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Moorea to Huahine
08/03/2012, 17 29.209'S:149 52.713'W, Moorea

Goodbye Moorea. We are leaving on an overnight -- about 90 miles, to Huahine.

Will update tomorrow.

Ruby Soho
08/01/2012, 17 29.209'S:149 52.713'W, Moorea

For those who may be concerned, Paul and Adie on Ruby Soho seem to be so sun baked that they've lost the ability to use a keyboard or any communication devices. They otherwise appear healthy. Don't believe any stories about lack of internet. I believe its an actual loss of function of some portion of the brain. The rest of the crew seems healthy--though their judgment may be questionable as they are still associating with the debilitated Paul and Adie as though nothing were wrong. Oh well, you meet all sorts out here.....

Moorea is beautiful and we are enjoying it, though we've not done a lot today. The wind has been gusting to about 30 and the anchorage we are in is a bit tight, so we've been hanging out on the boat while the kids play.

Amy went in and picked up a couple of kilo's of shrimp from a local shrimp farm, so we are going to have a feast tonight.

08/02/2012 | Mom & Dad Roett
Ah ha - thanks for the update on our sons!! Please look after them for us! Wish we were there with them.

We enjoy reading you blog about your family's adventures.
A change of scenery
08/01/2012, 17 29.209'S:149 52.713'W, Moorea

We've moved. We traveled about 20 miles today to Moorea, which is about 8 miles as the crow flies from Tahiti. This is a very beautiful island, and it is nice to get away from the commercial center that is Papeete. Tomorrow we will play with stingrays and perhaps dive one of the passes into the lagoon.

08/01/2012 | Jill Hoag
How fun is that! I remember taking Stephen and Rivers to the aquarium and us all getting to pet the stingrays. There skin was very rough. Lucky you. xxMom
07/30/2012, 17 35.085'S:149 37.275'W, Tahiti

Not much new.... We've been in Tahiti for a couple of weeks. We've been diving with Alex and Dan on Ruby Soho, and hanging out with Water Musick, Clementine, and Tranquility. Today we plan to go dive a world war II bomber and a 200 foot ship of some sort. We've also been snorkeling and played a bit with the trainer kitesurfing kite yesterday on a sand bar where a bunch of locals spend their weekends relaxing. We've also done a few boat projects. It'll be time to move on to Moorea soon to feed the stingrays.

07/31/2012 | AE
Such fun!
07/17/2012, 17 35.085'S:149 37.275'W, Tahiti

hmmm what to do today. Took the windlass apart yesterday. Maybe I'll put it back together....but I'll have to track down some 0 guage wire before I do that... Maybe I should put in a new bulb in our steaming light. I could replace a water maker feed pump. I could investgate an oil leak on the port motor. I could investigate a leak in our fuel injection system on the starboard motor. I could also replace some float switches with new ones. I could jury rig a positive pressure oil reservoir for our sail drives. And I could even track down the local bipolar rigger and see if he's down with going up our mast, or would it be, up for going up our mast? Hard to say since he's bipolar.

I suppose I could also read my book, sip something cold to drink, and then take a swim in the crystal clear water.

Very hard to decide.

07/19/2012 | Wil
I'm not sure who has the longer list but the beer and margaritas sure where good tonight with the fresh mahi. Take care there is always tomorrow.
07/21/2012 | AE
How's the book coming along? And did you enjoy that cold drink and swim in the crystal clear water? Perfect day's activities!
07/23/2012 | Steve Barksby
Good day Arthur Hoag! I hope you and your family are safe and well and enjoying the trip of a lifetime. Arthur Hoag: husband, father, round-the-world mentalist - whodathunkit??!! Sitting on your porch in Minneapolis back in the 80's I wouldn't really have predicted this. Maybe the tubing down the Apple River was a bit of a clue ;-) I'm full of admiration for you all - well done!!
07/26/2012 | William Musick
that sums up life in paradise, liven the dream!
it's great to see you guys again
07/27/2012 | AE
OK...the book must be finished by now! You've left all of us hanging and waiting for your next comments. We need your news!
07/16/2012, 17 35.085'S:149 37.275'W, Tahiti

We've had a busy last few days. Papeete and Tahiti generally is a bustling place. You can get most anything here, so we are more or less back in the first world for the time being. It is a pretty expensive place. Most things compare well with New York, but some things are wierdly expensive. A short 5 minute cab ride is about 20 to 30 dollars. A bag of oranges is $20. Chocolate bars for 5 to 6 buck. A bag of chips is 5 or 6 bucks too.

