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Hukilau Sails the Sound
First sail of 2011

We were supposed to have six for Saturday (May 28): Diane, David and Julia were going to join Patti, Lily and me, but it didn't happen. So it was just the Admiral and I. The day looked gray and still, with the wind forecast to be no greater than 9 mph. I almost told Patti we should just bag it, but we decided to go anyway.

No battery yet, so a pull start for the engine, and we were off. The sun would peek out from behind the clouds for long periods of time, and the wind (blowing about 12 knots I am guessing) blew off the humidity. We had a really nice (albeit short) sail. Full main, about half the genny. Sailed out about a mile or so, then turned around and went straight back. Patti had the helm on the way back (wind on our starboard quarter) and really felt the groove. It would have been nice to stay out longer, but we had dinner plans in Norwalk with Paul and Lisa, so we had to make due.

Need to get the battery charged or a new battery; put in cotter rings.

Back in the Saddle

About two weeks ago, I went to the boat, removed the cover and washed the boat. The weather has been awful the past two weeks, with almost continuous cloudy skies and rain.

On Sunday (May 22), Scott met me at the boat and we waxed the boat and painted the bottom. I had plenty of compound, but not enough Maguires wax, nor enough West Marine One Step. Also, I didn't know if Scott was going to be to help, and I really wanted to get the boat in the water this week in time for Memorial Day. So I wanted to use one of the one step products in order to be sure that I would have the time to do the job myself if necessary. Rather than drive all the way to West Marine to get more One Step, I picked up some Mother's Marine Cleaning Wax at Richlin. I also got some painting supplies and an application bonnet for my "new" buffer. Love Richlin.

Scott was able to come and spend time, and we quickly took care of things. The Mother's looked good, and we used up the rest of the bottom paint that I had. Not enough to cover the bottom, but enough to get the trouble spots and then some. We also put the engine on the bracket, and told Chick we were ready to go.

The marina launched us and Scott and I went back out yesterday after work to put on the sails and check the engine. The sails went on without a hitch (although the main really needs to be washed), but the battery didn't have enough juice to start the engine. We did start her on one pull, and after she ran for about ten minutes, the battery did have enough juice to start her. Proof that the new ignition switch (cost: $194!) works.

We plan to go out tomorrow with all of the Levines. That means six of us. A little tight, but that's what friends do. Hope the weather holds.

On the Hard

Hukilau is out for the winter. Today was a beautiful, day, sunny with temps in the low 60's, and I went to the marina to make ready for the shrink wrap. I borrowed a ladder, and put the windex and docklines below. I pumped the bilge as dry as I could (there wasn't too much there to start with), emptied the bucket in the v-berth, and took the engine off. I also attached a halyard to the end of the CDI line. I think I mentioned that when Scott and I lowered the genny, I had forgotten to attach a line to the end of the built-in halyard. By the time I had realized my mistake, the line was 15 feet off the deck with no way to reach it. I'm glad I did it now, as I don't know if I would have remembered to attach the line in the spring before the mast went up.

When I got home, I ran the outboard for about twenty minutes in fresh water. It took awhile for me to build a mount for it on a sawhorse (I don't remember it being that complicated the last time I did it), but eventually, I prevailed. I didn't think I could get a garbage bin under the engine, so I used the rabbit ears attachment for the hose at first. It made quite a watery mess, so I was encouraged to try the bin again. I did get it to fit, and had the engine run for a total of about 20 minutes all told in fresh water. I also tried to get the electric start to work, but not even a pip. Fortunately, the engine started on the first or second pull each time I tried it.

All is ready for the shrink wrap.

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