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Cruising with HappyCat
Lefkas, Lefkada

After a night at Lakka Paxos we continue South to Lefkada where we will be checking into the marina for 5 months. It was a strange feeling coming to Lefkas, as if we were about to enroll into summer camp. We were happy to see what a great marina this was, and the town has a great feel to it.

Corfu city GR

We took the bus into the city to 'check ' into Greece. Umbrellas in hand we walked the streets getting directions, walking for miles, until finally we found the Port Authority in the ferry treminal.
He turned out to be one of the most unpleasant rude persons we have met! He was irate at us for not having come the day before, even thgough that was a Sunday, and treated us with such disrespect, I seriously thought he was joking. Can he be for real? We chose to sit there and ignore his tantfums, and hope he got all his infinite amounts of paper work done as quick as possible, and of course all his rubber stamping. Police was next, no problem there, than Port police. Lots of men and women in their blue fatigues, and black boots, looking very tough, again cabinets stacked with papers, and rubber stamps. Our papers get photo cpied and stamped, and away we go!
The cool rain could not have felt better!
Unfortunatley this left a bit of a sour taste for Corfu, and we will make sure not to check out of here when we leave Greece!

Corfu GR
Oct/09/2010, Gouvia Marina

A bit of a culture shock has hit us! I feel I am back in a third world country. We feel they do they not have lawn mowers, and strimmers. Everywhere we went the grass was overgrown, the green spaces were covered with weeds. The grafitti was everywhere, the rubbish bins over flowing. Half finished and empty buildings are everywhere.
It was raining too, so this did not add to the joy.

N. Erikusa GREECE

We did not arrive until about 21:00. 36 hours and 180n.m. Already dark. Anchored in a sloppy bay. James was really not comfortable where we were, kept watch through out the night.

Sail down to Greece

Hallelulia!!! We finally caught, and landed a fish! Just as the winds started to pick up, and dusk approached, and we were about to reef in, the reel started spinning! We knew we were on to something at last. We quickly improvised, I gave James a hammer and a sailing glove, (as you can see, we are not quite set up yet) and Mr. Big Eye Tuna was safely on the boat. But we had other matters to attend to, wind was really picking up. We ended up dropping the main all together, and reefed the jib twice. Tuna we tied to the back step, to deal with in the morning.
The sea became very sloppy, compounded by the fact that it was a very very dark. Totally new moon not even stars. All you could feel was the boat being pounded by these waves from the side. Probably just as well that I did not see them! That storm from Montenegro was a lot stronger than we had anticipated!
A long night it was.

Cavtat, via Dubrovnik for fuel
Sunny 22

Cavtat is still one our favorite towns. Checked out at the friendly port police, bought a few provisions and left this beautiful country behind. One thing I will not miss is the food. A serious lack of greens and vegetables in general. Eating out was never worth the €'s spent either.


Great sail tacking our way South and than through the islands to Korkula.


A nice ancient unspoilt town. Well worth it. Sadly though the €80 to tie to the empty quay, no water or power, made us want to leave Croatia.
So the next day we decided to start heading South and out of Croatia
After having spent a good 8 weeks here in the height of the season, and than the abrupt end of the season, we have come to feel how remote and struggled this place is.
Here we are in idyllic settings, with incredible sailing territory, good open spaces, protected from the open Adriatic, always within a short distance of shelter, thus catering for all the weather conditions, with plenty of basic provisions. . Yet there is an element missing. The souls are hardened, and a little rough. There is not a spontaneous smile, you have to smile, and than there is a smile back. The seas turn cold by mid September.

U Stinva (Brac) via SPLIT

We managed to anchor in the large-smelly bay of Split, long enough to enjoy this ancient city. It was built ~300AD within the fortified Roman palace of the Emperor Diocletian. Much of it still stands today. An impressive city.
For the night though, we chose a much quieter, little anchorage to the East in Brac.

