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On the Outbound Track
Time to really start planning, saving, spending, and fixing

School has started, work has been busy, and life has been good. The past couple of weeks has been fairly tight. Last weekend my parents came up from Tacoma to help me out with some things. They brought up the dogs, it was good to see those guys. While my dad and I worked on getting the shore power hooked up, my mom got the topside of the boat looking sparkly and fresh. After this weekend of work, I have really gotten to thinking about what I want to do the next couple of years. Ideally, I think my goal right is to have paid my parents off, have the boat fixed up, with 20k in the bank by January 2012, with a February send-off. I think I can do it, and if it is something I truly want, it will happen.

This week during my couple hours a day between school and work I am going to hook up the Force 10 CozyHeater that I bought at the swap meet. I am going to give myself a little project every week and hopefully I can accomplish it all over time.

Back in the Swing of Things
09/21/2010, Seattle- Ballard Library

I am back in Seattle after a couple of weeks away from this great city. The summer is over for me, but it was a great one. This past summer held many new surprises, almost too many to list. A great regatta in Canada, a great regatta at the Gorge, traveling down to San Fran to race in the Berkeley Circle. I worked at a new job this summer and made some great friends in the process. Topped of with a trip to the USA's version of the "City of Sails", Newport, Rhode Island. I bought a sailboat and took it on a trip to the San Juan's. All good things must eventually come to an end. I started work this week at Papa Johns again, and it is time to get ready for the school year, hoping for it to be a successful one.

Henry Island

I am sitting at the Seattle Yacht Club outstation right now. Just took a shower at the facilities here on Henry Island. Yesterday we went to Friday Harbor, filled up the gas cans and headed on to Jones Island. We ran in to Derek Bottles on Jammer. That was the boat that the team and I used to practice for the regatta in Newport. Dad and I got in to the bay there at around 530 pm and dropped the hook. We ate like kings! Shiskabobs and cheeseburgers to go along with hour cocktail hour drinks. After dinner we rowed in to shore with the dinghy, oh boy that was a journey. I was in awe, like usual, of how tame the deer are on the island as I got within reach of a 3-point buck!!!

On our way through the straits yesterday, foggy as can be, we ran across a pot out there. That seemed a bit odd, season is closed, and it was over 300 feet deep. We motored over to the buoy and found the line to be completely green from sitting in the water for so long. Picked up the line to find a nice crab pot at the end of the line, what a find!! Good thing the previous owner decided to put two buoys on it instead one, rather than sinking to the bottom with the tide, it got swept out from wherever it was previously.

Anyways, headed out kayaking around the Island here. Lovin' the vacation.

First Cruise
09/13/2010, San Juan Islands

I am leaving later today for the San Juan Islands with my dad. It will be the first cruise on the boat. I am extremely excited. I will be back in a week and a half or so. Hopefully this will be just the beginning of many fun times spent on the boat. Pictures to come.

Newport, RI

Well, I made it here. I am in Rhode Island for the US Invitational Cup Qualification Series. Newport quite possibly can be described as the one place in the states that I have yet to race at, which I want to race at. I have found that in my life, fulfilling your dreams take many small steps. Coming here to race in this event kind of feels like a step for me. There is so much history in this place. There is not much to do over here right now. The weigh-in is tomorrow, and then a practice session. Racing starts on Wednesday!

Even though this trip I plan to take won't start for at least another two years from now. It just excites me more then anything ever has. It seems as though every waking second I have that I am not busy doing something I spend researching boat designs, or trips that other people have taken. Working out budgets, figuring out how much water I will need to bring. The small stuff all adds up to help me complete my end goal of sailing my boat around the world. She doesn't even have a name yet!!!

To this point I have spent $293.87 or something close to that anyhow. I have replaced the bilge hose, the faucet rocker-pump, the hose leading from the sink to the thru-hole. I have painted the interior of the boat white, purchased a VHF Radio, and fixed the step leading into the boat. My Cal 29 still needs a ton of work done to be ready to even think about sailing her in a nasty sea. I am going to try to re-do all of the wiring in the next month or so.

I can't wait to get back to Washington, though this here in Rhode Island certainly can be labeled an adventure. Taking my boat cruising for the first time will be an experience that will hopefully be incredible.

Moved Aboard
08/31/2010, Seattle Marina

Well.... I have had the boat for a little over a month now. Starting to ease myself into life aboard. I moved into the boat on the 4th of August. So far so good. I have not had any major issues. Today was the first time it has rained since I moved on. Just two leaks to be fixed. The forward hatch is not sealed properly, and the starboard hand-rail on the dog house has a leaking screw. Thankfully most everything else seems to be holding up.

I still have much to do to the vessel. In the past month, with the wonderful help of my mom and dad, we have painted the whole interior, it is looking pretty fly. That is actually all that we have done as far as improvements go. I am lacking money right now, so the changes I am able to make are certainly minimal. In the next months time, I hope to have the running lights wired, a stern light, the sink working, and shore power hooked up.

I have been extremely busy with all the Melges 24 sailing and the training for the Invitational Cup in Rhode Island, the summer grind is almost over!!!

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