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Najad 460/22 ---- MMSI 235094801 ---- Call Sign 2FWJ4 ---- UK Part 1 Registered No 918877

18 January 2018 | Grand Anse Martinique
16 January 2018 | Sainte Pierre Martinique
14 January 2018 | On Passage to Martinique
13 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Dominica
10 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Dominica
06 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Portsmouth - Dominica
05 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Portsmouth - Dominica
04 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Portsmouth - Dominica
03 January 2018 | Portsmouth - Dominica
01 January 2018 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
31 December 2017
30 December 2017 | The Saints
29 December 2017 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
28 December 2017 | On Passage - Les Saintes to Dominica
28 December 2017 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
27 December 2017 | Terre de Haute - Les Saintes
26 December 2017 | Pain de Sucre - Les Saintes
25 December 2017 | Pain de Sucre - Les Saintes
23 December 2017 | On Passage Guadeloupe to Les Saites
23 December 2017 | Pigeon Island - Guadeloupe

Rum and Rum

18 January 2018 | Grand Anse Martinique
On Tuesday we had a long hike up to the Depaz Distillery with Clementina and Milan from Nevera.
It was well worth the walk.
The gardens are excellent with great views down the valley of lush sugar cane crops and the sea beyond.
They have refurbished and reopened the magnificent old chateau, biult in 1922 twenty years after the eruption.
Of course we had to persevere with some rum tasting and buy some bottles after the distillery tour!
Yesterday day we had another great sail.
We left Sainte Pierre at 09.00 in zero wind and expected we would have to motor all the way.
However, the wind picked up dramatically and we stormed down to Grand Anse D’Arlet where we were greeted by Brisa and Lahaina. It’s a Bay we particularly like.
Today being Thursday is my day as OCC Net Controller. Shortwave propagation has been very poor recently even using lower frequencies. So I’m expecting a struggle.

14 30.27N: 16 05.22W

Sainte Pierre Destroyed By Volcano

16 January 2018 | Sainte Pierre Martinique
We had a cracking sail across on Sunday, plenty of wind and gusts over 30 knots. Infinity B enjoys the strong winds.
We arrived at about 14.00.
We are now anchored at the foot of a volcano in Sainte Pierre Martinique.
The entire town was destroyed by the erupting volcano in 1902.
30,000 people died despite prior warnings!
The town is very Mediterranean in style and very different to the humble buildings in Dominica.
We have have met up with many friends on Brisa, Nevera, Exodus and Clementina.
We are planning a long hike today up to the distillery high up in the hills.
All is well on board.

On Passage to Martinique

14 January 2018 | On Passage to Martinique
Mandy and Frank
Up at 05.00 (well one of us was).
We set set sail in the pitch black.
We are now half way down the west coast of Dominica heading for Martinique.
We should arrive late afternoon.
The weather is very mixed with periods of light wind between very windy and wet squalls.
The fishing line is out and Mandy is now up!

And Yet More Rain

13 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Dominica
It continues to be very wet here in Dominica.
But the rain is warm and the trees and shrubs are growing rapidly after the hurricane devastation.
Our thoughts are with those coping with the many buildings with damaged or part repaired roofs in this consistent rain.
They locals are amazingly philosophical about it.
There has been a lot of socialising with the increasing number of OCC boats arriving. We feel that we know half the boats in the bay.
We were delighted when our friend Milan on Nevera arrived unexpectedly yesterday and he and his crew were pleased that we were able for fix the blockage in their heads.
We also managed to fix the water maker on Baracuda which was drawing salt water back into the fresh water output.
Unfortunately we are have having less luck sorting out our solar panel issues with the supplier.

