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New Plans

29 December 2015
Well, things have changed yet again. When Chris and I were home in August we bought a trailer. It is 60 ft. long and twelve wide with an add-a-room of about 12x20 ft. We put in a hurricane mooring in Grenada and will spend six months each in Canada and Grenada. We will come to Canada in April and return to Grenada in October. We are sooo looking forward to spending time with our families and friends, doing some gardening and golfing.
Chris bought a new computer when we were home and when we got back to Grenada he made the mistake of downloading windows 10. Totally messed up his computer and so we took it in to have windows 10 removed. Lost all the pics that were on it which means we do not have any pictures of the trailer or I would post them.
I am glad our sailing days are over, we are not travelling up and down the islands any more. The last trip we made beat us and the boat up pretty bad. Kinda took the wind out of our sails (he he he).
We will try and sell higheeled and buy a boat that can accommodate guests. Don’t know yet when that will happen but it is in the near future hopefully.
That’s all for now.
Chris & Jackie
Sailors at Large.

24 March 2015 | Grenda
Chris’ new toy!
I believe I mentioned in the last blog that Chris was having a hard dinghy made. Well it is done and I am posting pics in the photo gallery.
Chris and I are flying home on Aug 10th and will stay until Sept. 7th. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
In November we will start another new adventure, we are going to the western Caribbean. Other than that there isn’t anything new with us right now.
Health and Happiness to you all,
Jackie & Chris
Sailors at Large.

Plans Change

10 February 2015 | Grenada
Well, as always, plans have changed again. We are not heading west this spring, we are going to wait for another year. We will be sitting tight in Grenada, continuing to make repairs. We are also having a hard dinghy made by a fellow cruiser who is experienced in building boats. It should be ready in a couple of weeks. I’ll post a picture when it is done.
Chris and I are coming home in August, for a month. Chris’ family is setting up a family reunion for when we are home. Should be lots of fun, many of the family members have not met his kids or granddaughters because everyone is spread out.
I got over the “chicken” thing after 3 months of pain and suffering, since then I have gotten a fungus on the bottom of my right foot, am having ongoing problems with my right ear. First the ear was plugged with wax and once that got cleared up I got a boil in my ear. Got that cleared up, for a week, and got another one. Hell, I turned 59 last September and started falling apart. Chris may be thinking of trading me in! OH! He says not yet.
That’s about all for now. See you in August.

Chris & Jackie
Sailors at Large
Vessel Name: Higheeled
Vessel Make/Model: C&C Custom Pilothouse
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Crew: Chris Wenmann & Jackie Wenmann
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