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Max the Rasta Dog
04/11/2009, St Barts

Hea, this is MAX the Rasta Dog. I haven't written in a long time. I've been so busy traveling that I didn't have the time. I am in St. Barts parked off Shell Beach. I've been pretty lucky because the Admiral and Captain have been taking me to the beach almost every day. That might sound great to some but let me tell you that it does come with risks.
Every time we go to the shore I'm faced with others of my kind. I still haven't figured out how to play with them and they scare the poop out of me. Two days ago I met three long haired dogs of my type. What did they think they were hippies. When they tried to come over and talk I told them in no uncertain terms that I didn't like their type and they should move to another part of the beach. Yesterday this mammoth black dog was hanging around and when he walked by I lost my mind. I don't know what made me do it but I ran after him giving him a piece of my mind. Now that I think of it, that mongrel could have shut me up with just one bite.
I don't mind the dingy ride into shore but now the Admiral and Captain think I should swim from the boat to shore. Man that's a long way for a guy that has three inch legs. At least the Captain lets me rest riding on his chest from time to time. Then the worst part when we get back to the boat he makes me take a cold shower out back. What that about. I just got out of the water then you pour water all over me. These humans have a mean streak in them. I'll teach them, some day I'll just pee in their bed.

The winds are changing
04/11/2009, St. Barts

The winds are changing.

We are currently in St. Barts and are planning our next move. Linda and I have decided to head back to Florida for the summer. It's time to spend some time with family and especially Linda's mother. Age is catching up with her and it would be a shame to miss this valuable time. So, we are going to amble back to the states over the next two months. After the Easter holiday we are headed to the island nation of SABA for a few days then a nonstop sail to St Croix. Even after all the time we have spent in the Virgin island we have never been to St Croix which is about 45 miles south of the main Virgin islands. After that stop we will sail to Colebra in the Spanish Virgins.

Soon we will have lived on the boat for 2 years and believe it or not neither one of us is ready to give it up. Sometimes you have to make allowances for other things then your dreams. Right now our only plan is to be in Florida till then end of the hurricane season. At that time we will take stock of life and decide when to head out again. We both know that there will be another trip but the exact date escapes us.

I know it has been hard for people to travel to the Caribbean to meat us. Hope fully when we are in Florida you will all come and visit us. We will still be living on the boat and taking small trips to the keys and the Bahamas. Hope to see you soon.

St. Barts Part TWO
03/14/2009, leeward Islands

Saw the most exciting thing yesterday that I have seen in the 2 years we've been out here. As we were parked at my favorite spot, shell beach, someone from behind the boat swimming said, "did you see the whales?"." They were right behind your boat!!!" I thought she was joking....she said they were migrating. Well rick and I looked a little further out from the anchorage and saw a bunch of boats congregating and all of a sudden we saw water blow up in the air..the whales blow whole. So we jumped in the dingy with max and the camera. Headed out for some whale watching. What a site! There were two or more. You could see though the water and tell they had white belly's. The only kind I know like that are killer whales. What do you think? When we go to shore I will send the video I got. Just amazing watching them in their natural habitat. An experience I'll never forget.

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