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An occasional lighthearted (mostly!) look at life sailing a small catamaran away from home.

21 July 2017 | Brest
10 July 2017 | Douarnenez
08 July 2017 | South West of Glenan
08 July 2017 | Everywhere
07 July 2017 | Guilvinec
06 July 2017 | Le Chiagat
05 July 2017 | Le Guilvinec
04 July 2017 | South of Belle Isle
04 July 2017 | La Palais
04 July 2017 | Between Yeu and Belle Ile
03 July 2017 | Joinville
02 July 2017 | Bourgenay
28 June 2017 | Bourgenay
27 June 2017 | Ile de Re Bridge
27 June 2017 | La Pallice
16 June 2017 | St Denis/Les Minimes
07 June 2017 | St Denis Slip
06 June 2017 | St Denis slip
06 June 2017 | Str Denis Slip
05 June 2017 | Pertuis D'Antioch

A bit on the side

21 July 2017 | Brest
DavidH Warm and dry
Whilst waiting in Brest I watched with some bemusement, (as did many others!) as this yacht slowly leaned away from the wall. Chadenfreud I guess. They tied the dinghy under the port side and she refloated ok so more embarrassing than harm done. Someone said that the owner had been out for a bit on the side and got more than he bargained for.

Another tick on the bucket list

10 July 2017 | Douarnenez
DavidH Sunny
Point de Penmarc'h being in sight to the West it was easy to passage plan for slack water at the point, full tide under me at the Raz de Seine and an East bound lift along the North side of the Raz Peninsular, arriving with the last of the flood at one of Yachting's Meccas - Douarnenez. And so it came to pass, a glorious day's sail, with a well sheltered berth at the end of it, best part of 50 miles, some fog banks just as I drew level with the Raz itself, a cracking reach for the last 15 miles into the bay at Douarnenez and a couple of days to explore the really good maritime museum and other attractions.
The marina is round the corner to the left in the photo.
Vessel Name: Grey Dove
Vessel Make/Model: Modified Heavenly Twins 26
Hailing Port: Kinghorn
Crew: David Holdsworth BEM. Jessie Cameron Hunter Holdsworth (aka Jeanette)
I [...]
Greydove is a mk3/4 Heavenly Twins highly modified with straight stems and a high aspect ratio fully battened modern catamaran rig with an 11 metre mast. She goes! (for an old girl anyway). Sailing around the West Coast and Western Isles of Scotland with a scuba diving skipper we have visited many [...]
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