Vessel Name: ICE BEAR
Vessel Make/Model: Privilege 39
Hailing Port: Victoria Canada
Crew: Don and Cindy
About: From Vancouver Island British Columbia. Retired and enjoying relaxing Cruising.
Extra: we were hard core racers having sailed many many miles and loved the Long distance races with our previous three boats and friends boats but now we are pulling the throttles back. Even though ICE BEAR has a very nice turn of speed.
20 January 2018
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20 January 2018


The day before we left Brindisi we decided to top up the fuel tanks but we didn't want to move to the fuel dock. It took us days to get the bow lines tight enough to stop the stern from hitting the dockso down into the depths of the starboard bow locker we go to find the

06 January 2018

Down the coast

Even though it was early in the morning the route out from Venice was already busy with small boats fishing. We motored past the barrier islands out into the Adriatic

19 December 2017


The next few days we wandered around an art exhibit called Biennale Arte 2017. It covered two large areas and contained well over 100 different pavilions from all over the world there were interactive displays plus open discussions with the artists. I have no issues saying I didn't understand 99.9% of [...]

08 December 2017


Today is a bucket list day for one of us. He is like a child in a candy store. At 11:00 am we crossed the border into Italian waters and the countdown began. As buildings became visible on the horizon

20 November 2017


Whatever the commercial fishing boats had come to catch was also attracting lots of sports fishermen. I would like to say they were everywhere but they wernt. Whatever they were catching seemed

10 November 2017


we left Sali and spent time at mooring balls in Brgulje and Ilovik then stern tied to a dock in Mali Losinj a larger town with lots of restaurants and stores. We took advantage of the time in Mali Losinj to re work how the passerelle connected to the stern. Gone are the blue lines that tied it to the [...]


12 August 2017
Kotor is worth exploring it is a walled city with fortifications extending up a large hill. At the very top is Castel St.John a Illyrian fort and not quite half way up is the Church of Our Lady of Remedy. The walled city is a maze of streets there are hostels and hotels as well as the shops and restaurants a traveler comes to expect. Outside of the wall across the street from the town dock is a outdoor market with fruit and veg during the day and at night there are clothes and souvenirs as well as food carts making grilled corn on the cob. Walk to the left of those and you come to the west gate the Sea Gate. As you enter the gate it opens up into the Trg Od Oruzja the largest square in the walled city. Most of the shops and restaurants are to be found near the front of the city and by front I mean the parts closer to water then the mountain. The buildings near the back seem to be where the accommodation for the city is whether your a local or traveler. There were several hostels in the city and judging
by the number of back packers we saw I would guess they were full. At the gate to the south the Gurdic gate there was a pond of fresh spring water that people were jumping of the walls into. The iron balls that were used to counter balance the gates were still attached to a chain leading out the wall. On the north side of the city was the River gate where the river flowed from the mountain. Behind the buildings the wall snaked up the mountain as did a couple paths for people to climb to see the top. Two of us decided to climb to the chapel almost half way up to set up a time laps to see the city transition from day into night and the the third one of us decided to climb to the top to see the transition from there The view was amazing from both locations and the pictures and time laps turned out really well. We all joined up at the chapel and hiked down in the dark. The third one of us decided that the hike wasn't to bad and figured he would do the ladder a path outside the wall that zigzaged to the top of the mountain the next morning. Just before we did the climb to the chapel a boat tied to the dock and it had doodoo dooooo Americans on it. They seemed pretty Kewl. The next morning while I stayed all snuggled in bed our hiker left for the ladder it was still very hot during the day so if he hadn't gone early in the morning the heat would have killed him. He was back around lunch time and even brought some yummy pastries with him. He said that the views from almost the beginning of the hike were amazing there was a cow and some goats a forested area and at the top a restaurant. If time had permitted him to go further he would have found a town.
Kotor had a wonderful vibe and it was easy to see why it was lonely planets top pick of places to go in Europe last year. Its definitely a place I could got back to and explore more.
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