Earth Wind and Fire

10 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Dominica
Yesterday night there was a 7.5 Earthquake on the other side of the Caribbean Sea.
This caused a tiny tsunami wave that we hardly felt here.
The past few days have been very wet and windy on occasions, but each squall passes fairly quickly. We have had to take shelter when walking but it has given us a number of opportunities to chat with the locals.
There are still quite a few bonfires around the place as people burn piles of fallen trees and hurricane debris. But every day the island gets tidier and the trees get greener.
We have been busy walking, doing boat jobs and generally socialising.
Avin from Albert’s Boat services has been polishing the hull and Infinity B is looking much better for it. It was Mandy’s job but she subcontracted it!
Our greatest discovery is “under the counter” which can be found in most bars. It is very therapeutic and consists of rum and marijuana!
Meantime my blood sugar is pretty ok, but have been trying to reduce some meds to get rid of a nagging dry cough which is a known side effect of Tamulosin.
We are hopefully getting our solar panels replaced shortly.

Repairs in The Hills

06 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Portsmouth - Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We have just had a huge rain storm. It was so wet we had to wait to swap the gas bottle for morning tea.
Yesterday we went on a tour of the northern hill region with Alexis with a group of 12 of us to meet people in need and donate items we had brought.
However, our first stop was the primary school in Portsmouth. We met Teddy the headmaster and some of his staff. The school has only just reopened as it had been used as accommodation for homeless after the hurricane.
There were over 200 very happy, very polite and very smartly dressed kids. It was so inspiring to see them after such a traumatic experience.
We passed through a damaged area near the school and we gave a hammer and a roofing nails to a man working on his house.
We saw lots of tarpaulins labeled UKAID, USAID and Samartans. Later up in the hills we gave vegetable seeds to various local small holders.
We stopped at a Red Cross water treatment plant in one village which purified river water for people to drink . We gave larger bundles of clothes to a group of people in the local store/bar to distribute.
Zigzag gave lots of food to one homeless shelter. We hope to be able to put some photos on the blog once we get interenet acess again. More help is needed and we are going to a meeting with the head of the secondary school to discuss how we can all help.

Devistation by Wind, Rain and Sea

05 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Portsmouth - Dominica
Mandy and Frank
Yesterday we took a mini bus and guide south.
We went with Brisa, Lahaina and Zigzag. Our guide Dylan also worked for the National Parks. He took us through villages devastated by Hurricane Maria. We were all truly shocked.
We also went past a site of many acres where large hills of the old roofing sheets had be gathered after being ripped off by the wind. It gave a idea of the scale of the repair work required. What we had not expected was the destruction of the coastal villages at the bottom of river valleys.
Here millions of tons of boulders, soil and fallen trees had cascaded down from mountains and smashed and buried villages. Down at the southern tip of the island at Scott's Head the sea had swept in and destroyed many of the seafront properties and bars.
On route vast sections of road had been washed away or engulfed by landslides.
Up in the mountains we saw entire forests where the trees had been stripped of their branches. The upside is that nature is fighting back and new shoots and leaves are sprouting but it will take many years to fully recover.
The Dominican people are positive, resilient and welcoming. They have done a huge amount of work to clear up and repair, but there is still much to do.
Today we are going to some hill villages to distribute clothes, seeds and repair materials. We also hope to discuss methods we can all help financially.

Generators and Hiking

04 January 2018 | Prince Rupert Bay - Portsmouth - Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We are still in Dominica. Today is my day to run the SSB net in just over an hour. So first a cup of tea and the blog. Yesterday morning Ole on Lahaina who is moored next to us was very depressed that his new Fischer Panda generator was cutting out so he could not make water or coffee. After a few hours tinkering and tidying up some of the installation and resetting the inverter/charger we managed to get it stable again. Ole was very happy. Fingers crossed! In the afternoon we took the dinghy across to the dock at Fort Shirley at Cabrit. The dock was very badly damaged by the hurricane an we could not get ashore. So later we walked to Cabrit and round to the next bay. We narrowly missed the storm on our return by having emergency beer with Brisa and Zigzag at The Purple Turtle which has just reopened and now has power again. In the evening all four boats celebrated Ole's generator stabilization on Lahaina. The solar panel company have said they will replace our faulty panel, but have said it was wind damage! Today we are off on an Island tour at 8.00.

