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Day 2 Passage
03/17/2012, 13 34.33'N:78 15.86'W, Jamaica to Porvenir

just a quick post.. Coordinates are 13d34.33m N and 78d15.86m W as of 8:25 AM EST (not EDT) on Saturday 3/17/12. COG 220d Magnetic SOG 6.1 kts Wind 22 g 25 Seas 8 - 10 ft All is well :)

03/16/2012, 15 51.5'N:76 54.29'W, Jamaica to Porvenir

So we are on our way. Fairly uneventful so far We will miss Port Antonio. What a great spot. Very friendly people. Great weather. Hard to beat really We are now sailing at at Speed over ground of about 10 kts. Wind is on the port quarter at 20kts. The current is helping a bit. Our course is 216 magnetic. We are heading for a waypoint of 14N and 78W Then to 12N79W.

Reach Falls
02/24/2012, Jamaica

We are still in Port Antonio Jamaica. Amy, Stephen and Rivers have flown to Ohio for Grandma Kohl's birthday. It looks like we will be sitting here a while. The forecast is for near gale to gale winds for the next week and more in a large part of the Caribbean that we will need to cross to get to Panama. And the sea state is not expected to be less than about 12-20 ft. Fortunately, the weather here is lovely. A few hours each day are hot, and the rest is warm and mild. I've been spending a lot of time at the Portland Jerk Center and Piggy's Jerk Center. [insert favorite joke here]. Wonderful Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork.

The picture is of Reach Falls, a beautiful waterfall with great caves and hiking through clear cool pools that we explored on a day trip with some friends from Makai and Water Musick. The Musick's put together a little video of the day which can be found here

I did a bit of the filming too :)

02/26/2012 | Nathalie Houston
We loved Port Antonio as well. Don't get caught caught up in spending time in the San Blas, spend it in the Marquesas instead. The weather conditions are also much better now than later between Panama and the Galapagos.
02/08/2012, 18 10.861'N:76 27.191'W, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica

Aaaaahhhhh Jamaica!!! What a wonderful place it is. The picture is of our entrance into Port Antonio harbor yesterday just before noon. It is a bit hazy because the air is full of wonderful moisture. The lush verdant landscape of Jamaica is truly set off by having been in the desert of the Bahamas for the last couple of months. We love the Bahamas and will miss them. And now the fully lush tropical feeling of Jamaica is a joy.

Port Antonio was a banana exporting port in days gone by, then it became the home of Errol Flynn, followed by early tourisim by Hollywood stars. Presently it is the portion of Jamaica least visited by tourists. It is sort of nestled between the Jim Crowe Mountains and the Blue Mountains. This morning we are enjoying a fresh cup of Blue Mountain coffee. Mmmmmm.

We had a short walk through part of town and the bustling markets yesterday...and can't wait to do some further exploring!!

02/08/2012 | Jill Hoag
We are green with envy. Happy you had a nice trip. Still NO SNOW. xxx Mom
02/08/2012 | Wil & Jenny Lang
Yay! It's beautiful! Can't wait to hear about your Jamaican adventures!
02/13/2012 | Courtney s/v Dharma
I'm glad you made it safely! We're thinking about you. We are headed north ... currently in Staniel Cay for a couple of nights.
Take care!
crew on Dhamra
En Route to Jamaica
02/06/2012, 19 38.920'N:74 25.999'W, 25 miles S of Cuba

We are presently about 25 miles south of the eastern tip of Cuba. We have passed through the Windward Passage and are en route to Jamaica. Its very hot and humid as we have lost the tradewinds for the moment. The wind is barely blowing, the sea is calm with a gentle swell, and the sky is blue and full of a white haze from moisture rising up from the water. We had a beautiful sail yesterday--making about 168 miles. Sometimes surfing to 11 or so knots. But mainly charging along for many hours in the mid 8's. The wind dropped late last night reducing our speed.

We are presently sailing with Water Musick and Makai. Both are also bound for Port Antonio on the northeast shore of Jamaica.

A helicopter, presumably from Guantanamo Bay, just buzzed Makai and asked for vessel information. We are about 60 Miles SE of Guantanamo Bay.

We are running wing and wing with two headsails and one engine...making a little over 6 knots. Not bad, but its much nicer without the engine noise...

Just put in the fishing lines...maybe we'll get some lunch.

02/07/2012 | Elin
Did you get things on the boat fixed? It seems kind of scary to us landlubbers. How far is it to Panama? Hi to everyone.
Kids havin' fun
02/04/2012, 22 21.243'N:72 59.340'W, Mayaguana, Bahamas

We reached Mayaguana early this week. Hard ride to windward from Rum Cay--but not terrible. The wind was between the high teens and the mid 20's with 6 foot seas--close hauled the whole way. Abrahams bay is a huge beautiful bay. Still quite rolly, though not to the extent of Rum Cay. Very nice locals here...probably because there are not a lot of visiting boats this far out. We spent some time getting a tour of the island, led by local guide Scully. The picture is of the kids and Scully checking out some derelict planes at the local airport. We've been struggling with some mechanical problems so I've spent most of the week trying to figure out how to fix our port saildrive (transmission and drive leg) and now we have some sort of water source making its way into the starboard engine room. Its very difficult to find a yard that can help us out, and the best option may be to sail for Panama. We are preparing to leave for Jamaica in the morning, and have spent most of the day getting ready. We are looking forward to a bit of cooling rain that goes along with 7000 foot mountain peaks in the tropics--though hopefully not too much ha ha.

