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Tuesday 6/05/12
06/05/2012, 8 57.843'S:133 47.258'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

Position is as of 2140z. SOG 4.4. COG 255mag. The wind has died and just as we are getting so close. We may have to break out the Spinnaker. (or the iron genny).

We are presently 300nm from port. We are melting in the equatorial sun, but otherwise all is well.

Today we are going to see if we can see the transit of Venus. The phenomenon apparently begins today around 2200z.

My Turn for a Post
06/05/2012, Galapagos to Marquesas

I thought that I should give my impressions of the the passage and a little update on how we're doing. It also gives me something to do at 1:00AM. The days have flown by but yet the passage seems never ending. Arthur says he's a bit bored but I find that there's not enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do. Sleeping takes up prime daytime but then again watches take up prime sleeping time. I think having one extra adult for a night shift would make this a totally different passage.

Provisions have been holding up well in some things and not so well in others. We have plenty of meat in the freezer. Catching fish anytime we want it helps stretch that. What I would kill for is a banana. Those were gone the first week when my green ones ripened on day 2. I tried to save a watermellon for the second week, but when we got to it it had liquified -much to our dismay. I did not buy enough apples or potatoes. I have 5 potatoes that I've been hoarding and will roast tomorrow, and I have 2 hard green pears that I will spilt for an afternoon treat tomorrow and that will be it for the fresh fruit. I still have carrots and a few onions, one very wilted green pepper to keep my last wilted stalk of celery company, and lots of green oranges that are so sour that noone can eat them. I also have a big pumpkin that no one seems to like. I put it in soup and I roasted it but no one but me likes it. I forgot that I have three tomatoes that have finally ripened. I bett er use them tomorrow before they go bad.

The kids are doing well. We are craking the whip to make them keep up on their math and writing everyday. Rivers finished her history and science books for the year. Stephen has been dragging his feet when it comes to schoolwork. We took a break from the books while we were in the Galapagos and now he doesn't want to start back up. The boat motion also makes it hard to study but it doesn't stop him from devouring two large book series. He's finished the 10 book Arthur Pendragon series and is into book 6 of the Alex Rider series (thank you s/v Liberty and Jill for the books). We have limited electricity because the autopilot and navigation electronics use so much, so the kids can't watch movies and play the computer all day.

Tomorrow is Arthur and my 20th wedding anniversary. Maybe I'll bake a pumpkin pie to celebrate.

06/05/2012 | Jill Hoag
Loved hearing your comments, Amy. Do you have canned fruit on board? Happy, happy anniversary to the two of you. I can't believe it is 20 years. Surely this is one you will always remember. Love you all, Jill
Monday 6/04/12
06/04/2012, 8 28.367'S:131 29.463'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

We are getting there bit by bit. We are starting our 17th day out today. Before this, my longest passage had been 17 days, and that was back in 1987 on a very slow windless trip from the British Virgin Islands to the Annapolils, MD. Amy, Stephen and Rivers longest passage had been 7 days 5 hours from Panama City, Panama to Academy Bay, Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador.

Position is as of 2140z. SOG 6.5kts. COG 252 mag. Saw what looked like a couple of boats on radar last night. But no visual sightings.

We've slowed down a bit and are going wing on wing again. Which is actually a fairly comfortable point of sail for us. Waves nearly directly behind us, and we don't get much roll obviously since we are on a cat. It is a bit warm though...

Wind speed is in the mid teens. Seas are 2-3 meters.

All is well.

sunday 6/03/12
06/03/2012, 7 45.057'S:128 38.927'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

time 2100z. Sog 7.7kts. Cog 248d mag.

Wind and seas have been consistently over 20kts and above 3meters. We've been flying along averaging just shy of 200 miles per day for the last few days. We are now a shade over 600 miles from the Marquesas. We are ready to get there. All onboard are a bit tired. But all is well.

06/04/2012 | Tom Graham
I am enjoying your blog from my home in Maine. Thanks for posting it. I can't wait till you get to the Marquesas either.:)
06/04/2012 | Jenny & Wil / svfullmonty
Hang in there guys! You're almost there! Your posts have been most entertaining with all of your periodic exertions. And while you are surrounded by the Pacific, we are surrounded by a sea of gravel. Not too much longer for us either!
Saturday 6/02/12
06/02/2012, 06 45.394'S:122 21.395'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

position is as of 16:11zulu. SOG 8.1kts. COG 260mag. All is well. Doing this post a bit earlier in the day, as it has been hot hot hot, in the cabin at noon time. A bit of a long tiring night last nigt. Seas are good size, and the wind is blowing in the low 20's. Actually pretty nice sailing conditions, but the ride is a bit wild. Surfed up to 13.9kts last night. Not bad since this thing is loaded like a container ship.

The Mahi we caught yesterday was delicious as usual. Nothing beats fish right out of the water and straight into the frying pan. And of course we caught it on the home made lure that I made out of the plastic tube packaging from one of my expensive lures. (its not completely ironic. The expensive ones have caught a lot of fish, just not as many as my home-made thing made from the packaging :)).

