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Hukilau Sails the Sound
New Converts

On Friday, July 6, Sangita and Alok joined us for an evening sail. Sangita was quite excited, sending Patti an email suggesting that they were looking forward to the experience of a lifetime! No pressure.

It was warm, and the winds were light. We left the dock at about 6:30 or so, and raised sail inside the harbor. Sangita wanted to know everything about everything; I can't remember having a more enthusiastic passenger. We headed directly south, towards the Reef, and the breeze picked up about a half mile offshore. Wind was from the southeast. The full genny was out, and the full main was up. The wind probably got up to about 10 knots, and we were moving along at about 5 knots with only a little heeling. Perfect.

Since we had 8:30 dinner reservations, we turned around at about 7:45. In order to make progress, I turned us northwest so we could get on a running reach, then cut back to the northeast into the harbor. All in all, a very successful cruise. I tried to get Alok interested in buying his own (more luxurious and expensive boat), but no dice.

Here's Sangita, me and Patti on the way back in.

Richer than ever

Yesterday, the family plus Serena took a little boat ride on Hukilau. This has got to be a record for concentrated boating action! This trip was unexpected for me for a couple of reasons. First off, I had been on the boat three times in the past week and didn't want to push it; mostly though, everyone was expecting crappy weather for the 4th. But although there were some clouds out, it was mostly sunny, warm and nice. And so Patti suggested we go on the boat. She seemed happy that we were going to get some water time in, and avoid the crowds at the beach. Who am I to argue?

Because we didn't get out to the boat until almost 2, everyone was hungry for the lunch we had packed, so we decided to head for the mooring field first. The area was surprisingly uncrowded; after all, even though it was a Wednesday afternoon, it was July 4th.

After picking up a mooring ball, we spread out and had lunch. It wasn't long after that Dan and Patti were clamoring to go in for a swim. Serena was number three in the water, followed quickly by Lily. Yours truly was last, as I had to get my wet suit on (yes, I still like to wear it, although it seems to get more snug every year. Does neoprene shrink?). The water was not too cold, and everyone had a good swim, followed by some serious relaxation. Patti suggested a sail, but Lily was not to keen on the idea, and again, I didn't want to push it. Besides, the fine breeze that was around at 2 was diminishing by 4. So it was back to the dock, where of course, the breeze picked up just as we were docking. It was pushing us away from the finger pier, and made us scrape against one of the pilings. Yikes.

NB: before we left, I saw Gary and Bruce again on their Endeavor. They were getting ready to go out for Wednesday race. The race had been moved to the afternoon for the holiday. They both forgot my name, but remembered that they had invited me to race with them. I told them I wouldln't be able to make next Wednesday's race (taking Dan to Maryland), but the next week did look good.

NBII: When putting the boat away, I saw that the Tiller Tamer is broken. No wonder it seemed to be working poorly. It lasted quite awhile for a $25 gadget, outlasting two tillers. Will I replace it? Probably.

NBIII: we have a sailing date tomorrow with Alok and Sanghita. An embarrassment of riches.

Three in a row!

The moon and stars are in some kind of weird alignment; I went to the boat last night for the third time in four days. My sister's family is up to help her 6 year old celebrate her birthday, and Talia wanted to go on the boat. So I met Deb and Talia at the boat for a quick ride.

Talia had never been on a boat before, and we were going to be out during her normal dinner time, so we were a bit apprehensive about how flexible she was going to be. We shouldn't have worried. She seemed to like everything about the ride. It was a bit breezy, so I decided at the dock if we were going to unfurl any sail at all, it would be the genny. When we got out to the inner harbor, it was gusting up near 15, so I told Deb that it was unlikely we would be doing any sailing. She thought that was quite fine as she wanted this to be fun for Talia, and not at all scary. So we motored out past the rocks and into the Sound. I should note that I had never seen the tide lower than it was when we left. You could see a good three feet of bottom beneath the riprap against the parking lot.

We stuck to the channel between the mermaids, and then past the rocks into the Sound. We turned east for a bit and got closer to Clam Island before we started back. I let Talia steer us for quite some time, especially when we got back into the harbor. She steered us in circles, and seemed to take her responsibility quite seriously.

Back at the dock, we unfurled the genny so she could see it, and I showed her the ladder we use to climb on and off the boat when we go swimming. She said that next time we go out on the boat, she wants to sail and go swimming. Done deal. Talia also seemed to enjoy saying "Arrrr" a lot. All told, I think we were out on the water for about an hour.

Another convert!

And, I figured out that the boat from the other day that I loved was a Seafarer 31. Got to get me some more info.

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