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Great Habit's Caribbean Tour 2011-2012
Rum, Spices and Baubles
02/22/2012, St Georges, Grenada

Celebrating our arrival with lunch and local fruit drinks, in a lovely restaurant on the waterfront.

I looked at our calendar this morning and saw that we only have two more months and a little bit of Winter before we return to Canada. Wow! How time flies.

We are in Grenada and at one of the most impressive marinas I have ever seen, The Port Louis Marina here in St Georges. It is only 4 years old and when we were here 6 years ago it was a swampy part of the St Georges Carenage with lots of derelict boats at various depths in the water. This marina is a wonderful addition to the town of St Georges.

We'll stay here until Monday then start moving north again. That is for two reasons: it is easy for everyone to do their thing and get off and on Great Habit easily, and Wendy flies back to Barbados on Saturday to catch her flight back home.

Yesterday we went in to experience the St Georges Market with Gary & Wendy. The ladies in the Market were full of conversation so it easily took us a couple hours there chatting and buying small things. One of our interesting purchases was a bottle with all kinds of spices and barbanday bark in it that we add rum to in order to make our own spiced rum. I added the run when we got it back to Great Habit so the tasting starts tonight at happy hour and we will see what is the best length of time to leave the rum soak in the spices. I will take on the task of reporting on it as the test goes on.

Today, Gary is off doing a drift dive and the ladies are off to St Georges on a ladies shopping spree. Yup I'm back here on the boat doing boat things. I expect everyone back later on this afternoon so good time to get little projects on my ToDo list done.

Tomorrow we are going on a tour of Grenada and plan to include stops at a couple Rum Distilleries. We did the one up at the north end of Grenada the last time we were here called River Rum so will likely leave it off the list mostly because none of us could drink the rum from there. So I am hoping that the two distilleries that we will see tomorrow will have a better outcome.

Gary, has started doing some of his cooking and did a pork tenderloin for us a couple nights ago that was absolutely wonderful. Wish I had thought to take a picture of the meal to include on the blog because it looked as good as it tasted. Wendy is doing some of her magic on before dinner treats such as brochetta so our Happy Hour through to desert has been really great tasting experiences, right here on Great Habit. Seems there is a chicken dish on for tonight and Friday night we are going to Spice Garden just north of St Georges for food and entertainment for the evening. It will be good to get back on anchor and eating out of our own fridge for our bank accounts. Of course the good thing about this trip over the one 6 years ago is that the Canadian dollar is going much further and that is helping a lot.

02/22/2012 | Bethany Doiron
Cheers! Sounds like a wonderful time is being had by all. Can't wait to hear the report on the spiced rum...maybe it will be aged just right by the time I arrive (if there is any left!)
Big fluffy flakes dropping today but temps are climbing above 0. Enjoy the warmth.
02/23/2012 | Ted
What a whonderful time your all having. Sure wish I could join you, but wishes wont get me anywhere but keep them coming as these are better than wishes. The weather is holding out just wonderful, before you know it you will be planning your trip home. Every one and everything is just great here. Love you two,
02/23/2012 | rob picard
sure sounds like fun Mom/Chick, Happy belated birthday from Jo and I, Chick. mmmmm spiced rum and coke such a great happy hour drink wish we could be there to enjoy it with you guys, only two and a half more month left where does the time fly, I guess that means only 5 and a half until we are all in PEI cant wait.
well we love and mis you guys stay safe and play hard
love Jo and Rob.....
P.S. tell Gary he should try smiling in his pics that way we can see just how much fun he is really having
Cheers for now
02/24/2012 | Flo & Fred
Looks like everyone is having a super time, and why wouldn't you. Sunny here at the moment, but a bit of weather coming later today or tomorrow. Enjoy
Arrived Grenada
02/20/2012, Port Louis Marina

A quick note to say we arrived Grenada early this morning. We left Scotland Bay, Trinidad around 3:00pm and sailed all night, arriving here just at day break. The winds were north more than east making them pretty much on our nose but that did not keep Great Habit from sailing merrily along, she was obviously happy to be moving once again.

We are once again tied to a dock at the Port Louis Marina. It is so beautiful here and such a nice change from being in the middle of a working boat yard. If you remember this is the marina with the fancy showers and bathrooms, restaurant and pool. It is definitely a step up as Wendy so rightly pointed out.