02/05/2012 | steve hoag
Impressed with how you are handling these mechanical difficulties. I'm not mechanical so you must get it from grandpa Art. Wish I could be there!!! Dad
Tiger Grouper
01/29/2012, 23 38.413'N:74 50.246'W, Rum Cay

Dinner :) We speared this lovely Tiger Grouper yesterday afternoon. Great size, and he put up a big fight on the end of the spear.

We are about to leave Rum Cay and head for Mayaguana. Hopefully the wind will back a bit as right now it is a bit too much on the nose. We may end up having to motor a lot. Wind is ESE at 12-14 and is expected to drop as it backs. Seas are about 4-6 feet. Another lovely sunny day in the bahamas.

We will miss Rum Cay. It is a nice quiet spot with good fishing, and a couple of nice hangouts in the evening. We went to the fish fry at Kaye's Bar last night. Meal was on the house, all we had to do was buy cold beer. Seems like we won on both ends.

Rum Cay
01/25/2012, 23 38.413'N:74 50.246'W, Rum Cay

Ahhh, free at last. We are on our own now. We left conception, and the last of the other boats with kids, Dharma and Zusammen. We will definitely miss them. But it is kind of nice to be completely on our own for a bit.

We had initially planned to sail from Conception of Mayaguana, but it ended up being a bit too far to windward, so rather than beat all the way there, we bore off to Rum Cay. As soon as we anchored we found a conch, while I was checking the anchor. We thought that was a very good sign. On the other hand we also saw a 6 or so foot shark. Hmmmm. We are going with the good omen. And, as luck would have it, yesterday was the Rum Cay annual holiday--aka known as Dolores's birthday. Dolores is the proprietor of Kaye's Bar, which is a quintessential bahamian watering hole, complete with a sand floor and plenty of cold Kalik or rum drinks--as you wish. Dolores is very well known throughout the Bahamas, and to those cruisers who have travelled this far. She has been honored by the Bahamian government for her widely known hospitality, as it is people like Dolores who make this such a fantastic place to visit. The fact that it was Dolores's 80th birthday made yesterday, and the party even more special. The spread of food was unbelievable--and prepared by local home kitchens. Outstanding...especially the spicy conch stew, and the fresh wahoo. And the conch fritters were the best I've ever had.

The picture is of Stephen and Rivers tagging green sea turtles with Eliza and Tyler of Zusammen and Ben and Cole from Dharma before we left Conception Island. Not a bad school field trip eh. Thanks go to crew of Foxy Lady who were conducting the turtle tagging on behalf of the Bahamian National Trust, which is the caretaker of the national preserve areas within the Bahamas--including Conception Island.

01/25/2012 | Amy Hoag
They put small plastic tags on each front fin. The red ribbon was a biodegradable ribbon so they wouldn't chase and catch they same turtles the next day.
03/25/2012 | s/v Full Monty
Chris from Dharma just contacted us through our blog. Introduced himself & family, and are looking to hopefully meet us on their return to the states. Was looking through their blog & saw photos of you guys! Small world! We're looking forward to meeting them too.
On our way again
01/21/2012, 23 51.243'N:75 07.274'W, Conception, South East Bahamas

We've finally left Georgetown. And we are glad to be on our way againn. There are lots of people we will miss, as it is a damn fine floating trailer park. But it is nice to be out of the 'hustle and bustle' and back to some of the wonderful remoteness to be found in the Bahamas. Liberty has moved further on and has made it down to Samana. We are still with Dharma and Zusammen. And we expect Cookie Monster and Makana to show up tomorrow. The weather is lovely, and there is a mild breeze from the east. We've spent our time snorkeling in perhaps the clearest water I've yet to see. Probably around 200ft visibility. And we explored the mangrove lagoons today where we saw lots of turtles, rays and a few small sharks. The picture is of sunset last night, where we were treated to a Green Flash!!

We are still trying to move South and East to Jamaica, but the weather is providing southeasterly winds, which are making it a bit difficult. We will move on to Rum Cay either tomorrow of Monday, if the winds cooperate.

01/23/2012 | Elin
Wonderful to be able to check in and see where you are and what you all are doing. Really fun to hear about your folks' trip to see you. Your mom sent me some of the cute photos - especially love the one of all of you. Need to better figure out the map site.
Happy New Year
01/01/2012, 23 31.686'N:75 45.984'W, Anchored off the Monument

The Hunting was good yesterday, so New Years Eve Dinner was comprised of 5 Lobsters (steamed and sauted) 1 Grouper (sauted) 1 Conch (Conch Salad) Some sort of rice jambalaya dish Cold Beers and Dark-n-stormies

01/02/2012 | s/v Full Monty
Lovin' the posts. Nice to see you're having more time for updates! Brings back lots of memories of our Christmas in Warderick Wells in '98. Can't wait for more pics! We're living thru you guys. Five more months until it's our turn!

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