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Haggis Hunter goes South
Back again
24 March 2011 | Ferreiras
I suspect everyone is wondering where we have been. Shortly after our last post we decided that living on board was not the best option and that it was time to put Haggis Hunter on the market. We then started looking at rented accommodation and found the place we are now in. It is a very nice quite new terraced house in a small condominium in Ferreiras which is just outside Albufeira. We are very close to the railway station which has trains both along the Algarve and to Lisbon and all points North. Also at the station is the stop for the local bus that will take us into Albufeira.

We are now settled in and Millie is enjoying our little back yard where she can bask in the sun. It is getting a lot warmer and it tends to be getting close to or over twenty most days.

The picture is our new front door.

ps Not only have we now got a washing machine but a dishwasher too.
Gavin and Sally
28 March 2011 18:08:26Z
So just as we jump in you jump out - what didn't you tell us? Your little hoos looks nice
Maureen & Malcolm
01 April 2011 07:48:15Z
This is a surprise! but the new place looks great quite a bit bigger than the yacht, will be in contact soon.
hugh and Carol
03 April 2011 07:18:27Z
Forgot about your blog, and just had a look through the recent entries. The house looks good.
Amanda, Ally and Amy
09 April 2011 20:53:33Z
WOW! Didn't see that one coming. Hope you are all happy in your nice new house. I bet Millie misses her life jacket (NOT). love A,A & A xxx
Madge and Dave
10 April 2011 13:53:10Z
Thought I would have a look at your blog. What a surprise - house looks lovely. Hope you are both well.
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