Tim and Cath's most excellent adventure

Evening - day 16

06 December 2012
Had been becalmed for a day, but little breeze picked up an hour ago and now making 4 knots with full main and genoa. We've lost maybe half a day motoring very, very slowly in the calm, conserving fuel. But fresher winds are forecast for the weekend and next week, so still hoping to make it up. Now thinking some time Wednesday.

Hard work stopping cabin fever breaking out amongst the crew. The wind has come back just in time!

About 800 miles left to go, so starting to feel like we're on the final leg. 2000 miles since the Canaries, 3750 since Portsmouth - 800 miles is a walk to the shops!

PS Al: invitations for vin chaud went out weeks ago. Rendezvous at 14 46.1N;51 06.9W. Everyone else has confirmed already. Turns out mahi mahi tastes like turkey.
Vessel Name: Helena May
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We completed an Atlantic circuit in our yacht "Ragamuffin of Gosport", a Nicholson 31, in 1987/8. Since then, we have sailed together with our children along both sides of the Channel coast. We bought our current boat, "Helena May", a Bavaria 38, in 2003. We have spent the last couple of years [...]
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