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Vessel Name: Imvubu
Vessel Make/Model: Barens Seatrader
Hailing Port: Durban
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19 October 2014 | Falklands
Today at 11:00 local time I dropped anchor in Stanley Harbour in front of the picturesque town of Stanley after a voyage of 556nm. I departed Punta Arenas, Chile on the 25th October at noon in flat calm conditions and arrived at the first narrows in the Strait of Magellan at flood tide reducing my speed down to 3.3kts. This however meant that I arrived at the second narrows at max ebb allowing me to speed through at 12 knots. By sunrise on the 26th I exited the mouth of the straits, with its approximately 50 oil platforms, into the Atlantic. Finally, by noon the wind arrived as forecast and from then it was a rolling downwind ride all the way to the Falklands.
06 October 2014
This morning at 09:30 I dropped anchor just south of the town dock in Punta Arenas. I had departed from my previous night’s anchorage in Bahia Manza at 04:00 this morning where I was forced to anchor since the Armada had closed the Port of Punta Arenas due to high winds. As I am discovering the port [...]
05 October 2014
At 10:00 I had rounded Cape Froward, the southernmost point of the continental Americas. The land to the south of the cape is a set of islands that make up Tierra del Fuego. This was a cause for some celebration as on the 5th September 2011 I had rounded the northernmost extent of the continent at Point [...]
03 October 2014
This after noon at 16:00 I passed abeam the Isla Fairway Lighthouse marking the entrance to the Straits of Magellan. For the past eight days my heading had been generally south with light to fresh winds from the south. I had sailed through many different channels and anchored in a suitable anchorage [...]
28 September 2014
This evening I entered the Messier Channel on the southern side of Golfo de Penas. The previous two days had been hard going against headwinds and three metre waves. However, as I passed Cape Raper, on the north side of the gulf, the winds abated and I spent the day motoring south through this notorious [...]
25 September 2014
I planned to depart for Punta Arenas yesterday but unfortunately the port was closed due to strong winds. The Armada (navy) closes the port to vessels less than 20m when the wind exceeds 25 knots. This morning I departed at 08:00 slightly irritated by the fact that I had missed the opportunity to surf [...]
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