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Art / Hot, Humid, Hot, Humid
06/07/2010, Thunderbolt, GA

We've made it to Thunderbolt, thus delivering Scott and Las Sirenas safely to the Savannah area all safe and sound.

Thunderbolt is sort of a strange little place. Not much in the way of a waterfront. There is one good marine store, one restaurant "Tubby's" (with very good fresh locally caught fish).

Its painfully hot and humid...98 and humid.

07/19/2010 | Amy Hoag
That little bird did not want to leave. He hung out with us for a while
Wicked little storm
Art / Wicked then Nice ....
06/06/2010, St. Catherine's Island, GA

We pulled in to the NW side of St. Catherines Island after a lovely day on the ICW coming up from Cumberland Island.

Right when we dropped anchor we got hit by a nasty little thunderstorm.
37kts of wind. We dragged anchor and were heading straight toward Las Sirenas. Lots of fun pulling up anchor in the middle of this little tempest.
I could hardly see, and it felt like I was standing in front of a pressure washer.

The whole thing lasted about 25 minutes.

Oh, and it was our anniversary too :). Lovely dinner on board. Scott from Las Sirenas joined us.

St. Simon's
06/05/2010, St. Simon's Island, GA

Just a quick stop for the night.
We got in late and left fairly early.

Cumberland Island
06/04/2010, 'N: 'W, Georgia

Georgia is Hotter than Florida. Beautiful island though. Amazing twisted oak forests. Scott is all alone now as the crew of Las Sirenas is back in So. Ca.

06/19/2010 | Auntie E.
That island is so small you can't even see it on a close up of the map!
06/21/2010 | AH
Yes, and note that it is at 0N and 0W.
Which is clearly way off :) I have a bunch of updating/fixing to do...
07/19/2010 | Amy Hoag
I wish we had more time to explore the island. This is one place that I would like to return. The beach was nice with lots of shells and there were many trails to explore. We were even able to get a free freshwater shower after the beach.
06/03/2010, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Fl

Fernandina Beach is a really nice town. Lots of great restaurants in a very pretty town. Shame it flanked by paper mills though... But it is still too damn hot. This will be a theme as long as we are in the south. Spotted the boat "Remedy" in the mooring field. I wonder if that is the NZ boat that is friends with Clementine...shame they didn't seem to be around to ask...

St. Augustine
06/01/2010, St. Augustine, FL

We made it back to the U.S. 32 hours from Lucaya. Pretty good trip. It got pretty rolly with a nice swell from the east mixing with a wind chop from the south as we started to move north of the Bahama banks north of West End. We manage over 12 knots for many hours as the Gulf Stream barreled us northward. We stayed in site of Las Sirenas for the whole trip. It was a bit rough on them as the roll in the confused seas was nasty -- especially in a monohull. One pretty good thunderstorm hit us, but we dropped sails as we saw it coming. Winds topped out at about 27kts so it wasn't bad. We watched a lot of thunderstorms on radar, but were fortunate.

We are already missing the berries, and our friends that we left there, terribly.

The Welcoming Committee
Lovely Day
05/31/2010, In the Gulf Stream

Nothing quite like a welcoming committee to make you feel welcome.

These guys and about 6 others that aren't in the pic, stayed and swam along with us and played around the boat for about 20 minutes as we barreled north from Lucaya to St. Augustine in the Gulf Stream.

05/29/2010, Lucaya, Grand Bahama

Yet another step towards the U.S.
Lucaya is a lot like a cool spot in Florida.
Nice town square with live music and surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars. It would be a nice place to have a condo--if you were into condos.
Just a short stop for us. We got in late saturday afternoon after sailing from Great Harbor Cay in the Berries. We had dinner out at a greek place with Scott, Haley and Ilana from Las Sirenas. Tomorrow morning (Sunday the 30th) we head out for St. Augustine on a long overnight.
I'm very sad to be returning to the states.

the Kids in the Berry's
05/27/2010, Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands

All the Kids
Colby (Asolare)
Rivers and Stephen (Morning Glory)
Haley and Ilana (Las Sirenas)
And Porter (Southern Star)

The Berry Islands
05/27/2010, 25 44.664'N:77 50.413'W, Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas

Its been about a week since we've had internet access. And haven't had much access in a few weeks. We worked our way up through the Exumas--Amazinglingly gorgeous and remote. Then we jumped to Nassau, and stayed at Atlantis for a couple days of waterslides. We left when the sucking sound from my wallet got too loud. Then we jumped to the Berrys where we have been for the last week. Amazing snorkeling, and spearfishing. We've speared countless grouper, snappers, and jacks. Dinner has been amazing :). We are still travelling with Las Sirenas, Asolare, and Southern Star--and having a blast. Right now I am in an airport bar on Great Harbour Cay, which bar is about 70 yards from the beach. Best airport bar ever! I will be posting pictures and blurbs for the last couple weeks in a few days when we get better internet access.

06/02/2010 | Juli CT ("Lucky Escape")
Enjoyed reading your blog. We are actually heading towards the Bahamas is the weather treating you up there (over the past few days) ? We are now in the T&C and have been innundated with thunder/lightning storms.

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