Happiness is being on the Water

06 December 2017 | Vero Beach City Marina
27 November 2017 | Merritt Island Cocoa Beach, Florida
23 November 2017 | Marineland, Florida
19 November 2017 | Marsh Island, St. John’s River near Jacksonsville, FL.
28 May 2017 | Oriental, NC
15 April 2017 | Allans-Pensacola
05 April 2017 | Lynyard Cay
20 March 2017 | Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas
14 March 2017 | George Town, Bahamas
23 February 2017 | George Town, 🇧🇸
08 February 2017 | Shroud Cay, Wardrick Wells, Cambridge, Staniel Cay, Black Point
01 February 2017 | Allan's Cay, Leaf Cay
30 January 2017 | Nassau
11 November 2016 | Wapoo Creek, Charleston, SC
28 October 2016 | Donna and Jerry's House, Oriental, NC
21 October 2016 | Deltaville, Va.
24 September 2016 | Worton Creek
23 September 2016 | Cape May

Vero Beach

06 December 2017 | Vero Beach City Marina
Today it is 86 Degrees, Sunny with Winds SE 7 MPH
We arrived in Vero Beach on Monday, November 27, around 2:45 PM and picked up a mooring ball where we saw this big pelican taking a siesta . While in Vero we took the bus shopping for groceries, boat supplies, and even did some Christmas shopping. After some studying of the bus routes, we found that bus number 1 to bus number 4 took us directly to the IG center where we played pickle ball with the Vero Beach pickle ball players. Donna and Jerry from Blue Jacket went too. We had a lot of fun, met some really nice people and had the opportunity to play with some awesome players. Ron was already an awesome player, but me, well, I think I am getting better each time I play. You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect". In my case that remains to be seen. No matter what, it is a great game and lots of fun. We enjoyed it so much that we actually stayed an extra day in Vero so that we could play a second time.

On Saturday, December 2, we went the Farmer's Market and that evening we watched the Vero Beach Christmas Parade with our friends from Blue Jacket and Persephone. They were 90 floats all lit up with colored lights. It was a nice evening.

During our visit we had the chance to eat at a couple of restaurants. One of our favorite places being Mr. Manatee's Casual Grill. Monday's are $5 hamburger night. So we took our dinghy's up the creek with three other cruising couples. Their boat names are Mighty Fine, Autumn Borne and Gelato. We had a great time getting to know each other while sharing cruising stories.

We decided it was time to move on so we left Vero Beach on Tuesday morning at 7:20 AM and arrived here in Stuart, Florida around 2:20 PM where we picked up a mooring ball at Sunset Marina. We are now ready for some new adventures. I am sure you are all busy getting ready for the holidays. We wish you lots of happiness and good health.

Marineland to Vero Beach

27 November 2017 | Merritt Island Cocoa Beach, Florida
Cool, Light winds, NE 6 MPH
On Saturday morning at 8:15, we left the Marineland Marina and headed to New Smyrna Beach. It was a calm, sunny, but cool morning. Due to our deep draft, we had to wait for a rising tide to get out of the marina. We were able to get out and onto the ICW with no issues. At around 4:00 PM we set anchor in 13 feet of water across from the New Smyrna Beach Yacht Club. The next day we pulled up the anchor at 6:50 and headed to Cocoa Beach. During our travels, we found that the further south we got, the more damage we see from Hurricane Irma.

Our friends Gayle and Alan, from up North, are in Edgewater for the winter. To our surprise they were able to take a video from their dock of us passing by on the ICW. Later during the day, when we went through the Haulover Canal Bridge we saw a manatee swimming by. This is an interesting stretch of the ICW. At this location it is considered a canal with a width of approximately 100' with people fishing on both sides of the banks and various small boats were anchored near the shore lines. When we arrived at Cocoa Beach, we anchored on the NE side of the Merritt Island Bridge. We took the dinghy to shore where we met Gayle and Alan. We spent a lovely afternoon and evening shopping in the quaint shops of the Cocoa Beach Village followed by dinner at Fishlips.

