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Haggis Hunter goes South
Getting Settled in
Peter and it is very sunny and hot
10 April 2011 | Ferreiras
We are now getting properly settled in, finding the best places to shop, pay the bills etc.

When we go out for our walks Millie is getting used to the many dogs in gardens, that all bark as you pass, one has about 6 dogs and there is always one on look out. She manages to ignore most of them but some of the bigger ones are a bit much for her and she is happier when we get past the house.

Tuesday was market day and we went as usual to get some fruit and veg and look at some things for the house. We now have barbecued chicken for lunch at Georges, it is one of the best chicken piri-piri's in the area. Their stall is always busy what ever the weather.

It is really getting hot now in the mid 20s every day though there has been a nice breeze most days keeping it comfortable.

The photo this time is the chickens barbecuing.

carol and Hugh
11 April 2011 14:57:41Z
We will not be far from you tomorrow, off to Marrakech for a week. It was over 20 here yesterday, so that was summer in Scotland
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