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Cruising with HappyCat
Loutraki GR

Really enjoying it here. Such a safe little anchorage, surrounded by the hill of Glossa. Took a long walk to the other side, and the church and bay where Mama Mia was filmed. Heather was our guide, she runs organized hikes throughout the island on the ancient stone paths, which she is passionate about, and are slowly being destroyed.
-James descending the steep steps from the church where Mama Mia was filmed on Western side of island-

Loutraki, Skopelos GR

We left Koukounaris thinking we would spend a night at main town Skiathos. The harbor was already busy, and anchoring seamed impossible. And the noise of motor cycles, and chaos, made us quickly change our mind! With no hesitation we crossed over to Skopelos. Just the jib got us there nicely. Anchored in the lovely bay, and immediately fell very much at home here.
Great walk on the old stone path up, up up to the village of Glossa with fabulous views!
-The bay with HC anchored-

Koukounaris Skiathos GR

Big sandy bay, with lots of space to anchor. Not much in terms of provisions. The expected NW wind arrived, and at 3:30 things were getting windier and rougher. That's because we were drifting into the middle of the bay!! The dreaded dragging of anchor. Our iPad alarm had seized up so our 'alarm system' had failed us! Lesson, have a back up! Good thing I got up to check on things!
-Banana Beach over the hill, beginning of the season-

Pefki Evia GR

As we rounded the peninsula the wind picked up, on our nose. But we were in no hurry, and just went for it, taking all the way. 16 tacks for 21 miles as the crow flies. ~7 hrs with 20-25 knots apparent. Fun day! Small safe little harbour, andchored.
- 3 mates fishing the day away on the sandy peninsula-

Loutra Aidhipsou

Nice gentle sail North, flat seas.
Anchored just beyond small port.
Good supermarket in back street.

Khalkis GR

We very gently, with the sails butterflied, made our way up to this concrete city of Vourkari. We had 3 nights here at anchor in the large safe land locked bay, awaiting the small bridge that links Evia to the mainland Greece. We register our request to go through with the port authorities, with the usual pretty young girls, in the their blue fatigues, and just before midnight the bridge opened allowing about 9 yachts and a cargo ship to go through. Sadly, Wolfgang, (who we are very grateful to for having taken our profile picture of the blog, the day before as we sailed up) and his cat. Blue Liner , could not. Their anchor fouled with a massive unused anchor which he was not able to release in time before the bridge closed.
We spent the rest of the night anchored just a couple of n.m. up the West bay of Evea.

Jun/10/2011 | Wolfgang
Hi Marina and James,
nice to see the Foto in your Blog!
We need all about 5 hours(!) with the anchors and chains to come free, so that we could pass the bridge next night.
Regards and good sailing!
Voufalo, Evia, GR

5/5 sail yesterday, magical, flat seas, tight beam reach with 1 reef, and even though we were changing course as we wound our way along the W. shore of Evia, the wind just obliged and followed us too.
Small little bay, very grassy, 3 attempts to anchor till holding.
This morning's walk was one of our best, South along the small windy coastal road, and up a dirt road full of wild flowers, the scent of sage permiating the air, the bee hives along the path, a small snake, a large turtle, and at the top, lonely man tending to his herd of sheep from his cluster of stone shacks.

Kea & Across the straight Marmari

We decided to take advantage of what was supposed to be a Southerly to blow us back up to Kea before continuing N. But, there was nothing, so motored our way back.
But today we had a magical sail across the Doro strait to Marmari. Just a constant B3-4. Considering it is a strait not to be messed around with, we were happy to have had such a great ride.
Marmais, not too sure what its trying to be, but yes, good anchorage, and good supplies, ashore.
-Kea's Northern coastline-

Sunny 27 Water 20!

Rented a car from the small marine shop, lovely lady, and drove to Ermoupolis. Pleasantly surprised by the attractiveness of this large harbor city, of course steeped in history. Being still the capital of the Cyclades, it has an abundant amount of well preserved, restored mansions, with wrought iron balconies. You would hardly feel that you are really on a small island. The rest of the island proved to be just as charming, and quite sleepy. Perhaps though], that is still the effect of early summer

Saili to Syros

O.K. Who has right of way? Submarine or sailboat?
Just off the NW coast of Kea, we finally figured out what was beaming down our stern! A Greek submarine!!
We had a great 7 hr. sail, perfect constant wind, B4.
Arrived at Finnikas, SW Syros. Lovely anchorage, in N bay in front of beach. We were told that the wharf has free water and power!