This morning we pulled anchor at 6:35 and are on our way to Vero Beach where we plan to spend at least a week with our cruising friends. While there, we are hoping to get the opportunity to play some pickle ball.

Thanksgiving in Marineland, Florida

23 November 2017 | Marineland, Florida
Rainy, cool, windy
On Tuesday, after spending one evening on the mooring ball at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina, we moved south a couple of hours and went into the Marineland Marina. While here, we were able to do our morning exercises and catch up on laundry. We dug out the bikes and biked 5 ½ miles to the grocery store to buy our food for Thanksgiving day dinner. The ride to the grocery store was really pleasant. The trail was all concrete with the ocean on one side and the A1 highway on the other side. It also juts in and out of shaded park areas. The 5 1/2 miles coming back was not so pleasant. We found ourselves pedaling against a 15 knot head wind not to mention the $100.00 worth of groceries on our backs. Needless to say, we made it back a little sore in the buttocks. After we recovered from our bike ride we walked across the highway to Marineland Park. The marina offered us free admission passes. We chose to pay an extra $20.00 for a Behind the Seas tour. It was a guided tour of the facility to learn about Marineland’s unique 75-year history. During the tour we learned a lot about the park and its's dolphins. In addition, we learned about the research that takes place on a daily basis and viewed various species of coral, fish and other sea creatures. It was really fascinating. Today, I made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Scheherazade. Happy Thanksgiving to our family and friends.

Sailing Season 2017-2018

19 November 2017 | Marsh Island, St. John’s River near Jacksonsville, FL.
Windy, 15-20 NE, Partly Sunny
After spending the spring in Oriental, NC and some of the summer in Baldwinsville, NY we are finally ready to begin moving south for the 2017-2018 fall and winter season. We had a few more minor repairs done on the boat at Deaton's Yacht Services in October and then we moved the boat to our friend's Jerry and Donna's dock located in front of their house on Broad Creek off of the Neuse River. Here we waited for a weather window to begin our sailing trip to Florida with the Bahamas as our final destination.
On Tuesday, November 14, we left the dock and headed to Beaufort, NC where we staged our departure for a two and half day sail to Cumberland Island off Georgia's southeast coast. On Wednesday morning once we got past the inlet out onto the ocean, the winds were out of the north at 15-20 knots with higher gusts. We were moving at 7.0 knots with the main and staysail. Later we added the genoa to the sail combo and our speed increased to 8 knots with an occasional 9 and 10. Scheherazade was moving along nicely. It was a great ride. On Friday afternoon, we arrived at the St. Mary's inlet on the border of Georgia and Florida. Once we maneuvered through the inlet, we anchored in front of the Ice House Museum on Cumberland Island and planned on staying here for a few days. Last year we had a great time exploring the island where we saw wild horses, armadillos, pristine maritime forests and undeveloped beaches. However, the following morning was sunny with light winds making it a perfect day to move to the next destination. We pulled the anchor and went back out the St. Mary's Inlet to the ocean and motor sailed for about 5 hours to the St. John's inlet near Jacksonville, Florida. Today (Sunday) we find ourselves anchored in front of some beautiful homes on the shoreline of Marsh Island. Tomorrow we plan on entering the ICW and will make our way to St. Augustine, Florida.

New Fuel Tanks Installed and Presently in Baldwinsville, NY

20 August 2017 | Baldwinsville, NY
Sunny and Warm
Okay, I was at dinner with my land friends, Laura, Gene and Anna and was told that I need to conclude my Spring 2017 blog entry so here goes.

