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Jolly Mon Sings
Winter Weather Advisory
12/04/2010, Deep Creek, VA

Fought the wind and current for the first part of the trip until after Portsmith. The Dismal Swamp turn came up quick and then we were in much shallower water. It was cold, low 40's. We had to wait an hour at the Deep Creek Lock for the lock to open at it's scheduled time. After the lock, we docked at Elizabeth's Dock and got the generator running for some heat. Listened to the weather forecast and we have a "Winter Weather Advisory". We thought we left that behind us in NY State! Later I made a big batch of goulash. It sure hit the spot.
Update: When we awoke Sunday morning we had some snow on board!

12/05/2010 | Doug & Debbie
Told you not to sell the snow blower.
12/05/2010 | Cyndi Meacham Brown
We've gotten a foot plus of snow today. Blustery and windy. Thinking of you guys. Stay safe.
Resting and Refreshing
11/30/2010, Norfolk, VA

We are airing out the boat, cleaning, relaxing and replenishing while it blows 20 knots. The forcast is for 20-30 kts winds the next couple days. Took Newton to the beach, He just loves the water. We are just north of the Navy base and there is lots of air traffic overhead. We know we are safe with all the destroyers and frigates standing guard in the southern part of the bay. You can hear the constant chatter of warships on the radio and the constant fwapp fwapp fwapp from the black hawks overhead.

12/01/2010 | Doug & Debbie
Sounds safe. Snow today in Upstate NY,
15 days and we will be in AZ
Dark Journey
11/29/2010, Norfolk, VA

Left Ocean City, MD about 2:30 PM on Sunday and began our overnight trip to Norfolk, VA. Put up the main, mizzen and jib, only to be going 3 kts so, we motor sailed. Timing was everything, we wanted to make the the Cheasapeake Bay entrance at dawn, and we needed to be traveling at least 5 kts an hour to meet our goal. We had 114 nm to cover and the forcast for Tuesday on was not good. Our weather window was present and we needed to make time. Had a beautiful sunset, light and variable winds, and after the sun went down it was dark, pitch black dark. Couldn't even see the ocean midship, could hear it but, not see anything. It was erry to hear loons on our passage. Waves were one foot or less. It was cold, the low 30's and we did 30 minute shifts at the helm so we could stay warm. The time passed quickly. The stars were out and we were glad when the moon appeared about 12:30 AM. The radar worked fine and all the lighted sea buoys appeared as a blimp. No traffic until we reached the entrance to the bay at dawn. Several Navy warships and container ships passes us as we made our way across the southern part of the Cheasapeake Bay. We arrived at Willoughby Bay Marina in Norfolk, VA about 12:30 PM on Monday. Exhausted and delighted we made such good time. Sleep was not a problem, we slept well.

Happy Thanksgiving!
11/26/2010, Ocean City, MD

We enjoyed our own feast and put our oven to the test. I made pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, squash, potatoes, gravy and all the other good stuff. Mmm Mmm good! The Gale is still lingering offshore and lots of fronts are moving across the area. Hope to leave this weekend for Chicopetegue Inlet or a run to south shore of Cheasapeake Bay. Time will tell, another front is moving across Tuesday and we could be stuck somewhre another week. We are warm, in good spirits and well fed.

11/26/2010 | jim & Gus Rolfe
Glad you had a good thanksgiving. we had the usual 25 plus people and it was great to see everyone. the pie in the picture you posted looks great.
11/26/2010 | Doug & Debbie
Looks like your first Thanksgiving at sea was great. Calling for a foot of snow in the Attica,Warsaw area. Bet you will not miss that.
11/26/2010 | Suzanne Hartman
We also had a yummy Thanksgiving Feast! Extra special, our twin granddaughters Ansley & Alyssa, 8 months old, joined us at the dinner table. Of course they were in there high chairs. They slept 10 & 11 hours last night, but Grandma was up at least a dozen times. They went home today about 5PM, early to bed for me tonight. Love you! L,Sue
11/26/2010 | Deb Forkey
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anna and Greg! I was so surprised to hear from you--you've had quite the weather adventures so far in your journey south. We had the usual huge Thanksgiving gathering, followed by Black Friday shopping at 3 am. It's sort of a sisters' tradition, joined by Erin and her husband. Home by 10:30, in bed by 1 pm. Happy sailing!
11/27/2010 | Ray & Kathy
Your feast aboard sounds wonderful! Hope that weather changes soon so you can get a little more south. We got Matt married successfully last weekend in Letchworth--had a great weekend!
11/27/2010 | Chipper and Nancy Lesslie
Long time no hear. We are still at 18n 65w in Vieques PR (Spanish Virgin Islands). Pulled the tranny on the dive boat for the third time last week so I have sympathy! If you are going out in the big waters you have a mooring here-- and a place to stay! huggs chipper
11/28/2010 | Donna Jaworski
Love your site. Hey N.Y. visit was great. Seeing Shawn was the best, and all the family at Pizza Glen. Love yea.
11/29/2010 | Mary Margaret and Brian
Looks like a successful Thanksgiving! The pictures are beautiful. This is a great way to let us know how things are going with you. (And I was able to find it myself!!!) :)
11/29/2010 | Doug & Debbie
Glad you made it to Norfolk, long night run.
Get a good night sleep and enjoy the dock
Sailing On the Atlantic
11/21/2010, Ocean City, MD

After much consideration, we decided to skip going North on Delaware Bay and South down the Cheasapeake Bay, and are taking the outside route to the southern Cheasapeake area. We had a great sail on the Atlantic, sailed with jib and jigger, averaging 5.9 kts. Put the main up for an hour or so, made good time 40 nm in about 8 hrs sailing except for in and out of the inlets. Radar being finicky again. Greg and technican worked on it again. Now we are waiting on the weather window. Once again we have fog, gales, and rain.

Radar, Fog and Gale Watch
11/15/2010, Cape May, NJ

Well, we were not able to leave the dock because of fog. The fog has hung around most of the day. Our radar hasn't been working. I took Newton for a two hour walk to the beach and through town. Since we are here we decded to call a tech to see about having our radar fixed. Tech will check things on Tuesday and there is a Gale Watch for Tuesday night and Wednesday, so we will probably be here awhile.

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