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Space Center
11/13/2011, Titusville, FL

Nice day at the Kennedy Space Center yesterday.
To those of you who are conspiracy theorists, and think that the moon landing was faked: you are idiots.

It was very moving to stand on the place where Gus Grissom died. And to see what was achieved with technology that was crude by todays standards. But the physics are the same--and the minds of those days gave us the foundation for so much that is taken for granted today.

11/11/2011, Daytona, FL

Probably a nice place if one were to ever get off the boat.....

Movin Again
11/10/2011, St. Augustine, FL

Just a quick night in St. Augustine.

11/08/2011, Ortega, FL

We are taking a short break from the march south to visit our friends from Australia on the s/v Clementine. Kylie, Stuart, and Sami (7) have been out cruisng the world for 11 years now! It was great to see you guys!!

Art / Still Windy
11/07/2011, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, FL

Still windy. Fortunately it has been from the N to NE so it has made our trip down the ICW much faster. We've covered a lot of ground. Today we decided we needed a rest. The town at Fernandina is very nice. Great mexican food--or at least it seemed nice since we didn't have to cook or clean up! A Margarita helps too ha ha.

Starting to see a lot of shrimp boats.

More Marshes
11/06/2011, South Altamaha River

More Marshes! The wind has died down some, but it is still blowing about 20 where we are. Off the coast it is still nasty. Another nice ride down the ICW with lots of wild life. Nice shot of a Bald Eagle today.

Still Windy
11/05/2011, St. Augustine Creek

We are very glad we didn't continue offshore. The wind has been howling, and the buoy reports show some massive seas. We have been anchoring in some fairly unpleasant weather, and in narrow spots, but the holding has been good. We are starting to get some distance south, but it is still cold!! Lows around 40, highs around 50, and windy. Interesting night tonight.
Again we are in coastal marshes. But this happens to be a creek that the Savannah casino boat "Diamond Royale" travels. So about 7:30 pm we start hearing this funny music. It was kind of a mix of rock and disco. So we looked out to see this huge mini cruise ship coming down the channel. Not much room for the two of us. We spoke to him on the radio and he said he would be able to squeeze through with no trouble, but that at 12:30 am, on his return he wouldn't be able to make it. So we stayed up, and moved out of the way. Very funny boat, With the music pumping it seemed a bit like a cartoon boat bopping down to waterway in time to the live music playing. I want to ride!! Quiet night other than that--but still windy.

Back in the ICW
11/04/2011, Charleston, SC

Its a good thing we got off of the ocean yesterday.
Winds got to the 30's last night, and are strong today as well as we move south to Charleston. Its cold so we don't feel like spending time in Charleston. We just want to get to the warm weather. We are anchored about 15 miles south of Charleston, again in a creek in the coastal marshlands. Fun night. We woke up to an airhorn at 3:45 am. There was a small trawler anchored about a quarter mile from us last night, and he dragged his anchor. He couldn't start his motor, and didn't want to wake us by bashing into our boat. So we were up from about 3:45 to about 5:30 watching him, and picking up our anchor to move to a spot out of his drift line. Winds were too strong for us to be able to help him in this narrow creek. Fortunately his anchor finally dug in and he was fine.

Ducking Out
11/03/2011, Winyah Bay, SC

We had a very nice overnight sail from Beaufort. Nice winds from the right direction. But It looks like the weather is going to get bad -- Strong Gale to Storm Force winds off of the carolinas beginning tonight sometime and getting worse through the weekend. So we cut our sail to Charleston short, and pulled into Winyah Bay. Shaved off about 6 or 7 hours. The picture is of our anchorage which is in a very small creek, just off of the ICW, just south of Winyah Bay, SC.

09/28/2011, 39 30.46'N:75 54.625'W, En Route to the Chesapeake

We are enjoying a lovely ride. Sailed down the Jersey coast last night. 14kt winds on the port beam. A small swell on the bow to make it a little bumpy, but not too bad. Now we are just getting through the C&D canal. And its getting hot! We are all back in shorts again. Nice!!

This pic above is from the night before last when we headed into the east river from Long Island sound at the start of this trip.

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