U. Sv. Fumija via TROGIR

Anchored at U.Sv Fumija. Tired of having to pay for anchoring! But we did manage to squeeze in ½ day at Trogir, and it was well worth it. Such a lovely ancient town, with beautiful medieval houses, churches and narrow streets, all made with this lovely local Croatian limestone


Stayed at the marina though we see its very easy and possible to anchor. Took tour up to impressive water falls. Impressed above all, by the nicely laid path, of wooden planks amongst the water trees.

Sibenick CR

Another night at the quay of Sali, than a great 6hr. sail to Lavsa in Kornati before entering into the Kanal of Sibenik and later Skradin.
Sibenik was a nice surprise, with some lovely old buildings, dating back to the middle ages, and from the Venetian rule. and stone allies taking you up to the ruins of the old fort. A very impressive cathedral from the 15C. still stands intact.

Brbinj, Dugi Otok, CR
Rain, cold

What a great sail we had today. We had a constant wind of~15-18 knots, and we just tacked our way down towards Brbinj.
We have had some really great sails the last few days. With no time frame, or destiny to be met, we can pick and chose our next move according to the winds and distances we want to travel. I can see how this perhaps is what cruising is really all about!
We expected to see more sail boats in this large protected buoyed area, but we were the only boat. The season was clearly over. Now all that was left to these remote places were the locals, tilling the land, still literally by hand.
All alone, 24th Sept. and yet, still we had to pay for having picked up the mooring! Even in the rain, they come to collect their money...

Ist CR

We continued our journey South. Stopping at Paltano, near Pula, and across to U. Urtaturi. A nice spacious anchorage. We actually took our dinghy over to Mali Losinj. Very worth the visit, an attractive town in a natural harbor.
Than on to Ist, another sleepy safe little anchorage, with only the basics. Interestingly a very flash, graveyard by the shores, with large polished slabs of marble, lying neatly side by side....


About 5 a.m. the anchor alarm went off, and rather than trying to reset, we just took off down to Umag, Croatia, despite the heavy cold rain and sloppy seas from behind. The bay of Umag was brown from all the river flows.
Checked into Croatia. Very easy here.

Trieste IT

Spent a couple of nights in Carole IT. There is a Lagoon agent there, so we reported a few issues and had the engines serviced. Nice sleepy town.
Our sail over to Trieste was treat, straight East across the Adriatic. There was a storm approaching, so when we arrived that night, the small harbor was full. We chose to anchor, rather than go to the marina. That night the rains came, covering the boat with a grey film, all from the horrendous grey stacks from industrial Trieste.

Venice IT

As it turned out, it was a perfect base for us, with a convenient vaporosa taking us across to the main island of Venice. Even provided a service of a free original water taxi for the evening hours!
We explored lots of streets and ally's, markets and eateries, with Marty and Hayly. It was a great week! They conveniently caught a vaporasa straight to the airport, in pouring rain....

Venice IT

Our first night was tied between these huge stakes, surrounded by a couple of super yachts. We rolled around all night as the water traffic speed by us. Next day we took off to marina Certoza

Venice IT

It is hard to believe that we actually sailed into the heart of Venice, literally tying ourselves up on the large wooden piles in front of St Marks Plaza. The water traffic was intense, gorgeous wooden water taxis whisk around everywhere, vaporosas, water buses, barges, delivering all sorts of goods, cruise liners, pleasure boats, water ambulances, everything that is normally on the roads, you will find in these waters. We were very fortunate to have met Guido at the port police, who went out of his way to help us with all the formalities, even drove us to the police station. We kept on wondering when the punch line would come but it never did, and he was genuinely just trying to help us. Being Kiwi also goes a long way, they love us!! He suggested that we go to marina Certoza, even made calls to make sure we got in.

Umag CR

We anchored in the bay of Umag, before exiting the next day. Nice friendly port police. Good place to come and go. Next stop Venice!!
-Marty has his last swim in the Adriatic as we head over to Venice, trawled behind the boat-

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