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The Hynes Honeymoon!
Top 10 Places
08/13/2009, Currently in Niue

Author: Seth
Picture: Odometer reset to 0,000 miles!
Days At Sea: 339

It's TOP 10 week! Our GPS Trip Log flipped over the 9,999 mile mark and reset itself to 0000 miles, so to celebrate our achievement in sailing over 10,000 miles from Norfolk, Virginia to Bora Bora we will post a week's worth of Top 10 lists. Today's TOP 10...


Please click on the link below to see pictures of our Top 10 favorite places (please note this was updated once we arrived in Sydney, Australia)...

Video: Cook Islands
08/10/2009, Swarrow, Cook Islands

Video: Click on the video above to see some snap-shots of our time in the Cook Islands. We visited the uninhabited atoll of Swarrow Island, which has one family living there part time to keep an eye on the place. We were allowed special access to the north side of the island and were able to snorkel in the clearest waters we have seen yet. Enjoy!

Suwarrow Anniversary!

Author: Seth
Picture: Honeymoon off the uninhabited motu of "Seven Islands," with the coral visible below...
Days At Sea: 339
Days Married: 365!!!

For 15 days we have been without internet of any kind, so we apologize for the delays in updating our blog! If you look at the google earth position of this entry you will see why. It would have been hard for us to be any further from civilization on the island of Suwarrow... A perfect place for us to celebrate our first anniversary!

We left Bora Bora on July 26th and for five days we sailed within eye-sight of our new buddy boat "La Palapa" and within radio contact of "Victory Cat." It was a great sail down wind and we had a great time playing with our spinnaker in light winds, casually passing the days by reading books, playing backgammon and watching movies. Although the passage was one of our easiest, we were pretty excited to reach Suwarrow, one of the most remote islands in all of the South Pacific.

The island itself was a beautiful atoll - essentially a ring of coral in the middle of the ocean with just a few tiny island "motus" as part of the outer ring. The protected interior could be best described as a "lake" and was a perfect refuge from the incessant ocean swells. As there is no city or airport the only visitors to this far-flung island are boaters, of which probably only 40 visit each year! The result is an island untouched by man and the resulting devastation. Inside the lagoon the water was so clear you could easily see further than 250 feet when snorkeling. Sharks would swarm around your boat in search for smaller fish seeking refuge from the sun. The coral was so healthy it would grow up over itself into 30 foot tall towers of pinks, yellows and blues - alive with fish.

The history of the island is also quite colorful. Given the island would be nearly impossible to see without GPS and radar, it served as a wrecking ball to many ships over the centuries. It was first discovered by a Russian sailboat in 1814, of which the island was named after. But the most interesting find was two "mysterious" treasure chests that were found in 1855 containing Gold Spanish bullion, worth around $17,400 (USD). Even today there is a modern wreck on the eastern shore, slowly rusting to sea level. I can barely imagine how horrifying it would be to hit something out here in the middle of nowhere...

So it was at this memorable island that Elizabeth and I spent our first wedding anniversary. We had friends over to help us celebrate from L.P., V.C. and another boat called Nemisis. As I told her that night, this has been the best year of my life and I never knew I could be this happy. I think we are both very fortunate...

So after several days of bliss we hoisted our anchor (after a tug of war with some rocks) and set a south-westerly course for another five day passage to Niue, where we arrived this morning...

5 Day Cook Passage

Author: Seth
Picture: Parting shot from Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Days At Sea: 325

We leave today for a five day passage. We haven't done one of these in a while, so it will take some getting used to our routine for night shifts once again. But our time is officially up in French Polynesia (they're basically kicking us out after 90 days) and it is time for us to move on anyway.

We were planning on sailing to the Southern Cook islands of Aitutaki and Palmerston, but a bad weather system is making a more northerly approach appealing. So we are off to the island of Suvarov (or Suwarrow) instead. It should be an interesting place since absolutely no one lives there and we should have the island to ourselves. The only way to get here is by boat. Then after a few days we will set sail again for Nuie, where we should be back with Internet and will update our blog then.

Wish us luck on our passage and check out some of our back posts during the delay. And thanks for reading!

Video: Bora! Bora!
07/13/2009, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Video: Bora Bora lived up to the Hudy Hype! It has officially become one of our favorite islands. Check out the video above to see why!

* Please note that upon publication of this video Elizabeth has taken a second attempt at climbing to the top of Mt. Otemanu - and succeeded.

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