The last time I did a blog entry we were in Oriental, NC having our fuel tanks replaced along with some other upgrades. To our surprise the replacement of the fuel tanks took a lot longer than estimated. It took so much longer, that we realized we did not have enough time to bring the boat back north this summer. So once the fuel tanks were installed we had the boat hauled out of the water and placed on the hard for the remaining of the summer. We are now staying with our daughter and family in Baldwinsville, NY until the end of September when we will head back to North Carolina, re-provision the boat and head south for another winter in the Bahamas. So until then we are enjoying quality time with our daughter, son-in-law, twin grandsons and Enzo the grand dog. Hopefully, we will catch up with you all again in October. Until then, Ron and I hope you are having a nice summer.

Hanging Out in Oriental, NC

28 May 2017 | Oriental, NC
Sunny, Hot, Light Winds W 10-15
Okay, so it has been a while since I posted anything on our blog. I apologize for my delinquency. We did make it back to the US safely. We had one minor glitch while making our ocean passage from Great Sale Cay to Beaufort, NC. We had been motor sailing a lot due to the lack of wind and big swells in the gulf stream, so Ron decided to check the oil level. To do that we had to shut off the engine. Which we did and the oil level was fine, however, the engine did not want to restart. It finally started, but we were concerned. We really needed the engine power to get us through the large ocean swells. We were lucky it started and decided we needed to have our favorite boat yard, Deatons Yacht Services, help us figure out why it wouldn't start.

On a more positive note, a really cool thing happened during our ocean passage. A little bird decided to stay with us for a while. He was really friendly and was happy to drink water from my hand. He also sat on my head and shoulder. Eventually, he took a nap down by my feet. He must have been really tired. After his nap he drank some more water, checked things out in our cockpit and even came up and perched on my finger. It was sad when he left us. I hope he made it safely to his final destination.

We made it safely to Beaufort, NC on April 20, along with Blue Jacket our buddy boat. We also met up with our friends Karen and Jerry on Persephone. We took a slip at the Beaufort Docks Marina and then took care of business. We contacted customs and they came to our boat and checked us in to the US. During our visit in Beaufort, we spent some time walking in the quaint town, shopping at the many clothing and accessory shops, eating at the various restaurants and went to the Saturday Farmers market. I just loved it there. It was a great way to ease our way back into the US.

A couple of days later we left Beaufort and went to Oriental, NC where we or I should say, our boat has been since April 23. We decided to have our fuel tanks replaced, which means we are having new ones made. Our fuel tanks were made of black iron which can corrode over time causing sediment in the fuel and possibly leak if they get too bad. So instead of waiting for a problem, Ron decided to have the tanks replaced with aluminum. So needless to say, we are living on the boat here in NC waiting for the new tanks to be built and installed. We have been keeping ourselves busy. Last week we rented a car and went back to Baldwinsville, NY to see our grandsons play their instruments in their spring concert, perform in the play Peter Pan and watch them play Lacrosse in a tournament. It was so great to spend time with our family. Of course we love spending time with Erica, Robert and Enzo ,the dog and of course having some wine with my friend Anna. It was fun catching up with the morning school bus stop crew as well. I can not believe how much all of the kids have grown since we last saw them in December.

So, I will let you know when we are on the move again. In the meantime we are enjoying ourselves in Oriental. We have made several friends and love running in the mornings, riding our bikes around town, and visiting with new friends. We are presently doing the boat chores that we normally do back in Chaumont Bay, NY so that we can just have fun spending time with friends and family when we get back . Hopefully, we will be back sometime in the beginning of July.

We hope you are all starting to enjoy the warmer weather.
Vessel Name: Scheherazade
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 42'/ 1984
Hailing Port: Chaumont, NY
Crew: Ron and Deb Kurtz
Ron is a retired instrumental music teacher. He has been sailing since he was a young man (1970) on Lake Ontario in Henderson Harbor, NY. His dream has always been to own his own sailboat and anchor it in Henderson Harbor. Well, that dream has come true. [...]
Extra: The S/V Scheherazade's home port is Chaumont Bay in Chaumont, NY. Scheherazade is now on her way south for the 2nd time to the Bahamas for the winter months.
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