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On the Outbound Track
Moved Aboard
08/31/2010, Seattle Marina

Well.... I have had the boat for a little over a month now. Starting to ease myself into life aboard. I moved into the boat on the 4th of August. So far so good. I have not had any major issues. Today was the first time it has rained since I moved on. Just two leaks to be fixed. The forward hatch is not sealed properly, and the starboard hand-rail on the dog house has a leaking screw. Thankfully most everything else seems to be holding up.

I still have much to do to the vessel. In the past month, with the wonderful help of my mom and dad, we have painted the whole interior, it is looking pretty fly. That is actually all that we have done as far as improvements go. I am lacking money right now, so the changes I am able to make are certainly minimal. In the next months time, I hope to have the running lights wired, a stern light, the sink working, and shore power hooked up.

I have been extremely busy with all the Melges 24 sailing and the training for the Invitational Cup in Rhode Island, the summer grind is almost over!!!

07/26/2010, Shilshole Bay Marine

Oh my. I did not realize how much time it takes to get a boat into ship shape. Yesterday my Grandmother and Mom came up to help me get the boat cleaned up. Literally took 9 hours for the three of us to do a scrub of the inside. I had already washed the deck, and that took 3 hours last Wednesday. After spending that much time washing the interior, she is beginning to look inhabitable. Next weekend my dad is coming up here and we are going to sand the whole inside of her one day, and the next day we will be painting the whole inside.

After that I can finally start to fix her up and do what I want with it. I bought a VHF Radio online Saturday, it should be here soon. The money spent will soon start to pile up sky-high, uh oh.

Got the Boat
07/21/2010, Everett to Seattle

Well, I have to say, I am very surprised that I found a boat this quickly. I began looking at boats back in the spring time, but did not anticipate I would actually be able to purchase one this quickly. I ended up very lucky in the end. I found a great boat that I can really turn into my own. In the way of gear, not much came with it, so I basically get to do whatever I want to it.

I am extremely excited to begin this project. It will be a lot of fun to see all my hard work pay off and watch this POS transform into something that I can be proud to cruise around in. I do not know that much about boat maintenance, but luckily I am blessed to be surrounded by people in the sailing community that have all been there and done that. I will be asking lots of questions for sure. As for the name of the boat, currently her name is Phoebe, but I don't really dig it. I think tentatively I will be renaming her Outbound. The name somewhat describes my plans with the boat. I just want to get out there and stay out there. I can't wait to see where this all takes me.

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