Everyone is a bit tired because of our lack of sleep but Gary has volunteered to cook us a fancy meal tonight - I believe the menu is rum and raisin pork tenderloin, veggies and a good bottle of red wine that we bought from the duty free store in Trinidad.

Doing some touring and some scuba diving for Gary is on our agenda this week so we should have some pictures to post before too long.

02/20/2012 | Bethany Doiron
Yeah to safe arrival. It was a beautiful snowy day with snippets of sunshine and ideal snowshoeing...two different worlds. Enjoy!
02/20/2012 | Susan & Peter
Sounds like another adventure, so glad to hear you have family visitors. Will send you an email, you are so living a dream. I'm in beautiful Ottawa this week for work, and enjoying some nice restaurants. Safe travels and hi to your family. Susan.
02/21/2012 | Flo & Fred
Another safe passage, enjoy the sunshine, and warm weather. Sunny here for the last few days.
Can't complain about the weather, as it is winter here. Love
02/21/2012 | Jamie McCarthy
Hi guys, all sounds just great down there. Chic, happy belated birthday. I am confident you enjoyed it. We are still enduring old man winter here, he really needs to move on. Coast Guard was in the harbor last week breaking up the ice for a cargo ship. The ice did not look to be much better than a foot or so thick. Should make for an easy melt. The clubs doing fine, lots of progress since this time last year. Thanks again for all the great updates and pictures. Take care for now.
Hitting the open seas once more
02/18/2012, Chaguaramus

Good Saturday Morning Everyone and Happy Birthday Chick!

Last night's carnival event was magical. There were 20 adult women masquerading in spectacular costumes and 20 boys under the age of 12 in their mas. This was the semi finals and 12 women and 12 boys will be chosen for the finals on Sunday. I have put up a few of them below, but to be honest you really had to be there to see how impressive they are. The one above is a picture of Wendy in the yard with one of the masquerades - gives you a good sense of the size and form. Do be sure to scroll down to see a few more of these magnificant productions.

We continue to prepare for departure day, which is tomorrow morning. I have the laundry going, Chick is setting up the boat, Gary is trying to get the light to work on the compass, and Wendy is graciously doing whatever we need her to do. We will clear out of Customs later this afternoon (we have 24 hours to actually depart), hit the duty free store to pick up some duty free wine ( it is less than half price of the regular cost) then take Chick out for a birthday dinner. We will leave in the morning and either keep going, which puts us in Grenada before daybreak, or anchor at Scotland Bay and leave after supper. Will see how we feel tomorrow.

As Wendy flys out of Grenada next Sat, our plan is to hang around there for the week. Gary can get some scuba diving in, we can do some touring, and just enjoy being at a nice marina.

Will check the blog when we get hooked to the internet once more. Stay well everyone and do keep in touch with us.

02/18/2012 | Bethany Doiron
Happy Birthday, Chick! And am glad to hear/see that Wendy has arrived safe and sound (as well as Gary). Have fun all and safe voyage to Grenada!
02/19/2012 | Kim Foote
Happy Birthday Charles! I'm sure it is a happy one, sharing the Caribbean with Cheryl and your friends, enjoying the warm, pleasant weather and watching carnival. We have had temperatures bouncing between -15C and +3C, snow, rain ... you know. Sarah and Michael are home on their break, which makes me happy. I'm glad to think of you sailing your boat and swimming in warm waters. Love Kim
02/19/2012 | Flo & fred
Lovely pic, I am sure you guys are having a ball,. Happy Sailing
02/19/2012 | Flo & fred
Lovely pic, I am sure you guys are having a ball,. Happy Sailing
02/20/2012 | Flo & Fred
Not sure why all my comments are being repeated. Technology huh?
Carnival is in full swing
02/18/2012, Trinidad

Another most impressive lady in her queens costume.

A look at a Senior Queen Competitor
02/18/2012, Savanah Park, Port of Spain

Producing costumes like this is one of Trinidad's most successful industries, as not only are they made here, all of the materials, jewels, feathers, sequence, etc. is made in Trinidad.

02/19/2012 | Flo & fred
How impressive the pics are
02/19/2012 | Flo & fred
How impressive the pics are
02/19/2012 | Flo & fred
How impressive the pics are
Another Queen Masquerader
02/18/2012, Queen's Park, Savanah

This is another very beautiful lady competing for the title of Carnival Queen.

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