back later on this afternoon so good time to get little projects on my ToDo list done.

Tomorrow we are going on a tour of Grenada and plan to include stops at a couple Rum Distilleries. We did the one up at the north end of Grenada the last time we were here called River Rum so will likely leave it off the list mostly because none of us could drink the rum from there. So I am hoping that the two distilleries that we will see tomorrow will have a better outcome.

Gary, has started doing some of his cooking and did a pork tenderloin for us a couple nights ago that was absolutely wonderful. Wish I had thought to take a picture of the meal to include on the blog because it looked as good as it tasted. Wendy is doing some of her magic on before dinner treats such as brochetta so our Happy Hour through to desert has been really great tasting experiences, right here on Great Habit. Seems there is a chicken dish on for tonight and Friday night we are going to Spice Garden just north of St Georges for food and entertainment for the evening. It will be good to get back on anchor and eating out of our own fridge for our bank accounts. Of course the good thing about this trip over the one 6 years ago is that the Canadian dollar is going much further and that is helping a lot.

Vessel Name: Great Habit
Vessel Make/Model: Great Habit is a CS 40; a Canadian boat built in 1990
Hailing Port: Summerside, PEI Canada
Crew: Chick Silliphant and Cheryl Picard
Chick and Cheryl have been sailing since 1993. They bought their first boat, "Phantom", which they sailed on the Ottawa River for 10 years. In 2004, they purchased "Great Habit" with the sole purpose of sailing the Windward and Leeward Islands as far as Trinidad. [...]
Extra: "Great Habit" is registered in Ottawa. For many years she was a teaching boat on the Great Lakes. Cheryl and Chick have been fortunate to meet many of her students as they sailed the St.Lawrence and then the Maritimes.
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Who: Chick Silliphant and Cheryl Picard
Port: Summerside, PEI Canada