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S/V Hello Texas
12/02/2012, Key Largo

If you wander through the canals in Key Largo you will find this Dolphin center. We watched from the dingy as the handlers fed and trained the dolphins.

We're going to be here in Key Largo for a few more days waiting on weather to make a crossing to the Bahamas. We may try crossing on Wednesday against a slight headwind. But, if we get out there and don't like it, we'll turn North and go to Miami to wait on better weather.

Cruisers' Connections
11/29/2012, Key Largo, FL

Look who came to visit us on the boat! It's little Kaiya! She is a sailorett in the the making. She dingied out with her Mom and Dad last evening. Won't be long till she is not only breaking hearts, but captain of her own ship. Long ago we met Kaiya's Mom, Michaellynn. We stopped in Key Largo a couple of years ago and also met Kaiya's Dad, Sid.

Keep up and connect the dots here...
After meeting Micha and Sid we met their good friends Sharon and Jim over in the Bahamas and buddied up with them in the Coconut Harvest game in Georgetown (a previous blog). Sharon and Jim also know our friends Dave and Trish, who we met and spent lots of time with on our last cruise. As Dave and Trish live on Cat Island and we are planning to stop there, they've ask us to pick up a few things for them. So we are picking up packages from a guy name Mark here in Key Largo, who Sharon and Jim know and helped us with their fast dinghy to get over to Marks to pick up a second package from Mark. We already drove up from Marathon with Bruce to pick up the first package.

So you can see how cruisers eventually all get to know each other and how it is beneficial. We all help one another in various ways, with car rides, pick ups, deliveries, mailing addresses, obtaining parts and general errands. It's a wonderful world with wonderful people.

Kaiya appears to be serenading us with a Joyful noice for the holiday season...but we really know the truth. She is a real cutie-patootie.

Empty Nesters
11/26/2012, Boot Key, Marathon FL

Our Bruce left us today and the house is quiet and feels empty. It felt like we were packing our son off to college.
Seriously, it has been our great pleasure to have had Bruce travel with us from Galveston. He has been helpful in so many ways we have lost track. Increasing our sleep time on the crossing by have a third crew member was such a luxury. Richard really benefited from his mechanical knowledge (versus mine) when he wanted to talk engines and batteries. And lord knows men on boats want to talk batteries!!! Since being here in Boot Key, he has dinghied with me to shore several times and patiently put up with my shopping needs. He even did the dishes a time or two and oh yeah, he makes the best french toast!
We'll be happy to have him aboard again anytime.

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