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S/V Hello Texas
Pipe Creek Yacht Club Remodeled
04/01/2011, Pipe Creek

We returned to one of our favorite spots, Pipe Creek. We quickly noticed that the Yacht Club had been remodeled since we had last visited. And, from the looks of things it is being continuously remodeled by each cruising boat that visits. We added our own little touch with "Hello Texas" engraved into some drift wood hanging near the front door.

I managed to catch a cold. I probably got it at Casino night, cuz there were lots of US tourists there. Someone probably brought it with them.

We tried to do some fishing for Lobster and Trigger fish. No lobster located. But, I took 5 shots at 4 different trigger fish and missed every one them. It is probably best to not snorkel with a cold.

04/01/2011, Sampsons Key

Jet Skis are not as common as some people might think in the Bahamas. I've never seen a Bahamian ride one, but I've seen some of the junkers left on the islands, so I suspect that a hand full of Bahamians have tried. The Jet Skis are generally limited to use by resort patrons.

This couple took their Jet Ski for a ride until it rolled over. After watching for a several minutes, it became clear that they were unable to right it. So, I went out to lend a hand. Once righted it started right up. This jet ski got a thorough salt water bath, which probably means that it will be non-functional within the next few months once the corrosion sets in.

If any of you think that Stainless Steel means rust/corrosion free, just take your boat on a salt water cruise for 6 months and don't stop at marinas for a weekly fresh water wash down (at $0.40 per gallon).

04/01/2011, Sampsons Key

We caught our limit of conch. If you look closely, you can see that the conch critters are still in their shells. I catch them. They run away at a snail's pace. Nicki cleans and cooks them.

These were found in only 12 to 15 ft of water, so they are a little smaller. Although all of them are adults. You can tell by the flare on the shell.

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