Off Grid and Distribution

03 January 2018 | Portsmouth - Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We have arrived safely in Dominica.
Dominica is one of the poorest islands in the Caribbean. It is blessed with fabulous green forests and wonderful scenery. Unfortunately it was devastated by a hurricane a few months ago.
So we have brought some items to help. Emilie from The Saintes has sent a large parcel of clothes for us to distribute. We are on a new mooring ball in Prince Rupert Bay.
We were warmly greeted as we arrived and when we went ashore. Some places are still with out electricity and there is very limited connectivity.
I expect that we will be off grid while we are here and our only contact will be via SSB.

New Years Day

01 January 2018 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
Happy New Year.
We had a great hike yesterday over to Pompier Bay, where there was clear evidence of the hurricane damage to the palm trees.
We walked back via Marigot bay and over the ridge just below Napoleon's fort.
Lunch was a very fresh cheese and ham baguette. Delicious.
We celebrated new year on Lahaini (a Najad 490).
Ole & Jette kindly invited us with Simon & Hilda from Brisa.
It was a great supper where we all brought a course.
Today we all plan to go for a beach BBQ on Cabrit.
I had dug out the very old BBQ which is looking very rusty!
We plan to set sail for Dominica tomorrow.

The French Cats

31 December 2017
A lazy day yesterday.
But... A fantastic evening.
Our dear French friends Renee and Christian dropped by in the afternoon with their friend to invite us for evening drinks at 19.00.
We located their Catamaran Cyane across the bay where we were greeted by the slightly shy boat cat and 3 delightful French couples
Despite the language differences, we had a fantastic time.
Great food, wine and company with excellent humour and fun.
Thank you to all on board Cyane.
Happy New Year to you all and thank you for all your emails and offers of assistance.

Le Tomb

30 December 2017 | The Saints
We are still on a mooring buoy in the Saints and planning to spend new year here. We went for a walk past the air strip along the eastern side of the island where we could see quite a bit of hurricane damage.
We had a very good lunch in a little French restaurant called La Tombana over looking the cemetery.
On the way back we came across a large iguana peering out of the undergrowth.

A Very Frustrating Day

29 December 2017 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
Yesterday was very frustrating.
Our brand new very expensive solar power battery charging system failed.
We have 2 12v 100w panels in series to charge our 24v battery bank.
We bought the best panels we could buy in the uk and then paid huge amounts of excess baggage to bring them out.
But one of the panels have failed after just a few weeks so we get no charging at all.
We hope that the supplier will sort them problem out quickly.

First Fish and Full Sail

28 December 2017 | On Passage - Les Saintes to Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We are on passage to Dominica. Perfect sailing. Full Main and Genoa. But Mandy keeps making me slow the boat down as we fly along. So I have let the traveler out and eased the main. We just caught a very large Barracuda which we put back. Hoping for something edible.

Teak and Tanks

28 December 2017 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
The good news is Brisa’s outboard is now working fine after we re repaired it.
Mandy and I spent yesterday morning fitting a new teak rail to port side to hold two of our old dive tanks. (Our UK dive friends hate us calling them tanks!)
Unfortunately we discovered that our oldest tank that Greg gave us many years ago is now looking quite pitted.
So we are now looking for a couple of replacement tanks.
We had very pleasant early evening drinks in a local bar with Brisa and Lahaina where we also met somebody form Max’s college, Peterhouse.
We will probably stay here now until after New Year.
I have been pretty strict on my sugar intake and my diabetic glucose measuring machine seems pleased.
It was my turn to run the OCC SSB Net this morning, we had a good turnout and a new member single handed sailor coming down from California checking in.

Wind, Oil and The Outboard

27 December 2017 | Terre de Haute - Les Saintes
Mandy and Frank
We have moved over to the main island and we are now on a mooring buoy yesterday morning.
We raced across the straits to grab the empty mooring after beinkg informed by friends it was free.
I spent the morning working on Brisa's 4 stroke outboard engine. It had been serviced in Antiqua and reassembled and set up wrong. so that the choke was partially jammed shut which they had compensated for by over adjusting the air screw.
They had also put far too much oil in so that when the engine was warm and up to speed the increased crankcase pressure forced hot oil into the carburetor intake.
The hot oil acted as fuel and the engine over-reved and poured oil out of the flooded carb.
We discovered this to our cost as it sprayed oil and water all over Brisa's cockpit while we were testing it in a large bucket of sea water!
It was a very windy squally night and quite uncomfortable. Hopefully we will do some walking today.

