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Cruising with HappyCat
Ormos Varis, East of Athens

Lagoon had requested we bring HC to a service agent to change over a tube in the fuel tank. Alimos Marina took care of this, and within a few hours we were free to go. Since Daniel, James's son was arriving in a few days we headed here. Interesting to see the Eastern coastline of Athens.
Big sandy bay, with lots of very flash beach umbrellas.
-A pistachio tree-


Came back to Poros, a place we know and like, with plenty of good anchorage options, or plenty of wharf space, if you prefer.
Delicious meal at Karavolos taverna, back alley behind cinema.


Anchored in front of beach, great setting. Enjoyed walking around craft and food stalls selling local goods.
Met Penny and John from NZ. Coincidentally, Penny's mum, Jeanne bought one of James's apartments in Havelock North! Small world...
-Rumpus at sunrise-

Neas Epidhavros,
32 degrees, Water 24

Anchored off beach. Amazing new little harbor very well set up with flash steel rings, and rubber wharf protectors. Beach side town, at end of valley of orange grove. Walked up to ruins of Byzantine castle on top of hill, through what seamed to be peoples patio's towards the top! Great views.

Aigina, GR

Buoy weather proved to be the most accurate in terms of sea and wind! Once again another pounding of 1-2mt. seas and sporadic gusting between 15-35 kts! James learnt a huge amount about sailing HC, these last 3 sails, constantly trimming the sails, and me constantly squealing from fright sitting in the back!
Aigina, is lovely sea side town, with an old world charm about it. Lots of beautiful, although declining sadly relics from the past. Good tavernas, on water front, near church. Grilled sardines, now in season. They grow pistachios of this island too, really good.
Best supermarket I have come across in Greece, on Southern side of town, just starting on the road to Marina. 300mts walk

Ormos Kavia, Kia

Could not believe how, once again the sea was so rough and sloppy! 1.5-2 mts. at 4 sec. and all over the place, at least from behind. Winds force 6-7. Kavia is a sheltered bay from sea, not so much from wind. Drop anchor near Northern swimming markers, where there is plenty of sand, good holding. No provisions ashore

Karistos, Evia

We knew it was still blowing beyond our sheltered bay, but we had to get beyond the South of Evia, for this mistral was to last all week. So out we went, and the seas we more on our beam this time. Big sloppy stuff considering the wind average of 17-35. Rounding the point was the softest, and unusually beyond that was the worst. Arrived 8 housrs later at big South facing bay, with a small port city. Lovely rolling hills, with scattered homes. Great anchorage just below hotel Apollis. Went ashore, found authentic taverna in alley called Cavo D'Oro.
Very gusty night and morning. Up to 35knots. Decided to keep going South.
-Gust within the hour-

Petries, Evia

Our move South and West begins. Slow start as forecasted, but then, it all happened. From Gennekar and full main, we went down to 2 reefs in main and jib, with seas 1.5 mts, building from behind. Max. 35 kts. SOG 12.5. 10 hours later we pull into the very calm protected bay of Petries. Great little sandy beach, and fishing harbor, good for families. Friendly local on a canoe steered us to a good holding spot, when he saw we were not getting hooked, and welcomed us. No tourist, just locals. Nice looking tavernas right on the beach. Basic provisions

Ormos Stafilo, Skopelos

This is a lovely bay at Southern end of Skopelos. Clear waters, surrounded by pines gripping to the rock face, and a little sandy beach. Quiet good anchorage

Loutraki, Skopelos

Sadly absolutely no winds. The sea is like glass. Motored back here so Christine could catch a ferry to Skiathos tomorrow. So sad to see her go...
-Best place to see the sunset!-

Aug/07/2011 | trevor joll
Happy Birthday jim for the 9th August and hope this finds you both well. Mum and dad seem very happy about having a visit with you later on and hope that will work out. We keep well. Will try and skype you soon. Love Trevor
Steni Vela, Alonnisos GR

Finally got our anchor to hold at the beach North of Steni Vela cove. Still night so was comfortable doing so. Pleasant and picturesque surroundings. Nice walks E. and W. of town, along quiet road. Good little supermarket and tavernas.