I think we are a little under 850 miles from our destination.

Friday 6/01/12
06/01/2012, 06 45.394'S:122 21.395'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

Position is as of 2020z. SOG 7.5. COG 253mag.

Winds have picked back up again, and the angle has improved as well. So our speed is up where we'd like it.

Not much new. Last time I looked around we were still on a boat in the middle of the South Pacific.

All is well

Thursday 5/31/12 Part II
05/31/2012, Galapagos to Marquesas

I forgot to mention the swell... Yes, we are in the 'big' swell that was forecast. It is about 10-12ft. But it is very long period so it is very gentle. Sailing into a 6foot wind chop, as we often did while working our way SE through the Bahamas, would be ten times the nuisance.

Also, I thought I'd share another of Stephen's great fishing photos. A nice Mahi Mahi that we've been devouring.

05/31/2012 | Tom
OK, so I grew up in Rugby ND and now sail and the Chesapaeake and beyond. Who in the crew is from ND and where. Will follow your blog. Thanks!
06/01/2012 | Jill Hoag
Stephen is a great photographer. We were very interested in the description of the swell and your mother was relieved:) Mom
Thursday 5/31/12
05/31/2012, 06 44.52'S:119 44.738'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

Position is as of 2000z. SOG 6.6kts. COG 258mag. We are about a 1200 miles from landfall, maybe a bit less. I thought I would give you a shot of life on board. We are surrounded by ocean, of course, but the truly interesting things are these things called DVD's that you can view on your computer. As you can see, 3/4 of the crew is mesmerized. Its so bright out, however, you must be underneath a towel to see. As a bonus, however, it hides the identity of the crew from the spy satellites that are tracking our progress towards our planned assault on the unsuspecting french polynesians.

Hmmmm....what to do today?

06/01/2012 | Jill Hoag
Loved the pictures. So, are there 2 or 3 heads under the towel? Mom
Wednesday 5/30/12
05/30/2012, 06 51.235'S:117 31.847'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

Another day another dollar...uh departing that is... Hmmm two days in a row with money quips...And oddly, while in a place where I can't even spend money....

We just got a very short little rain shower. Surprisingly we've had very very little rain this trip. I'm sure that will change...

Wind is a bit light today. 10kts, so we are plodding along very slowly. SOG Roughly 5kts, COG 256mag. The position was as of 2015zulu today the 30th. We are over halfway there in terms of miles, actually probably as of yesterday or the day before....but who knows in terms of number of days.

It was a really busy day. We had to jibe--Our first of the trip. I was hoping we could go the whole trip without tacking or jibing. Despite the 4 minutes of light exertion, the day is not a total loss--now that we are on port tack, we get more sun on the solar panels. 34 amps flowing into the batteries a minute ago. Making water today as well. Busy Busy Busy. Had to press a button. Not sure my fingertips can take much more of that. I need lunch and a nap.

05/30/2012 | Jill hoag
Unbelievable you have only had to jibe once. I read all your blogs from the 22nd to Elin over the phone as she is recovering from back surgery. She wants you to know your adventures are helping her to heal faster. Mom
Tuesday 5/29/12
05/29/2012, 06 51.084'S:115 19.354'W, Galapagos to Marquesas

its 2120zulu. SOG 6kts. COG 259mag. Wind is dead astern. We are sailing wing and wing. Which works pretty well. Though I wish we had a whisker pole. Thought it wouldn't be needed on a cat. But it would be helpful.

The weather is nice, though sailing downwind is HOT.

Sorry there haven't been any pictures in a while. I'm waiting until we get in to port with internet access somewhere. Our satellite service is outstanding, but it costs a fortune to post pictures through it on a regular basis. And now and then, when I get the bills, I remember that I'm not employed :).

I just put the fishing lines out again. It has been a while, since the last fish we caught was good sized, and our freezer was pretty full. So we'll see what we get this time. Mahi Mahi is always nice, but I'd love to catch a good tuna. Lots of tuna varieties, though, and some are not that great. But the good ones--outstanding!

We haven't seen any sign of civilazation in days. No ships or other boats at all. Though now and then we see a plane or a satellite at night. And we have been in SSB Radio contact with some friends. We speak to a boat named Barefoot every afternoon. The are about 500 miles south of us, heading to the Austral Islands. We also spoke to our friends on the Clementie yesterday--they are still in the Galapagos. And every evening I check in on the Pacific Seafarer's net, which is a ham radio net that keeps track of any boats sailing the pacific that want to check in. They also log the positions of the various boats, and can provide a way to get in contact with boats at sea. Boat positions can be see on the "yotreps" website. google "yotreps" which is a phonetic verson of Yacht Reps (or reports...). Some boats need to be looked up via their ham radio call sign. Mine is KK4FWI.

All is well here, and I hope it is there as well....wherever there is....

05/30/2012 | Jill hoag
Am happy to hear you are in touch with others and I have written down the ham radio call sigh. Have you experienced the swell yet? Love, Mom

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