Boxing Day

26 December 2017 | Pain de Sucre - Les Saintes
Mandy and Frank
We had a great Christmas.
We hope you all did too.
We took the dinghy across to the isle of Cabrit for a Christmas Day lunch party with 3 other OCC boats.
The trip across was head to wind and waves.
We got soaked.
However, lunch was excellent with everybody bringing something different to share.
We walked across to telegraph bay after we got back. We were amazed to see the results of the hurricane with broken trees and the hotel roof blown off 1/2 mile away.
Later we had to help a clue-less charter boat pick up a mooring. We are going to try to move nearer to town today.

Christmas at Anchor

25 December 2017 | Pain de Sucre - Les Saintes
Happy Christmas.
It's 03.00 I have got up to check the anchor.
We are anchored off Pain de Sucre in The Saintes after a very blowy and bumpy crossing yesterday with wind of over 30 knots all the way.
There are lots of boats here and we had a lot of trouble finding space, so we have ended up a long way from our friends and the main town.
We shall probably launch the dinghy and got for a walk to the next bay later.

Early start on Christmas Eve

23 December 2017 | On Passage Guadeloupe to Les Saites
Mandy and Frank
Happy Christmas Eve to you all.
An early start for us.
I was up at 05.00 and Mandy a little later.
We lifted the anchor at dawn (6.00) and set sail south.
We are currently on passage down the west coast of Guadeloupe and heading for The Saintes, which is half way between Guadeloupe and Dominica.
The straits can be very rough and Mandy has dosed up on sea sick pills. Last year the straits were very rough indeed as we fought our way to Pointe e Pitre to meet friends flying in.
We should arrive mid/late morning - we will let you know of our safe arrival. We will miss Pigeon Island and the fantastic diving, perhaps we will come back after Christmas.
Meantime we are very much looking forward to meeting up with all OCC friends. The fishing line is out ..... so we are hoping for a Christmas tuna supper!

The Old Wreck and Leak

23 December 2017 | Pigeon Island - Guadeloupe
It’s 05.00 and Mandy is snoring loudly and causing the whole boat to rock as write this!
We are still anchoed just off Pigeon Island.
Firstly thank you all again for your comments we enjoy reading them very much.
We did the wreck diveearly yesterday morning.
I had to come up early but Mandy completed it and has now caught up with me and has qualified as an Advanced Open Water Diver.
We practiced under Infinity B with our own lighter dive tanks to get the weights right and clambering in out of the dinghy with dive gear.
We have a big plumbing leak from the basin tap connections in the forward heads.
Today’s job!
Our good friend Eddie has booked flights for him and Julie to come out in March.
Eddie is the most amazing sailor, totally blind and incredible capable.
I have started making a comprehensive list of locations of clutches, cleats, jammers, lines, winches etc which we will send him.
Strong winds forecast for the weekend so we have put all the anchor chain out.

Octopus and Turtles

22 December 2017 | Pigeon Island - Guadeloupe
Another great day’s diving.
Plenty to see in the sea.
We got very close to a large octopus... see photo.
Also saw a diving turtle that came down right beside us.
Today the two old wrecks are going diving on another old wreck.
This dive should enable Mandy to get her Advanced PADI diving certificate.
We had a great evening and too much beer with ZigZag onboard Infinity B

A Great Day’s Diving

21 December 2017 | Pigeon Island - Guadeloupe
We had a fantastic dive yesterday.
Down to about 20m.
Very clear water.
Many fish and even a turtle that we managed to take a photo of.
More diving today.

Jacque Cousteau National Park

20 December 2017 | Pigeon Island - Malendure - Guadeloupe
Mandy and Frank
We had a very easy sail south down the cost to Pigeon Island yesterday.
But.... we caught absolutely no fish again.
There are very few boats anchored here and it is very peaceful. We are booked in with Centre de Plongee des Ilets for our first dive of the season at 10.00 this morning.
We will probably spend several days here.
Strong wind is forecast!

