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12/28/2011, 23 52.392'N:76 14.594'W, Rudder Cut Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

We are a bit further down the Exumas now, and are presently anchored off of Rudder Cut Cay. I believe this is David Copperfield's private Island. Rivers caught an Octopus a couple of hours ago! She spotted it climbing into a conch shell. Pretty neat little guy--it held a small piece of shell in the opening as a door!

12/26/2011, 24 23.549'N:76 38.134'W, Warderick Wells Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

The Exumas!! This is what we've been waiting for. We sailed from Nassau to Warderick Wells on Saturday teh 24th, and finally getting good wind from a good direction. Beautiful sailing in 15kt winds from 085 degrees. It was a long day--we left Nassau at just past 0630 and arrived on our mooring in Warderick Wells just as the sun was setting. It was a bit hairy getting in here as the entrance channel is narrow and the current was running at more than 3kts. But this is one of the prettiest spots out here. The Exuma Land and Sea Park was set aside by the Bahamian government in the 50's. No fishing, or shelling or anything of the sort--which means the place is beautifully preserved. Amazing coral, amazing fish, rays, lobster etc. Plus it is home to a very rare 3.5 Billion year old coral--Stromatolite. Thought to have been extinct until discovered here in the 1980's. On Sunday we enjoyed a nice pot-luck at the ranger station and were fortunate to find some friends here as well--the crews of Cookie Monster and Makana. Pi ctures coming soon, really, I mean it this time....

12/20/2011, 25 04.951'N:77 19.288'W, Atlantis Marina

We've made it too the Bahamas. Nice 40 hour crossing from Vero Beach to Nassau. We broke a big binnacle compass that bounced hard onto the deck as we crashed through some waves in the Fort Pierce inlet, and I had to dive under the boat in the middle of the gulf stream to remove a line that was caught in the prop--but on balance we caught a delicious Mahi Mahi, and a nice (if small) 35lb Marlin. What a great fighter! We let him go to become a big Marlin. We are now sitting in the nice sunshine and waiting from some favorable wind to head to the Exumas. I'll post some pictures soon.

Parts, Parts, Parts
12/12/2011, Vero Beach

Seems like we are always waiting for Parts....

Getting ready to cross
12/06/2011, Vero Beach

We have finally received our packages, and we have finished our pre-crossing project. Tomorrow we finish stowing and fuel-up. We'll then double check weather and head out based on the latest weather....

12/09/2011 | Richard
Great to hear you are headed out! Of course we are envious. While we remain in GA we REALLY hope to be catching up with you. We look forward to hearing about the adventures.

Hugs from Richard and Tracy
Velcro Beach
11/22/2011, 27 39.375'N:80 22.220'W, Vero Beach, FL

We are presently on a mooring in Vero Beach, Fl. Cruisers call it Velcro Beach because a lot off boats get stuck here--its a nice easy place to hang out for a while. Nice shops, restaurants, beach etc. -- and it is very accomodating for boats. We plan to stay here through Thanksgiving to finish prepping for heading offshore. We will leave for the Bahamas as soon after thanksgiving as the weather permits.

We just had all of our fishing reels re-spooled, and have loaded up on tackle--can't wait for some fresh Mahi, Wahoo or Tuna!

11/23/2011 | rick caroselli
Happy Holiday, Cookie Monster is headed your way, we hope to be there in a week currently in Charleston.
Space Center
11/13/2011, Titusville, FL

Nice day at the Kennedy Space Center yesterday.
To those of you who are conspiracy theorists, and think that the moon landing was faked: you are idiots.

It was very moving to stand on the place where Gus Grissom died. And to see what was achieved with technology that was crude by todays standards. But the physics are the same--and the minds of those days gave us the foundation for so much that is taken for granted today.

11/11/2011, Daytona, FL

Probably a nice place if one were to ever get off the boat.....

Movin Again
11/10/2011, St. Augustine, FL

Just a quick night in St. Augustine.

11/08/2011, Ortega, FL

We are taking a short break from the march south to visit our friends from Australia on the s/v Clementine. Kylie, Stuart, and Sami (7) have been out cruisng the world for 11 years now! It was great to see you guys!!

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