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Cruising to Calm
" I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same as 'making a life'." Maya Angelou. This is the story of the Brown family adventure. We have pulled roots in NY and are taking our two kids ages 4 & 1 on a five year cruise. This is our story
Day 2
06/18/2009, Pacific

Another great day of sailing! We seemed to have picked up a current and are cruising right along. Yesterday we were four miles short of a 200 mile day..woohooo!!
As I write this we have 13kts of wind from the SE, light seas and are humming along at 8.5/9kts. No fish as of yet but plenty of squid have bounced up on deck. O is collecting them to make a calamari salad, of which he will be enjoying alone, not sure I do deck squid.
I did not make glitter fish with the kids today because everyone was still finding their schedule, which usually takes at least twenty four hours. Ben took a long nap this afternoon and was back to himself when he woke up. I didn;t have craft time but they did get to open a little present. Sam opened a play coffee set and Ben a bionicle type thing which is impossible to put together. I was helping him assemble it when I broke a pretty major piece. Ben was horrified.
We had a strange thing happen this afternoon. We were inside chatting when we heard a loud rumble which kept getting louder. We ran out on deck and a sea helicopter came precariously close to us, we thought he was going to land, he circled a few times, gave us a thumbs up and when we responded in kind he nodded his head and they flew away. The helicopter had an Italian flag on the side so maybe it was a tour of some sort but we had already cleared Isabella by 40 miles. As it was flying away I was struck by the fact that other than my family that is the last human being I am going to be seeing for three weeks....kind of a strange thought.
So, thus far all is great on Indy. Nice sail, great weather and everyone in good spirits.

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06/19/2009 | Kathy Tillman
So glad you are on your way and off to a great start! We are leaving Bora Bora tomorrow, trying to get straight to Fiji. We'll be at a different latitude, but on a long passage too! Best of luck on the rest of your trip!
We are off...
06/18/2009, Pacific

We are off!!!
It is 4:00am, we have twelve knots of wind, no real seas to speak of, the moon is bright and Indy is cruising along averaging 7kts. Overall, life is great. If this is any indication of what the weather will for the trip then bring it on!! I could do this all day long. Either way, it's a nice way to start the trip.
We actually left San Cristobal yesterday, but in true Indy fashion, there was a "situation" which forced us to turn around. After doing the last minute run into town, we pulled anchor around 11:00am, it was a stunning day...clear sky, nice breeze and calm seas. After setting sails and getting ourselves settled, O went to put the fishing lines out...EXCEPT..they were no longer in their holders!!! They had been stolen off the back of our boat the night before. I am sure you can imagine how we took the discovery. There was no way we were crossing the Pacific and not fish!!!! As O says "Going across the Pacific without fishing is like going to Napa Valley without having any wine". Yeah, I know we could have rigged up some hand lines but we were only an hour out and reasoned that buying a pole would be much more expensive in Tahiti. Not to mention the hassle of rigging and using a hand line for the next three weeks. So, we turned around. O kept trying to cheer me up by pointing out that at least our outboard motor wasn't stolen....that would have been the end of me, I swear.
Once we dropped anchor, O went into town in search of a new pole. Naturally nothing was open because it was Sunday and election day. Word on the street was that the poles were most likely already in Santa Cruz or on their way to Guiaquil(sp). Long story short, O bought a used rod and reel from our agent Bolivar that will do the trick. FYI: If you are going to the Galapagos Bolivar is a FANTASTIC agent, he was invaluable to us during our stay. I cannot say enough good things about him or the services he provided. I will post his info on the next blog for those interested. We pulled again today around 5:00pm and headed out.
I was beginning to feel like a human Goodwill store in the Galapagos, except without the goodwill or tax write off.
At this point, I am just grateful to be underway...three weeks late but underway never the less.
Tomorrow we have to get on schedule. School in the morning, lunch, craft, little present, dinner and movie. Tomorrow's craft will be something simple, I can't begin too strong or all the other crafts will pale in comparison!! Ben will read us Rainbow Fish and Sharing a Shell for inspiration, and then we will make glitter fish!! No boat is complete without one!!
So, that is all for now.

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06/21/2009 | Marilyn Gllo
Oh, Jenny, what adventures and misadventures you do have! I am impressed by the aplomb with which you handle them.
I am currently waiting for the arrival of Jeremy and Laura, as well as their beloved boxer. I have talked to Griffie about the importance of being a gracious hostess.
I made a sour cream shortcake to go with the first glorious strawberries of the season.
Blooming fragrantly along tbe roadsie are the elderberries and clovers. In my yard, the catalpa tree is loaded with its orchid-like blooms and the roses are exuberant. What a glorious world we live in.
I love the response Kathy made about Ben's loss of a tooth. You come by your writing talents quite naturally.
Love to you all. May your journey be safe!
Mary is coming about six to spend the night. Of course, we will chat about all of you. Gram
06/12/2009, San Cristobal, Galapagos

After much money and frustration we finally received our package of parts yesterday around 5:00pm!!!!!!!!!
Since we never leave on a Friday, we will hopefully be leaving Saturday morning after stocking up at the fruit/veg market. As always, our departure is also dependent on weather. At the moment there is a low pressure system further south sending sizeable waves our way. However, it should settle by tomorrow. This is making for a very rolly anchorage.
I am actually looking forward to the trip. Yes, the trip I have been dreading for so long is here and I am excited. It will be nice to get moving again and I look forwad to the time with the family. I should have plenty to keep the kids busy and it will be nice to have a routine. Granted this is all very dependent on the weather.
I will write more once we are underway tomorrow or Sunday. Right now I have to do some last minute errands and then take Ben to a pool party at a little kids house he met here. Funny, they do not speak the same language but they love to play together.
Gotta Run...pick up laundry, look for waxed cheese, non refridgerated yogurt etc.

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06/13/2009 | Mary Eckerman
We were all thinking of you last weekend at Laura & Jeremy's wedding. It was beautiful, festive, and just lots of fun. You would have loved it! Anyway - good luck on your next voyage. Keep us posted. SCHOOL'S OUT!!
06/15/2009 | Marilyn Gallo
A couple of PPS's following yesterday's comments. Laura was truly beautiful bride,a veritable vision. I feel good about this marriage. It will, I think, be as successful as yours!
At this moment, I am having a tree cut down. It is not one of the huge ones; still, it always touches my heart to lose a tree. There must be a bit of Druid in me.
One other addendum from the wedding. Jeremy's best man was Tim Dwight. When Anna Mary learned this, she was ecstatic. And so it is that we have two wonderful photos of them. It seems that she has been a long time admirer of his. ""Don't it beat all?" how people are? Love, Gram

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