Windy and Windlass

18 December 2017 | Deshaise - Guadeloupe
Mandy and Frank
We arrived safely in Guadeloupe before lunch after a fast passage from Antigua. Boat when well even in the 30+ knot gusts. Before we checked in we had a drink in one of the "Death in Paradise" bars. Frank then spent a hour on Zao fixing the windlass before setting off back to our boat as the sun set. Hoping to get to Jacques Cousteau reserve at Pigeon Island tomorrow.

On Passage

18 December 2017 | On Passage Antiqua to Guadeloupe
Mandy and Frank
We left at 06.00 from Falmouth Antigua. We are about 10 miles due south. Wind is about a force 5. We have 3/4 main and the staysail. The conditions are fair and we are doing about 7 to 7.5 knots. It's about 40 miles in total and we we are hoping to be in Deshaise in Guadaloupe early afternoon. The fishing line is out and we are hoping for tuna.

Wedding Anniversary

17 December 2017 | Falmouth Harbour - Antiqua
Today is our 34th wedding anniversary.
Yesterday we celebrated.
We had lunch with Jessie and Joyanne at Boom's in Falmouth.
It was their 1st wedding anniversary too.
Lunch was excellent the views of Nelson's Dockyard spectacular.
We then drove up to Shirley Heights where the views across the island and out to so sea were even more spectacular.
We plan to check out today and set sail tomorrow.

Lunch and wind

16 December 2017 | Carlisle Bay
We are still anchored in Carlisle Bay Antigua. We went to lunch at the hotel yesterday and assumed the menu was priced in EC, it was in fact USD! Never the less it was very good. Frank claims it was a windy night though I slept very well.

The Emergency Marmalade Run

15 December 2017 | Carlisle Bay - Antigua
Yesterday morning it was my turn to run The OCC SSB net.
lots of vessels called including Minie B way down south in Trinidad and Badger's Sett far away in Bonaire.
We also spoke to Simon on Brisa who planned to set sail for Guadeloupe on Friday (today) but they had no Marmalade!
So we went ashore in Falmouth and bought some.
We then set sail to Carlilse Bay to surprise them and calibrate our new wind transducer.
They were delighted to see us and the marmalade. We were greeted with beer and tea.
They set off at dawn this morning before the "Christmas Winds" set in over the weekend.
The Watermaker is behaving and we now have full tanks again.

Mast Head Revisited and The Crow's Nest

14 December 2017 | Falmouth - Antiqua
Mandy and Frank
05.30 still dark with a nice cup of tea at the chart table.
Mandy slumbers on after a challenging day.
She went up the mast twice, once to remove the old wind transducer and once to install the new one.
Whilst she was up there she removed a bird's nest from behind the radar unit.
We had several visitor aboard for tea in the morning including Xavi a friendly and helpful local lad.
The afternoon was spent fitting more fans and speed controllers to keep us cool quietly.
Then sunset drinks on the beach with several other boats. The boat is now pretty ship shape and ready to go .... Touch teak!
Thank you all for your feed back on the last SSB post. Hopefully this one will get through too.

HF Radio and Water

13 December 2017 | Falmouth - Antiqua
Mandy and Frank
This is our first post of the season over HF (High Frequency Radio) or as often known as SSB Radio.
Hopefully it will work. It means we can send blog posts, emails and chat from anywhere even mid ocean without direct connection. It's fiddly and cranky and I will probably send this via Trinidad or Panama.
Typing on the waterproof keyboard of my trust Toughbook is also an issue... after all a poor typist always blames ........
We motored down to Falmouth yesterday and managed to buy some spares. So thanks to Julian & Karen at Watermaker Services I have repaired the water maker and had a shower!
The Signal Locker had a spare mast head transducer but we have yet to install it.
Mandy is still plucking up courage to climb the mast!
We dropped in to see Challenger 1 anchored near by hoping to see Dr Bob Ward but he was ashore.
We will try again first thing. So here goes .... posting by SSB.
We can also pick up your comments on the blog by SSB but NOT the ones from entered directly into Facebook.
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