We decided to walk up to the town of Ioulis, built on the slope of a steep hill, with narrow paved alleys, painted steps, old and new Cycladic houses.
Kea has remarkable history, dating back to 3300 BC. Today you see remains of terracing and stone walls everywhere, and can only imagine the bustling life that used to habitat this island. Txi back, we felt we had done enough walking for the day!
The young chap at the small super market says that it is unseasonably cold this year, 25, norm is 30ish. And yes, the water is only 19 degrees!.

Kea GR
26 Sunny Water 19
May/28/2011, Cyclades at last

A 10 1/2 hr. somewhat frustrating sail/motor to Kea, with a surprising messy swell at the end, got us into Kea. Anchored on North side of bay of Vourkari.
There seams to be a very distinct architecture to what we are seeing. Cubicle, buildings, flat, or one slant. Some painted some rock faced.

May/27/2011, Anchored in Navy Bay

We enjoyed our 3 nights here in Poros. Such a fantastic natural protected area, with so many places to tie to or anchor. The town is quite ancient, and we can imagine gets quite busy in summer. Good provisions to be had.
Nice walks


Enjoying our 2 Km. walk to town. Found a great little taverna, in the back streets, for light snack of local little shrimp. The harbor is busting with the water taxis, fishermen, super yachts and sailboats.
Early morning is the best, to see all the locals gathering there produce, loading the mules, the fishermen selling their catch, and of course the cats, waiting their feed!

May/27/2011 | James
Comments box test. Cats
Idra (Hydra) Mandraki

We had a great sail, flat seas B 3-4 tacking our way up to Hydra. Poked our nose close to the harbor, and though we probably could have gone in, decided not to deal with the palabola, and headed to the next bay of Mandrake, where we anchored in the 30mts. and tied ashore. Tying a shore was quite comical. I had a few dinghy issues, being my first time since back on the boat, forgot reverse from forward, and its 'sensitive' accelerator throttle, had me belting forward when I should be gently reversing, well I decided to give up and let James deal with it. Minor adrenalin rush...!
What a great island. No cars, scooters, or even bicycles!! Just donkeys, horses and mules, and the few service rubbish mini truck.
It is so peaceful
Fell in love with this island.

May/29/2011 | linda falconer
Jealous!!!! thats our favourite island XX
Spetses GR

Absolutely no wind, so motored all the way, and anchored just off the Western jetties. An old, somewhat touristy town, with some grand old houses built in the prosperous era of the 18th-19th cent. A lovely small road winds its way around the shore line of the town.

Mycenae & Theatre of Epidavros
May/19/2011, Rented a car

Ancient Mycenae, began in 1350BC! It is where the core of the first and most important Greek civilizations began. A truly impressive sight, mostly only the foundations remain, with some tunneled tomb shafts.
Epidavros Theater, 340 BC, is one of the most perfect and best preserved theatres, combining elegance with excellent sound quality. It is part of the sanctuary of Asklepius, a healing sanctuary of hospitals and temples, attracting people as far as Rome to seek help and treatments. We were entertained by 'would be' performers, and the sound travelled so clearly, all the way to the top! I tried to get James to sing for me, but alas, I was not granted his voice....


After a night anchored in the quiet Northern bay of Spetses Island, we had a great little sail, flat seas, wind from behind, to Navplion. We tied side on to the large empty commercial pier.
What an impressive, historic, ancient town. With its huge castle on top of the rocky peninsula. A town of thousands of years of history of conquest and rulers, each leaving a print of the cultures that passed through.


Spent 3 nights here. Such a beautiful setting.
Monemvasia is an ancient fortified village of Byzantine origin. It is now very sympathetically being restored. 20% residents and the rest small hotels and small gift shops and restaurants. All of which are really really tastefully done. The task would not be easy either, for all the building material would have to be carted in by barrels! Thay are doing an amazing job.
Good hike up to the upper church perched at the edge of the sheer cliff.
Do not miss this if possible!


We hoped for a bit of a Southerly to push us up the bay, but that never materialized, so motored most the way. I expected the most Southerly points to be harsher, but it was the contrary. Gentle slopes, with a few houses scattered arbitrarily. Perhaps the seas being so calm today had something to do with it!
The Eastern coast is very beautiful and rugged. Uninhabited but for a few villages clinging to the sides of the steep mountains.
And than in the distance the clump of rock where the town of Monevasia becomes evident.
Anchored in the Southern Bay.

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