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Haggis Hunter goes South
Vessel Name: Haggis Hunter
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 36
Hailing Port: Port Edgar
About: Peter, Margaret and Millie
Recent Blog Posts
24 March 2012 | Paderne
This really is the end of the line. I signed the Bill of Sale for Haggis Hunter yesterday and she is now of to her new home in Gibraltar. Later her new owners intend setting of into the Mediterranean for a few years so she will of on her travels again soon and perhaps a new blog too.
28 April 2011 | Ferreiras
Since the last post the weather has been goo except for last week when Alison and Chris came out to visit. Almost as soon as their plane touched down the rain started and it was on and of till they left. They are not great sun worshippers so it didn't really make that much difference for them. We had [...]
10 April 2011 | Ferreiras
We are now getting properly settled in, finding the best places to shop, pay the bills etc.
24 March 2011 | Ferreiras
I suspect everyone is wondering where we have been. Shortly after our last post we decided that living on board was not the best option and that it was time to put Haggis Hunter on the market. We then started looking at rented accommodation and found the place we are now in. It is a very nice quite new [...]
16 February 2011
Another picture of the Bongo
16 February 2011 | Albufeira
Didn't realise it had been so long since I posted something. We are settling in to having a car and now trying not to use it too much, but the freedom is great. We went to a Country and Western lunch and afternoon at Silves a small town a bit west of here that has a dramatic castle in the middle of the [...]