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Life on Horizons
Caribbean Voyage
Big Sand Cay
07/02/2007, Turks and Caicos

Big Sand Cay was once a habitat for the West Indian Monk Seal and the Manatee, the former hunted to extinction and the latter well on its way.Legend has it that Spanish Treasure is buried on the cay and it is claimed that a British Captain Delaney recovered $ 130,000 in pirate treasure from a cave in great sand cay in 1850.
Great Sand Cay is a desert paradise.Iguanas and curly-tailed lizards roam the prickly pear cactus-decorated landscape.Twice a year green and hawksbill tutles nest on the beautiful western beach and nurse sharks gather in the shallow lagoon during their season.

Turks Head
07/02/2007, Grand Turk

I always tried to capture a turks head cactus, but I could not find a nice one . The Last day in the Turks and Caicos and my last photo was such a Turks Head.The name of the islands is said to come from Sir William Phipps , who named them after the native turk's cap or turk's head cactus in 1687.Phipps and his men were in the area recovering 26 tons of gold and silver from a wrecked spanish galleon when he noticed the cactus that reminded him of a Turkish fez.

Sibonne Hotel
06/29/2007, Provo Turks and Caicos

Today we had lunch at the Sibonne Hotel , one of our favorite spot on the island. We are leaving tomorrow morning, for the DR.Preparations have to be made, I still have to do more laundry, vaccum clean and fill up the water tanks. Paul needs to bring our rental back and secure the new generator better. We already provisioned yesterday, sandwiches and salads for the trip are done. I also made my Key Lime Pie ( Debbie's recipe)this time . Annie had a bath, and Napoleon got brushed . Annie is due for a hair cut. She looks all fluffy.

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