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HALEKAI Sailing Around the World
Nancy and Burger invite you to read about their adventures afloat and ashore.
03/27/2015 A Dozen Months Equals a Year
12/25/2014 Halekai at Home
11/17/2014 The Home Stretch
11/12/2014 Our Favorite Stopover
11/10/2014 A Not So Peaceful Evening
11/09/2014 The Dreaded Wilkerson Bridge
11/08/2014 Halloween a Week Late
11/07/2014 The Crazy Bull
11/06/2014 Staying Ahead of the Madding Crowd
11/05/2014 Yet Another Web-based Encounter
11/04/2014 The Marvels of Social Media
08/09/2014 Cruiser Camaraderie in Maine
05/25/2014 Switching Gears
05/23/2014 East Coast Cruising
05/07/2014 The Joys of Freebie Dockage and Cruiser Camaraderie
05/05/2014 Adios, Cheap Spanish Wine
04/29/2014 What Do Little Boys Like to Do on Boats?
04/27/2014 Do We Have Cute Grandsons or What?!
04/26/2014 Time for a Break
04/24/2014 Slave Drivers and Gator Hunters in the Night
04/22/2014 Chugging Along up the ICW
04/20/2014 What Was Your Worst Weather?
04/15/2014 The Ancient Mariners: Our Role Models Up the Ante
04/14/2014 More Southern Hospitality. Have We Found a New Home Base?
03/31/2014 A Whirlwind Week of Welcome
03/24/2014 Only in South Florida!
03/22/2014 The Home Stretch: Weather Before Wallet
03/16/2014 Bahamas: Return to Paradise
03/03/2014 Snowbird Cruising Mecca
02/27/2014 Crossing Our Outbound Path
02/26/2014 An Underwater Paradise No More
02/25/2014 Close Encounter with Coral
02/24/2014 Reconciling with Church and Slavery
02/23/2014 Never on Sunday
02/22/2014 Where Did the Genoa Go?
02/21/2014 Moving Right Along
02/19/2014 Finding Friends in Exotic Anchorages
02/17/2014 Over the Hill, Not!
02/16/2014 Charter Boat Capital of the World
02/15/2014 Dengue Fever and Dinghy Theft
02/11/2014 Out of Our League
02/07/2014 Vive la France!
02/06/2014 Williwaws and Dragging Anchors
02/05/2014 A Prison Cell Saved Him
02/01/2014 Finding Old Friends in Exotic Places
01/29/2014 Chilling Out French-style
01/21/2014 Nous Sommes Arrivez!
01/20/2014 Day 13: The Washing Machine
01/18/2014 Day 11: Fixing Things at Sea
01/16/2014 More Fish Stories
01/14/2014 Midway to Martinique
01/11/2014 Yahoo! We Caught a Wahoo!
01/10/2014 What Do We Do All Day Long at Sea?
01/09/2014 Sushi for Supper!
01/08/2014 Day 2, The Weatherman Was Wrong
01/06/2014 Setting Out Across the Alantic
01/04/2014 Happy New Year!
12/30/2013 A Bump in the Night
12/29/2013 Music is Everywhere in Mindelo!
12/28/2013 A Windy Welcome
12/27/2013 Land Ho! Mindelo!
12/26/2013 Who Would Sail Without AIS?
12/25/2013 Freak Wave for Dessert
12/24/2013 Christmas Sleigh Ride at Sea
12/19/2013 How We Celebrated Our Anniversary
12/15/2013 Halekai Doesn't Want to Leave!
12/10/2013 The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria Were Here
12/09/2013 We Love to Go A-wandering ...
11/28/2013 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/27/2013 Finding Fataga
11/26/2013 Far from the Madding Crowd
11/24/2013 White Caps, Golden Dunes and Green Flash
11/22/2013 Landlubbers Welcome!
