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The Hynes Honeymoon!
Day 0
Day 0 / Partly Cloudy and 75 degrees
09/04/2008, Osterville, Cape Cod

Author: Seth
Pic: Brochure shot of our boat, real ones to come later

Today the adventure begins. Well, almost...

It has been an amazing month! On August 2nd, Elizabeth and I were married in Sonoma, California. A week later we packed up our apartment, Elizabeth changed her last name to Hynes and we flew to Cape Cod, which would become our East Coast "Boat Search Headquarters." A week later we found a boat we liked in Norfolk, Virginia, and last week we conducted a survey and sea trial on the Chesapeake Bay. And tomorrow the day will arrive where we find ourselves official boat owners! Just what were we thinking?!?!

Our boat (or as Elizabeth likes to call it, "our yacht") is a 2004 model Lagoon 380. It was designed and built in France by Jeanneau Sailboat's Racing Division and sailed across the Atlantic where it was sold in North Carolina to the first owner. Over 500 hulls have been made, making this the most popular and successful catamaran design ever built. And for good reason...

The boat is of solid construction ("safe"), sports a large bridgedeck salon ("large living area") and appears to hold its value well - precisely the three prerequisites we had for the boat. We've posted a picture of the boat model from the Lagoon website above.

We'll explain more about the boat and our decision to purchase a catamaran over a traditional mono-hull later, but now we need to focus on closing the sale, which is set for tomorrow. Ironically, we are buying a boat that will be hit by a tropical storm the very next day (not ideal, but very little we can do about it). Hopefully Hanna will remain a tropical storm of little importance.

If all goes well we will be moving into our "first home" on Monday! Some couples get married and buy a house. We bought a boat... Stay tuned!


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