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18 October 2011 | Quartermaster Harbor
21 September 2010 | Seattle- Ballard Library
15 September 2010
13 September 2010 | San Juan Islands
06 September 2010
31 August 2010 | Seattle Marina
26 July 2010 | Shilshole Bay Marine
21 July 2010 | Everett to Seattle

Time to really start planning, saving, spending, and fixing

06 October 2010
School has started, work has been busy, and life has been good. The past couple of weeks has been fairly tight. Last weekend my parents came up from Tacoma to help me out with some things. They brought up the dogs, it was good to see those guys. While my dad and I worked on getting the shore power hooked up, my mom got the topside of the boat looking sparkly and fresh. After this weekend of work, I have really gotten to thinking about what I want to do the next couple of years. Ideally, I think my goal right is to have paid my parents off, have the boat fixed up, with 20k in the bank by January 2012, with a February send-off. I think I can do it, and if it is something I truly want, it will happen.

This week during my couple hours a day between school and work I am going to hook up the Force 10 CozyHeater that I bought at the swap meet. I am going to give myself a little project every week and hopefully I can accomplish it all over time.
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