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Homeward Bound
Athens in the rear view mirror
20 August 2011 | Corinth Yacht Harbor, Greece
We finally left Athens behind us, quite a bit poorer for the stay but then there was much to get done and most of it was finished, so that is good. We got the new bimini installed and left at 1030 in the morning. With sails up and a reef or two in we went out into the wind 15-18 with gusts to 30 kts out of the northeast so we sledded along quite smartly arriving at the entrance to the Corinth Canal at about 1630. After paying our 162 euros (this is the most expensive Canal in the world per mile!) we were allowed to enter and pass through the 3.2 mile long waterway. Well it does save you 2 weeks of rough sailing if you had to go around the Peleponese peninsula so I suppose it is worth it. After only 35 minutes we emerged in the Gulf of Corinth and made our way to the Corinth Yacht Marina (which is mostly full of local fishing boats) where we will spend the night. We grilled a whole chicken and had a late dinner about 9 pm and the pillow will feel mighty good by 10 pm.

Internet will be spotty at best the next few days or so.

The new wind generator keeps on a spinning putting out those volts and amps and that is a good thing.

Todays picture is a sea turtle in Monemvasia harbor behind our boat. There are seven of these 150-300 lb guys that come here every year for the summer. You may have to enlarge the picture to get a really good look.