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Homeward Bound
In Greece it is hard to run out of Islands
Still hot and humid
27 July 2011 | Milos Island, Greece
In Greece it is hard to run out of Islands.

We did leave Karamas later on the 24th and moved to Vathi Bay about 45 minutes south, or as it is called here Ormos Vathi. A more idyllic place you would be hard pressed to find. The entrance is a narrow one from seaward, but once through it opens into a large round bay of turquoise waters and sheltered anchorages. There are maybe 25-30 or so buildings, most sit literally at water’s edge. Some Tavernas, a mini market of sorts, and rooms and apartments to rent. The rest is beaches loaded with a compliment of beach worshipers. We took a number of pictures but being cheapskates and not wanting to pay for a premium membership in this blog we can only post one per blog so your best bet is to zoom on it to get the impact. This place obviously hasn’t been discovered since there is little commercial development, so if you can get there before the secret gets out.

Anyway, after several days there in Vathi, kicked back relaxing and swimming in the warm bay waters we had to move on again and moved to the Island of Milos. Arriving in the main port in early afternoon we quickly tied up and were looking for the little guy to turn on the electric and water on the quay when along comes the Port Police to tell us that in an hour or so the winds are going to kick up to Beaufort 6-7 which for you non sailors … it ain’t good, and that since it was from the south the Quay would become dangerously untenable. So we grabbed a frozen pizza and a six pack and loosed the lines, lifted the anchor, and raced over to a bay on the south end of the area to anchor for the night and ride out the winds. And windy it was! But not too rough on the south end. We had drinks aboard “Silver Fern” anchored nearby, out of New Zealand at the invite of Martha an American Married to a New Zealander and their guests; a charming and gregarious bunch that has been sailing around the world for about 6 years now. Also, Pierre from Belgium joined us off of “Chloe”. He had been anchored near us in Vathi coincidentally. A nice enough fellow… but very European, after his morning swim he strips it all off and showers on the back end of his boat, just out there in front of God and everybody (leaving nothing to the imagination) and his preferred method of relieving himself is over the rail. He sails alone (perhaps for obvious reasons?) and is headed north eventually to Norway I think he said. Despite his less than puritanical habits he is still a very amiable chap.

This morning we moved back to the quay and a happy Cris has water and electricity galore.

We expect to stay here until about midnight on Saturday and then start out on the 85 NM trip to Kithnos Island. All things being equal the trip should only take about 18 hours. So we should arrive in daylight which is always preferable and especially when it is a place you have never seen before.