Yesterday we watched some inter island competitions like throwing spears are a coconut, lifting heavy rocks (up to about 360lbs), and a team event where they raced to remove the all the meat from several bags of whole coconuts. The island of Maupiti won. In the evening we went into town to a traditional chant and dance festival (also part of an inter island annual competition). Pretty amazing. Especially the hips :).

07/16/2012 | Bob Hancy
Send pictures when you can!
07/16/2012 | jill hoag
whose hips would that's or women's? mom xxx
07/17/2012 | Elin
Is it kind of fun to be able to get some things you've been doing without for so long?
07/11/2012, 17 35.085'S:149 37.275'W, Tahiti

We've arrived in Tahiti, and are catching up on some rest. Then we'll head out to dinner tonight. We are on a Mooring off of Marina Taina. Lovely approach to the island. Beautiful tall green mountain peaks, plus the wonderful colors of a surrounding lagoon and reef. The Marquesas were mountains with no reef. The Tuamotus were all reef and no mountains. The Society Islands (tahiti, moorea, bora bora, huahine etc...) are both-- tall mountains surrounded by a lagoon and an outer fringing coral reef.

We are going to settle in here for a couple of weeks. Tahiti, and main town Papeete, which is also the capital of french polynesia, are very touristy, with cruise ships and resorts etc. But it will be nice to be able to eat out, and do a bit of shopping. We haven't been in a place with much in the way of services since April in Panama!!

We'll do some repairs, and some shopping, and relax a bit.

There are some dance competitions going on, and the annual fete national de independence is this weekend. Plus there are lots of other boats here that we know so it should be a lot of fun.

Fakarava to Tahiti--Its Cold!!
07/11/2012, 17 22.384'S:149 10.138'W, en route to Tahiti

Its about 4:30 am tahiti time, and I'm cold! I have on a fleece and my windbreaker. I have no idea what the temperature is, but it must be down in the 70's. Thank god its only an hour and a half to sun up.

We've been flying along in the mid 8's all night and will be arriving in Tahiti sooner than expected. Venus Point is only 19 miles away already.

07/11/2012 | Jill Hoag
Will you only come to Minnesota in the summer now? I imagine flying along at 8 knots with humidity would feel chilly :). Will be fun to hear what Tahiti is like. Mom
Fakarava to Tahiti
07/10/2012, 16 57.892'S:147 13.396'W, en route to Tahiti

All is well. Position is as of 22:30 zulu. COG 243 mag. SOG 5.7 kts.

Not much happening. Watched Mrs. Brown's Boys last night. Very funny series.

We are in VHF contact with Picara and Baracca while en route.

Fakarava to Tahiti
07/10/2012, 16 42.207'S:146 05.391'W, WSW of the Fakarava S. Pass

We have grudgingly left Fakarava. We will miss the snorkeling and kite flying. And the sharks, yes, the sharks. Three of them circled the boat this morning while I was scrubbing the bottom. I think they just wanted to say so long.

We left about 1pm today at low slack tide. We are now heading COG 245 mga. At just under 5 kts. We expect to arrive in Papeete, Tahiti on Wednesday.

Right now I'm stuffed to me gills with tuna--and so is the freezer. We caught a 30 pounder at about 4:20 pm. Yummy. Skipjack again, though we keep hoping for a yellow fin. But the skipjack tuna are still pretty darn good.

07/10/2012 | linda Klark
I'm really enjoying your journey with you.
Let me know the next time you have internet and we can skype.
Give the kids a big hug from me.
Love you all!

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