11/03/2013 Monkeys on Display
11/02/2013 Modifications for World Cruising
11/01/2013 Coming Full Circle Since 1975
10/27/2013 Happy Birthday to My Schatzi
10/26/2013 More Amazing Manrique
10/25/2013 Volcanic Vineyards
10/25/2013 Mountains of Fire and Street of Blood
10/24/2013 In Pursuit of Cesar Manrique
10/22/2013 Luxuriating in Lanzarote
10/19/2013 Grateful to be in Graciosa
10/15/2013 Farewell to Morocco
10/07/2013 Great Oasis Valley Tour: Homeward Stretch
10/06/2013 Footbridge Folly of UNESCO
10/05/2013 Bargaining with Bedouins from Timbuktu
10/04/2013 Saharan Sunrise
10/04/2013 It Was a Starry Starry Night
10/04/2013 The Great Saharan Desert Adventure
10/03/2013 The Great Oasis Valley Tour, Day 2
10/02/2013 The Great Oasis Valley Tour, Day 1
10/01/2013 All Aboard the Marrakesh Express!
09/28/2013 Here's Looking at You, Kid!
09/26/2013 Come with Me to the Kasbah
09/24/2013 A Tumultuous Exit from the Med
09/19/2013 Fixing the Boat in Exotic Places
09/14/2013 The Spare Part Waiting Game
09/03/2013 In Search of the Blue Medina
09/02/2013 Hi from North Africa!
09/01/2013 Gibraltar Town
08/31/2013 View from the Rock
08/28/2013 Politics and Cruising
08/27/2013 A Blast from the Past
08/26/2013 The Capital of Culture
08/22/2013 Halekai on the Hard
08/18/2013 The Rough Guide Was Wrong
08/15/2013 Bali Hai
08/13/2013 Along the Forbidding Coast
08/12/2013 How We Spend Our Time
08/11/2013 A Lovely Day in Palma
08/08/2013 A Spectacular Road Trip
08/04/2013 A Worthwhile Detour
08/03/2013 August Madness in the Maddelenas
07/20/2013 In the Midst of Holiday Makers
07/18/2013 We Love a Parade
07/17/2013 Avoiding the Banditos
07/16/2013 Meeting Up with Makani
07/15/2013 All You Can Eat Sushi!
07/14/2013 Sound Stone Sculpture by Sciola
07/13/2013 Rambling the Ruins of the Nuraghi
07/13/2013 Horesemeat Before Culture
07/12/2013 Exploring Cagliari
07/11/2013 Marinero Tricks
07/10/2013 But the Engine Wouldn't Start
07/01/2013 Finding Fiesole
06/30/2013 Florence After Forty+ Years
06/28/2013 Stradivari Slept Here
06/27/2013 Gastronomical Gluttony?
06/26/2013 Touring in Tuscany
06/19/2013 A Lucky Father's Day
06/17/2013 Malta the Easy Way
05/22/2013 Back Aboard
05/12/2013 Crossing the Atlantic Despite Appendix
04/15/2013 Chili Bear on the Farm
03/31/2013 Following Spring Up the East Coast
03/15/2013 Crossing the Country Aboard Our RV
02/28/2013 Keeping Warm in Southern Arizona
01/31/2013 A Week of Wintery Weather
01/23/2013 The Adventures of Chili Bear
01/15/2013 Wintering in Summery Chile
12/15/2012 Mission Clinic 2012
10/15/2012 Family Reunion in DisneyWorld
10/01/2012 Land Touring in Italy
09/01/2012 Time for Italia!
