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Jolly Mon Sings
01/24/2012, Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas

We arrived at Meeks Patch anchorage on Saturday the 21st, we had 14-18 kt of wind with some gusts to 20 and the wind was on our nose again! Seas while in the Northeast Providence Channel were 3-4 ft with a 4ft swell, which was a lot better than when we were in the Northwest Providence Channel heading to Nassau, we had 6-10ft broad swells with whitecaps. We stayed in the anchorage for two nights and then moved into Spanish Wells Yacht Haven on Monday. We did this for two reasons, one to have our outboard serviced and the second reason is the approaching cold front expected later in the week.

This settlement is absolutely beautiful! The homes are all painted in tradtional Bahamanian colors, grass yards and flower beds! Oh yea, did I mention the pink sand beach? They have a fast ferry to southern Eleuthera and Nassau. This is a major fishing port and agriculture region. Lots of fresh veggies!

Making Way
01/20/2012, Nassau, Bahamas

We have enjoyed our stay in Nassau, and plan to head towards Spainish Wells on Saturday. We will update when we can! We are enjoying the cruising lifestyle!

01/15/2012, Nassau, New Providence Island

Well we are in Nassau and it is a lot more busy than the islands weve been to so far. But, we will have an opportunity to go to a regular grocery store and a bank! More later....

01/04/2012, Great Harbor Cay Marina, Berry Islands

Today is a little chilly, only 63 degrees. We took a tour of the island with our new friends.

January 3, 2012
Happy New Year! We celebrated the New Year's Eve with fresh lobster. We moved New Years Eve to the Great Harbor Cay Marina to ride out the approaching cold front. We are not alone, many boats decided to do the same thing. We met some folks from "back home"; a couple from Fairhaven, and another from Wilson, NY, both aboard there sailboats. Several of us gathered for fresh conch fritters made by John and Arlene. They were yummy!

December 27, 2011
We arrived in Bullock's Harbor, Berry Islands on Christmas Eve and set the anchor. We anchored the night before halfway between Bimini and here, on the Great Bahamas Bank in the middle of nowhere. No land in sight, we put a harness on the anchor to adjust for wind and current. We spent Christmas relaxing and took Newton for a romp on the beach. During the evening, we thought we could hear drums and merriment celebrating Junkanoo from shore. Boxing Day was a repeat of Christmas, but we also explored the settlement on foot. We went lobstering; Greg caught a rock crab that was boiled up for dinner. The temperature has been high 70's during the day and low 70's at night with plenty of sunshine. We met a neighboring boat from Canada. Newton has been enjoying some romps on the beach!

01/06/2012 | Donna jaworski
Sounds yummy. Happy New Year! I am going to be a grandma, Baby due around June 30th. I can not wait. Glad you are good & meeting folks from back home. Love to yea both. Love Yea, sister Donna
Bimini, Bahamas

We arrived safely early Sunday morning. More details to follow... We are well, it is beautiful here. We plan on heading to Bullocks Harbor on Great Harbor Cay on Friday and hope to arrive by Saturday afternoon. Merry Christmas Everyone! We send our love to all our family and friends!

12/23/2011 | carol[Mom]
Merry Christmas-Let the sun be your freedom,and the wind be your song.and keep sailing and see all the Mirscles, and believe dreams do come mom/jer
12/24/2011 | MOM M.
Happy Anniversary 12/ 24 /11.
and a Merry Christmas to you both. We love you both. mom /jer [dad]

Just wanted to let you know that we are safe and sound and having a wonderful time in the Bahamas. Our crossing took us from dawn at Marathon to dawn off the coast of Bimini. Most of the trip was beautiful while giving our new engine a good break-in work out. As night arrived, we were greeted by a myriad of cruse ships out of Miami, lit up as amusement rides. We needed to keep a sharp eye on them to make sure we didn't become part of there light show!

After that, we cruised along in the ink black of the ocean night. Thank goodness for RADAR! Gallons of coffee kept me on my toes as the Gulf Stream carried us along at optimum speeds. As our weather guru predicted, the wind started to pick up an hour or two before dawn. We were about twenty nautical miles off of Bimini and things started howling! Thirty knots of wind and twelve foot seas made things exciting! The boat was creaking, and going to the head was a feat fit for a trapeze artist! It was about then that our chart plotter crapped out. When this happens, I go down into the engine room and pull the fuse on the unit, wait for about thirty seconds and plug it back in. This usually brings things back on line. As I was attempting to plug the fuse back in, I kept thinking, "just don't drop the fuse"! Of course, that is exactly what I did! I watched in horror as the tiny object fell into the black depths of the bilge! Not to panic, I have spares, but where??? The spare was finally located and soon we were back up and running. The ocean was still giving us a pounding, and the spray was continuously coming over the bow. Oh well, what's a little spray over the rail.

Anna was at the wheel when she exclaimed that I needed to get the binoculars out and take a look forward! There seemed to be something coming right at us! We knew there was an ocean going tug just off to out starboard bow, but what was in front of us? As I peered through the binoculars, I saw what appeared to be a huge rock in the middle of nowhere! The charts were double-checked, but no such land mass could be found!! It was then that I realized that it was not a rock, but rather an extremely large container barge that the tug was towing. Two small lights were the only identification that the barge possessed as it lumbered behind the tug. Containers stacked five high on a rickety barge were not in our game plan! Disaster avoided, we slugged on in the howling wind and waves toward Bimini harbor.

As the sun rose, the wind settled enough for us to attempt entering Biminis Harbor. Our traveling companion, who had made the trip before, said that this was not an entrance "you just walked through". Sure enough as he attempted to make the hard left hand turn into the channel, he "bumped" twice on the sandy bottom. Better sand than coral, and the clear turquoise water helps. Unfortunately our attempt was a bit more than a bump, and we found ourselves aground! Luckily we were able to twist ourselves off the sand bar and head out to deeper water near the channel entrance. A six-hour wait for the tide to rise was the unattractive alternative after twenty-four hours on the ocean. It was then that a French Canadian boat came along who had made the cut before. We were advised to get in close, and stay about 100 yards off the beach. It was there that we found eleven feet of water, and were able to pull into Blue Water Marina, Bimini! Checked in at customs, and ready for a well-deserved nap, we found ourselves in an older but well maintained marina, with a cheerful staff and the ambiance of the beautiful Bahamas everywhere!

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