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S/V Hello Texas
02/20/2013, Georgetown

Bruce has again joined us and we talked him into playing on the cruiser softball team. He fit right in. He is one of the few hitters that we have that can put the ball over the fence.

We play the local Bahamian team on March 3rd. Last year the cruiser team did very well and came in second place. And the Bahamian team didn't do so well, they only came in next to last. Yes, there are only two teams playing in the tournament. So, figure that one out.

The umpire, a cruiser, will make sure that the game stays interesting with uniquely Bahamian rule changes during play, but there is little doubt of who will dominate this tournament again this year.

Our blog has not been updated much lately. I have been playing a lot of Volleyball and Nicki has been tearing up the poker tables. Each time we cruise we choose to do something a little different... some years we have specific places that we want to visit. Another year we tried to master hook fishing and spear fishing. And, sometimes we just socialize a lot. But, this season, I wanted to enhance my volleyball skills. So, my apology readers, there isn't as much to write about on this trip. We've just been hanging out and enjoying the whole Georgetown experience. It is a nice place to visit for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years.

Rake and Scrape
02/20/2013, Georgetown Bahamas

We went to Eddie's Edgewater for Rake and Scrape music. Rake and Scrape is native Bahamian style music. It involves using a rusty saw and stick, drums, a bucket and string base and electric guitars. You better have your dancing shoes in if you want to keep up with the music.

Cruising Crafts
01/24/2013, Georgetown

My Grandmother used to say "idle hands are the devils workshop". She had me doing various crafts as a child "to keep me out of trouble". I am not a die hard crafter with boxes of craft supplies taking over the house, but I do like to take on a project now and then. Doing some sort of craft on the boat while cruising is very common, especially among the female cruisers. Each year I have taken on something new. Basket weaving is big among the ladies. Our first year of cruising I tried it. I managed to complete one small basket with a lid. I gave it to my daughter and told her to feel lucky because it was going to be the only one! Our second year, I enjoyed making shell jewelry with the many shells I collected while beach combing. Then it was the sea bean jewelry (my favorite), practically everyone I know got a polished sea bean necklace. Last season was the year of the conch! I learned to clean, cook, and then make conch horns from the beautiful shells. I love my conch horn, just call me Gabrielle. This year I've pick up knotting. I had Sharon from S/V Imagine help me get started with a Turks Head bracelet. Then from her knot books I taught myself the Ocean Plat. It took me several hours and several attempts, but I finally got a small trivet mat and a placemat completed. I need a lot more practice to perfect it in a larger size; say for a rug. I need to get it tighter. I've also figured out the French Hitch that is used to cover the steering wheel, which will be finished with Turks Head knots.

In between reading books, playing volleyball, playing Texas hold'em, and hiking the island trails I'm tying knots.

I guess this season you could say I'm a knotty girl!

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