Ika Moana 2017 tour

24 May 2017 | Ha'apai, Tonga
23 May 2017 | Tongan waters
22 May 2017 | Getting closer to Tonga
20 May 2017 | Halfway to Tonga
19 May 2017 | Almost half way to Minerva
18 May 2017 | North of NZ
17 May 2017 | Leaving Opua
11 May 2017 | On the bus to Auckland
09 May 2017 | en route between Mahinepua and Opua
08 May 2017 | Cavalli Islands
07 May 2017 | Paradise Bay
06 May 2017 | Army Bay, Oke Bay, Paradise Bay
05 May 2017 | Army Bay
02 May 2017 | Opua
01 May 2017 | Paihia
30 April 2017 | Army Bay
28 April 2017 | Hahangarua Bay (next to Pipi Bay)
27 April 2017 | Paradise Bay
26 April 2017 | Mimiwhangata
25 April 2017 | Rakino

Paradise found

24 May 2017 | Ha'apai, Tonga
We're here! Anchor down about 8am. We were all up for the last couple of hours. Super excited. The bubbles taste good. Difficult to pick a winner for first over the side for a swim. Might have been a tie between Grunta and Nathan. Customs have been and were very nice. They even took our rubbish away. Blog posts may reduce in frequency to island time..

Land ahoy

23 May 2017 | Tongan waters
We've seen land! Just approaching Tongatapu Island in Southern Tonga. Very excited. We've had a pretty wild last 24 hours with over 40 knots and huge waves. Paige has made up a song of all the noises of a storm on a sailboat - it's very good. Today is a whole different world though. We're in our togs in the cockpit enjoying happy hour. We expect to arrive at Ha'apai early tomorrow morning and then do the whole customs thing. Paige has prepared Bingo Rose Williams and Elly Izzy Williams for arrival with their very own passport. Our friends on Lulu will be arriving too and they've landed a big tuna. We have bubbles in the fridge, rum on board and ice in the freezer...

Breeze on

22 May 2017 | Getting closer to Tonga
We are full-on in the breeze now. Have 30 knots on the beam, two reefs in and about a quarter of the genoa unfurled. Boat is performing well and the crew are pretty good too. Things are wet, but it's warm. Might put the anchor down at Tongatapu or Nomuka tomorrow for a while on the way to Ha-apai. For now, it's a bit like the Volvo Ocean Race, except with home cooked food, couches and movies...

Offshore sailing

20 May 2017 | Halfway to Tonga
We've been going for 3 days and expect to reach the halfway point to Tonga in a few hours. We've decided not to go to Minerva Reef as there's going to be a bit of breeze around there and then wind forward for trip to Tonga. From where we are now we can keep sailing downwind or aft of beam the whole way. Yesterday was like a casual sail out to Waiheke, but today is a bit more like offshore sailing. Swells are about 2.5m and we've got 25 knots. Boat's sailing fabulously. Paige did another good night helping with the night watches and is now busy designing dresses with colouring pencils. All very happy and enjoying the yachting..

Big blue

19 May 2017 | Almost half way to Minerva
Having our most glamour sailing day yet. Have the big blue spinnaker up (thanks Simon Manning!) in 15-20 knots doing about 9 knots. Lulu left at the same time as us. They got the early jump in the first 24 hours, but we know they haven't got a kite or pole on board, so hoping to pull some back. Crew member of the day goes to Paige who slept all day and then kept everyone company in the night watches. Singing, making up star constellations, secret seven tales. Speaking of big blue, we're watching the sea temp steadily rise. It's 23.8 now, which is 4 up since departure. Happy times...

Navigating north

18 May 2017 | North of NZ
We've been making great progress North. We're now 153nm north of Cape Brett. Left in 25-30 knots, peaking at about 37 knots. Top speed goes to Gill (guess who's writing this post!) at 14.3 knots. It's been downwind, so very comfortable sailing. Crew member of the day goes to Grant for cleaning up the first-day sea-sickness (that was me too). All happy and healthy now. Currently cruising along at 7 knots in about 15 knots of breeze. Full main and poled out genoa. Paige is happy. She has listened to 8 Secret Seven audio books since leaving Auckland. Will have to go back to old-school reading soon. Expecting to be at Minerva Reef Tuesday.
Vessel Name: Ika Moana II
Vessel Make/Model: Young 43
Hailing Port: Auckland
Crew: Nathan, Gill & Paige
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