Ormos Tzorti, Alonnisos GR

After a very nice gentle flat sail around N. Peristeri, we settled to anchor here. Very nice inlet bay with beach and what appeared to be a taverna at end.
-Near Steni Vali-

Patiriti, Alonnisos

We squeezed onto the town quey. 14 Euros. The most we have ever paid, in Greece! Very good supermarket down on the South West corner. Veggies and a great bread shop up the East road, which also takes you up to the old town. We bused it up for dinner, with great views North and South.
Next day we discovered an ancient stone path. Start by walking up the West road up from the town quay, and you will see a blue sign on left hand side of road. Worth the walk.
-Old town of Patiriti-

Ormos Milia, Alonnisos

Great anchorage, all to ourselves. Went ashore with our Cobb BBQ and cooked a butterflied leg of lamb. Round white pebbly beach. Beautiful clear warm water.
-James and sister, Christine-

Skopelos Town

Lovely gentle sail down the East coast and anchored for lunch at a lovely bay called Ormos Stafilos. Could have happily stayed the night, only a slight Southerly wind was due overnight, so we headed up to Skopelos. Found a mooring on the old town quey. It's a lovely old town. Found a great shop of quality goods of all sorts for us ladies. Nice dinner at the first and oldest tavernas
-Stuffing zuchinni flowers with rice-

Loutraki Skopelos

We decided to ferry from Glossa to Skiathos to pick up Christina, (leaving HC anchored in the bay of Loutraki), who was out visiting by herself for a well deserved holiday. Had a fun walk up to Glossa, and a delicious meal at 'Nikki's', LAST taverna N. on the water front, yellow chairs.

Plantis Kira

Started with a good sail, but ended up motoring the last hours, with strangely sloppy waves on our nose. Plantis is totally uninhabited and this large inland lagoon, had just a few yachts and local fishermen, taking shelter from some strong winds due that night. Great spot, if you want isolation!

Ayios Evstratios,

Good start but finished motoring, and 9 hours later, arrived at this tinniest of islands. Barely visible on the charts.
Had an amazing experience, one of genuine Greek hospitality. In the taverna that night met a friendly local, who wished to visit our boat the next day. He arrives with his partner, a bag full of apricots, tomatoes, cucumber, and a bouquet of the most fragrant roses, all from his organic garden. They we welcoming us to their island!
As much as we insisted, they do not come on board, but invited us to their home for coffee, in a few hours.
We set out to find the 'white house with the blue door,' and are about to give up when he finds us, and drives us to his lovely home. He grew everything you could ever want, even peanuts! He introduced us to his 3 goats and chickens, digs me up some potatoes, and takes us upstairs to join Roxanna. Roxanna is his new partner, with a bucket full of knowledge of growing and preserving food. Even chickens are preserved and jarred!
Ouzo my friend, it is too late for coffee! Now it is time for ouzo. Oh dear, we were heading out in over an hour. OK, just one thank you. We could not deny his offer.
I hear Roxanna whisking away in the kitchen.
And yes, a beautiful home grown garden salad comes to the table, along with zucchini fritters, and jarred chicken. Her gracious nature is overwhelming, I could not help but admire how deftness in the kitchen.
A little more ouzo, and then Roxanna produces yet another dish: Rice & mince stuffed little squash with b├ęchamel sauce and poached eggs. And this was supposed to be a morning coffee!!
The music comes on and as we say our farewells, Stefan grabs James by the hand and together they begin a traditional Greek male dance, whilst Roxanna claps away!!! Truly amazing! A day never to be forgotten. Sadly my camera battery ran out at the beginning.
Managed to get away with just one incident, a fender slips through my hands!
-Stefan and Roxanna's delicious salad-

Molivos Lesvos GR

We ended up staying 4 nights here. James decided to ferry to Turkey to renew his visa, which was easily done. Molivos and it's surroundings has so much to offer. The nearby coastal towns, the mountain villages, walks, great tavernas in the old port, We found a really traditional ouzerie on the cobbled road up to the village, with views across the whole bay. Ouzo and mezza, the best. Using the ingredients from the women's co-operatives. We talked to an English couple, who had been coming to Molivos for the last 20 years. They claim it has really not changed that much, which is great to hear.
Avoid the w.e., for yes, there is a disco bar, that carries through to the morning hours!

Jul/04/2011 | Jane Poulston
Hi Sounds like you are coming our way. We will look out for you. Where are you wintering? Great info on where you have been, Lesvos is on our list for August, have just updated our blog.
Molivos Lesvos GR
Jun/22/2011, Visit if you Can!

No wind, so motored along this beautiful coast line. What a treat Molivos is turning out to be! One of the cleanest 'tourist towns', topped with a Medieval Castle. The cobbled stoned streets flanked with little shops and covered with the most amazing tunnel of wisteria, is not to be missed.
Great bakery at top of tunnel, with wonderful wholemeal sesame bread. They know their German market!
The old harbour is surrounded by very nice little tavernas. We ate at Captains Table and the Octopus restaurant, had a great meal.

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