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Vessel Name: Imvubu
Vessel Make/Model: Barens Seatrader
Hailing Port: Durban
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16 September 2014 | Puerto Montt
Last weekend I rented a car and drove to the neighbouring town of Puerto Varas. It is a pretty town with a picturesque setting on the shore of lake Llanquihue. The German heritage of the town is visible in its architecture and use of many German words such as Kuchen (Cake). The towering Osorno volcano, [...]
04 March 2014
Yesterday afternoon I docked at the Clube Nautico in Puerto Montt concluding the 440nm leg from Puerto Eden. This also concludes this chapter of the Voyage of Imvubu. It is hard to believe that we have taken the boat to the North Pole (or as close as you can practically get by boat) and the same for [...]
01 March 2014
The weather held favourable as predicted and Ralf is now safely across Golfo de Penas. He decided to take the shortest line to Golfo Corcovado by going out to sea rather than winding through the channels. Imvubu is currently about 25 miles offshore making good progress in 12 - 18 kts of wind.
28 February 2014
Golfo de Penas means Gulf of Distress. It can get quite nasty in the wrong weather because it is open to the westerly storms of the Pacific. Ralf saw what looked like a good weather window and left Puerto Eden early yesterday. He is now well on his way across. At midnight he was doing about 7.5kts heading north and is hoping to reach Golfo Corcovado further north by about 10pm on Sunday 2-March.
26 February 2014
Ralf has arrived in Puerto Eden. It is a pretty little place although tiny. The closest he could find to a restaurant was a sort of hostel where he had a simple meal with interesting company. The next milestone in the journey to Puerto Montt is to cross the Golfo de Penas - meaning Gulf of Distress. [...]
22 February 2014
Imvubu has arrived safely in Puerto Natales where they will be able to refuel. Ralf says it has been quite a slog against the prevailing westerly winds because they were heading west a lot of the time. However they now turn more northerly the rest of the way to Puerto Montt which should be easier. [...]
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15 February 2014
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