08/29/2012 Musings about Greece, from a Cruiser Perspecive
08/25/2012 Our Last Greek Castle
08/24/2012 The Brits and the Turks Battled for the Greeks
08/22/2012 A Visit to the Birthplace of the Olympics
08/16/2012 The Giant Hand
08/12/2012 Piggy Feast, Greek Style
08/08/2012 Mellowing Out in Methoni
08/06/2012 Mani Towers and Bloody Blood Feuds
08/04/2012 Mistra, A Medieval Ghosttown
08/03/2012 Lover's Island
07/31/2012 Land of the Lotus Eaters
07/30/2012 Crisscrossing the Cyclades
07/28/2012 Meltemi in Milos
07/26/2012 Next: Naxos
07/23/2012 Sunday in Santorini
07/22/2012 Lazy Days in Paros
07/20/2012 Partying in Paros
07/14/2012 Hiking with Hippies
07/12/2012 Syros in the Cyclades
07/09/2012 Myconos to Rhinia
07/08/2012 Ancient Delos
07/07/2012 The Windy Cyclades: First Stop, Mykonos
07/03/2012 St. John the Divine Slept Here
06/29/2012 Ioannina and Corinth
06/28/2012 Ancient Monasteries Atop Pinnacles
06/27/2012 Delphi
06/26/2012 Quick Trip to the Mainland: Athens
06/19/2012 Dodecanese: Leros
06/13/2012 Cruising the Dodecanese: Kalymnos
06/12/2012 How We Entered Greece and Then Left Turkey
06/11/2012 Amphitheater View at Anchor
06/10/2012 Datca: Marzipan and Olives
06/07/2012 Symi of the Dodecanese
06/06/2012 Med-Moored Along the Waterfront
06/05/2012 Farewell to Marmaris
05/26/2012 Exploring the Southern Coast of Turkey
04/15/2012 Wintering Aboard in Marmaris, Turkey
12/30/2011 Where in the World Are the Zapf's?
10/15/2011 Medical Mission Guadalupe 2011
07/30/2011 Istanbul to Marmaris, Turkey
06/10/2011 When Our Ship Comes In
05/01/2011 Licking the Elusive Engine Leak
04/17/2011 First Cash, Then Splash
03/31/2011 Elephant Trekking: Adventurous or Foolhardy?
03/29/2011 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
03/23/2011 Who Says Going to the Dentist Is No Fun?
03/18/2011 Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho ...
03/10/2011 Ship or Stay in SE Asia?
02/28/2011 Searching for a Sail
02/24/2011 Wall Street Journal article about our friends
02/22/2011 Tragedy at Sea
02/20/2011 Somali Pirates Capture Our Friends on sv Quest!
02/15/2011 Sticky-Rice Hearts for Valentine’s Day
02/12/2011 All Work and No Play ...
02/10/2011 How Much Opium Do You Use?
02/08/2011 Tall Thai Tsunami Tales
02/07/2011 Bad Things Happen to Good Yachties
02/05/2011 Langkawi Lovebirds
02/01/2011 Ready for Departure, Almost
01/31/2011 Turning Back the Clock
01/23/2011 Things I Wish I'd Known
01/22/2011 Social Networking at Sea
01/20/2011 The Cheapest and the Priciest of Meals
01/19/2011 The Best Kept Secret
01/18/2011 Medical Volunteering in Ecuador
01/17/2011 Indonesian Cruising Rumors Debunked
01/16/2011 Bundy to Darwin Cruising Notes
01/13/2011 Malaysian Musings
01/12/2011 Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Winter ...
01/02/2011 Chasing the Demons
12/29/2010 Pigging Out in Penang
12/26/2010 Christmas with Cruisers
12/24/2010 Home Sweet Home, Back Aboard Halekai
12/23/2010 Reversing Escalators and Singed Piglets
12/22/2010 Dim Sum and Museumitis
12/21/2010 Hong Kong Honeymoon
12/20/2010 Heading for Hong Kong
12/08/2010 Family Photos
12/05/2010 Look How We've Multiplied!
11/21/2010 Hobnobbing with El Presidente's Security Force
11/20/2010 Sleepless in Guadalupe
11/19/2010 Wining, Dining and Dancing in Farewell
11/18/2010 Problems and Progress with Third World Medicine
11/14/2010 Recharging Our Batteries at Copalinga
11/12/2010 Big Brother Is Watching You
11/12/2010 Hopping Frogs and Dancing Nuns
11/10/2010 A Day in Our Life at the Mission Clinic
11/07/2010 Weekend Getaway Part III: Sunday Market in Zamorra
11/07/2010 Weekend Getaway, Part II: Birders and Butterfly Hunters
11/07/2010 Weekend Getaway, Part I: From Bad to Worse
11/03/2010 Landmines and Hostile Indians
10/27/2010 Happy Birthday, Schatzi!
10/26/2010 Arriving in Guadalupe
10/22/2010 Hiking in Los Alamos
10/20/2010 Family Get-together
10/16/2010 Back in the USA
10/14/2010 More New Plans
10/13/2010 Stop and Smell the Frangipani
10/11/2010 Monkey Cemetery?
10/07/2010 Playing Hooky on Langkawi
10/06/2010 Life at Leisure in Langkawi
10/04/2010 Our Seven Seas
09/30/2010 The Elusive Lizard
09/30/2010 Our Second Honeymoon Continues
09/30/2010 130 Miles to Go
09/26/2010 Home Stretch to Langkawi
09/25/2010 Shipping Boat Parts to Exotic Places
09/15/2010 Monkey Business
09/13/2010 Bird Nest Soup
09/11/2010 Three Ships Converging in the Night
09/10/2010 End of Ramadan
09/04/2010 Balinese Mass Cremation
09/03/2010 Kekac fire dancing
09/03/2010 Ulu Watu
09/03/2010 Blanco Birds
09/02/2010 Balinese dancing
09/02/2010 Mischievous Monkeys
09/02/2010 Sleeping Volcanoes
09/02/2010 Holy Water Temple
09/01/2010 Bali Batik
08/31/2010 Abby's Birthday Party
08/30/2010 Bali, Day 2 and 3
08/30/2010 Hello from Bali
08/28/2010 Second Honeymoon
08/25/2010 Fixing the Engine in Exotic Places
08/25/2010 Does Dracula Live Here?
08/23/2010 The Bumperhead Welcoming Committee
08/22/2010 Dragons and Dragon Food
08/18/2010 Captain Bligh Slept Here
08/13/2010 Friday the 13th
08/11/2010 Gorgeous Gorges and Crocodile Hotel
08/09/2010 Jumping Crocs
08/06/2010 Quadruple Didgeridoo
08/05/2010 Mindl Beach Market
07/30/2010 Across the Top End
07/23/2010 It's a Long Way to Tipperary ...
07/21/2010 The Modern Lighthouse
07/19/2010 Rrrriiippp!
07/17/2010 Strong Wind Warnings
07/13/2010 Never Smile at a Crocodile
07/11/2010 Cook's Look and Giant Clam Garden
07/08/2010 Ouch! Stubbed Toe!
07/05/2010 Captain’s Nightmare: Filling Fuel in Water Tank!!
07/01/2010 Cockatoos for Sundowners
06/25/2010 Back Aboard in Bundy
06/01/2010 Shoreside Update
09/03/2009 Land Ho! We're in Oz!
09/03/2009 Boobie on the Bow
09/02/2009 Home Stretch
08/31/2009 Last Chance for Lobster
08/29/2009 Baby Boobies
08/25/2009 Underway, Or So We Thought
08/23/2009 A Hard Place to Leave
08/21/2009 Tarzan Burger
08/18/2009 A Charmless Place
08/15/2009 Doctoring under the Mango Tree
08/14/2009 National Geographic Live
08/13/2009 . . . Come Again Another Day
08/12/2009 Rain, Rain Go Away . . .
08/09/2009 A Sad Day at Anchor
08/08/2009 Canoe Racing with Palm Fronds
08/02/2009 First Fresh Fish Since Fiji!
08/01/2009 US Tax Dollars at Work
07/29/2009 Tourists for a Day
07/28/2009 White Smoke Is Bad Smoke!
07/27/2009 Rumble Rumble!
07/26/2009 Independence Day Vanuatan Style
07/24/2009 Relaxing in Havannah Harbour
07/22/2009 Time to Leave Port Vila
07/18/2009 Off to the Races!
07/17/2009 Pacific Climate Warrior
07/16/2009 Cascading at Mele-Maat
07/08/2009 Is Bob a Hustler?
07/06/2009 Best Steak Ever at Flaming Bull!
07/04/2009 Where Cannibals Ate Missionaries
07/01/2009 Nothing but Nambas
06/28/2009 Expedition to Lenakel
06/26/2009 Keep Your Eye on the Bomb!
06/25/2009 Volcanic Cloud Welcomes Us to Tanna
06/20/2009 Halekai leaves Fiji
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